These are Americaโ€™s Top Canine Breeds

These are Americaโ€™s Top Canine Breeds

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It is no secret that Americans really love their dogs. Sure, there has been some conflict between cat and dog people over which species is better, but dogs are just plain awesome. Hereโ€™s a list of the top dog breeds in the US.

  1. Labrador RetrieverTaking first place on this list is the trusty, adorable, and super loyal Labrador Retriever. This breeds typically comes in three colors - chocolate, black, and yellow. Labs have an eager-to-please demeanor, which makes them great around kids and older folks alike.
  2. Golden RetrieverThese confident, alert dogs are loved by everyone. They are hard workers and can be very strong, but they are also friendly and have exuberant personalities. Their long-haired coats make them very cuddly, especially during colder months.
  3. German ShepherdSpeaking of alert and hard working, German Shepherds are excellent watchdogs. They are loyal, courageous, and smart. The German Shepherds you see today are descendants from old farm and herding dogs. Their loyalty and dedication are what make them excellent guard dogs.
  4. BulldogThese chubby fellas are meant for melting hearts and cuddling. Their short snouts and stocky bodies may not be for everyone, but Bulldogs are a rather popular breed in the US. These dogs are very easy to train due to their intelligence and loyal nature.
  5. French BulldogFrenchies are a unique-looking breed that are playful, affectionate, and make great companions. These dogs have two distinctive physical traits - the shape of their skull and their bat-like ears. French Bulldogs make wonderful playmates for children, but they can be stubborn-natured at times.
  6. BeagleFor many years, this breed was popular for hunting rabbits and foxes. Their intelligence and tracking skills made them excellent companions for hunters. Beagles are known to have independent personalities, which can make it tricky to train them. But these canines are loyal, playful, and extremely lovable.
  7. PoodlePoodles can come in different sizes โ€“ toy, miniature, and standard. These active dogs love running around and chasing things. They are extremely easy to train and excel at being obedient pets. They have outgoing personalities and are not shy among strangers.
  8. RottweilerThese large, powerful dogs are loyal, protective, and affectionate, which makes them fantastic companions and service dogs. Despite their large size, Rottweilers love a good cuddle and enjoy relaxing on their ownerโ€™s lap.
  9. Siberian HuskyThis outgoing breed is known for its playful, mischievous ways. Huskies are graceful dogs and love running around. They were primarily bred to pull sleds, but they are now more common as house pets.
  10. Yorkshire TerrierDonโ€™t let the size fool you, the Yorkie is a confident breed that is a classical example of the saying โ€œbig things come in small packages.โ€ These distinctive dogs are energetic, playful, and brave.While different people have different choices when it comes to their favorite breeds, but all dogs are wonderful creatures. No home is complete without the love of a dog.
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