Adorable Small Cats Diminutive Felines You Won't Be Able to Resist

Adorable Small Cats

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Are you looking for a tiny bundle of love? Small cats make great pets, not just for their cuteness, but also for people with tighter living spaces. Take a look at these great smaller felines.

They say good things come in small packages, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to cats. Small cats appeal to people on a number of levels -- for one, you get to have a cat that stays close to kitten-size throughout their life. Small breed cats are also a great choice if you live in an apartment or other tight dwelling. Little cats occupy less space and need less room to move around. Below are some popular petite breeds to choose from.


The Burmese is a small to medium sized breed that carries a good amount of weight for their compact size. Adult females generally weigh 6-8 lbs. and males weigh 8-10 lbs. These cats have dog-like personalities -- they are very affectionate, playful, and become deeply attached to their owners. Many people become addicted to the Burmese breed, and find it difficult to stop at owning just one.

Cornish Rex

The curly-haired Cornish Rex is a small cat weighing an average of 5-9 lbs. These cats have a number of wonderful features aside from their velvety soft coats -- they are incredibly friendly and people-oriented, and retain a kitten-like spirit throughout their lives. The Cornish Rex is a perfect choice for families looking for an active cat who will be participate in daily life.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a small to medium sized breed with an average adult weight of 5-8 lbs. for females and 8-10 lbs. for males. This sturdy and muscular cat has a wavy coat, large ears, and a distinctive elfin face. The Devon Rex is a fun-loving and extremely social cat who will like being involved in everything you do, whether it’s eating, working, watching television, or sleeping. These cats get along well with other pets and do not like being left alone for long periods of time.


The LaPerm is most famous for their unique coat that can be either wavy or curly, with curls ranging from tight ringlets to loose corkscrews. The shorthair variety of this breed has a more textured coat, while the longhair usually sports an impressive plumed tail. They are lean cats weighing 5-10 lbs. as adults, and they have endearing, gentle personalities. While these cats do have an active streak, they are also content to play the role of lap cat.


The Singapura is the smallest of all the domestic cat breeds, topping out at 5-6 lbs. for females and 6-8 lbs. for males. These intelligent cats are highly active and can be mischievous at times. They are also very affectionate, and love to be pampered by their owners. The Singapura is often referred to as a “pesky people cat” because they have a habit of following their owners around, and will continue to do so into old age.

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