The Cat Breeds for Extroverts that you should Consider Adopting

The Cat Breeds for Extroverts that you should Consider Adopting

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As cats are more independent and anti-social when you compare them to dogs, most people believe that felines are only perfect for introverts. Although cats tend to be moody at times, it doesnโ€™t necessarily mean that you should stay away from cats as you are an extrovert. In fact, there are plenty of feline breeds that love getting attention and playing with their owners.Just like how extroverts get energy from being in social situations, the same applies to certain felines. If you are looking to adopt a feline so that you can share your moments with the perfect partner, here are four cat breeds ideal for extroverts:


You can take the Abyssinian to a feline beauty contest and go back home with the first prize because of its stunning looks. On top of that, these felines are in the extrovert end of the spectrum as they love being around people. Even if your friends want to interact with an Abyssinian, they will have a ball of a time, thanks to its friendly personality. Also, the more time you spend with this breed, the happier it will be, making it an ideal pet for extroverts.


Although the Burmese cat has its roots from Asia, the United States and Britan were responsible for developing this breed. Thanks to their curiosity, these felines will follow you around the house to see what you are doing. As they are fearless and energetic, you will have a great time playing with this cat. If the Burmese cat needs anything from you, it will let you know by being vocal about its thoughts. Also, you wonโ€™t have any problems in hugging these feline as it loves to cuddle with its owner.


If you want a feline that loves to spend as much time as possible, then you should adopt a Ragdoll. Due to their social nature, they ask for a lot of attention from everyone, whether itโ€™s the owner or strangers. Do you know why this breed got the name Ragdoll? When you pick up one of these felines, it will go limp as it wants you to cuddle with it. As there are quite social, they will meet you as soon as you come home, follow you throughout the house, and sleep beside you, when tired.


Siamese is one of the most popular breeds all over the world, especially among extroverts, due to their social and affectionate character. They love playing games such as fetch, like dogs. If they need attention from you, they will let know through their vocals. Also, they love being the center of your attention at all times.These are the four breeds of cats you should consider adopting if you are an extrovert. Do you know other of cats that are social by nature? If yes, then let us know by leaving a comment below!

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