Reasons Why Your Cat Is Drooling


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Cats are known to be quite mysterious in nature. They have mysterious responses and behave curiously in most situations. It is common to see dogs that have saliva running along the sides of their mouths. But for cats, this sight is bit unnatural. A bit of drooling is fine but when itโ€™s excessive, maybe itโ€™s time you start looking into it. Unlike dogs, cats donโ€™t just start drooling at the sight of a tasty treat. Drooling in cats can never be considered as something โ€˜normalโ€™. If you notice your cat drooling, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

What Causes It?

A lot of the time, cats start drooling because theyโ€™re experiencing oral pain. Oral pain can make it difficult for your cat to swallow, which leads to the excess saliva running out of the mouth. There are various reasons why your cat might be experiencing oral pain. It could be a dental problem, mouth sores, or even a tumor. Sometimes, oral pain an also be caused by an injury to the mouth. Curious cats who chew on sharp objects that they find lying around can sustain cuts and bruises.If your cat is drooling, it can also be an indication that she ate something toxic. Toxins are known to cause erosion in the mouth which can also cause drooling. Drooling can also be a side-effect of a foreign body lodged in the catโ€™s esophagus. The saliva doesnโ€™t have anywhere else to go but up and out if this is the case.All cats are different and as such have different reactions to different kinds of medications. Some medications may cause your cat to start drooling. Foul tasting medications usually have this effect.A cat is also likely to drool if sheโ€™s experiencing nausea. It can also be an indication of underlying medical conditions like kidney, gastrointestinal, or liver disease.

When Can Drooling Be Seen As โ€˜Normalโ€™ In Cats?

As all cats are different, they behave differently in different situations. Some cats drool when theyโ€™re really happy or excited, or when theyโ€™re really nervous. Although there are situations where this happens, it still remains quite uncommon. Cats who can drool when theyโ€™re either really nervous or really happy have probably done it their whole lives. If your cat just starts drooling out of the blue, you should get an appointment at the vet to get it checked out immediately.At times, sheโ€™s just fascinated by the drool. So if you ever find your cat drooling but it stops after a few minutes, thereโ€™s no need to go to the vet. Cats can start drooling when theyโ€™re really stressed, like during a house party with strangers. If she stops right after the stressful event is over, sheโ€™ll likely be okay. If your cat is drooling and she doesnโ€™t have an appetite, there is clearly an underlying problem and you should consult with your vet immediately.

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