7 Things You Must Remember When Playing With Your Dog Make Playtime More Enjoyable While Keeping Your Dog Safe and Healthy

7 Things You Must Remember When Playing With Your Dog

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When youโ€™re out playing with your dog, you want him or her to enjoy it. Also, you want your dog to stay safe and healthy. So, you must remember a few things when youโ€™re playing with your dog.

There are only a few things on this planet that can bring you the same amount of joy as you can get when playing with a dog. However, before you start playing, here are a few things you should remember.

Bring a Ball to Throw to Your Dog

You should always have a ball on hand to throw to your dog. The size of the ball should be appropriate for your dog; don't use a tennis ball if you only have one small dog, and don't use a giant bouncy ball when playing with an older dog who tires easily. Your dog should be able to pick up the ball and bring it back to you easily. If they can't manage that, maybe try another type of toy. 

Don’t forget that all dogs love toys made specifically for them. So, consider picking up some more durable chew toys too. The classic KONG Dog Toys will be perfect if you’re looking for something in this category. 

Never give your furry friend something like plastic or glass. Even if they don't break on impact, these materials will hurt their teeth when chewed on over time. Instead, opt for soft rubber balls or other non-toxic materials designed specifically for playtime fun.

Keep Your DogFed and Hydrated

You should make sure that your dog has access to food and water at all times. Dogs need water to survive, much like humans do. A basic rule of thumb is that a healthy dog can go about three days without eating before it becomes a problem (but don't wait that long). Just as you would never think of not feeding yourself or a human friend when they're hungry, so too should you make sure that your pet gets fed in a timely fashion.

Consider feeding your dog after you are done playing. For hydration, you can let them drink as you play by taking small breaks.

Don’t Let Your Dog Overheat

Unlike humans who sweat through the skin, dogs cool off by panting. A dog can become overheated if they play too hard or are in a hot environment. If you notice your dog struggling to breathe or becoming lethargic, get them some cold water. After that, cool down under a shade. There’s no need to push yourself or your dog to the limits, especially in hot and humid conditions.

Choose Toys Wisely

When playing with your dog, it's important to choose toys that are large enough to be safe. Make sure that the toy is not too small for your dog. Choose durable toys and make sure they aren’t too hard for them to chew. Otherwise, they may break their teeth or damage their gums if they bite down too hard. 

Protect Your Dog from the Sun

You should never leave your dog in the car on a hot day. Cars are extremely hot, and they heat up quickly in the sun. If you leave your dog alone in the car, even if only for a few minutes, he or she can suffer serious health problems. Even with the windows cracked open a little bit, dogs can overheat and die if left in an enclosed space for too long.

Dogs can get sunburned like us. They need to wear sunscreen or have shade from trees during walks to protect them from getting burned. They can even get skin cancer. Some breeds are more prone than others to developing this type of cancer. Those with short coats (like poodles) are less likely to develop this disease than those with thick double coats (like Chow Chows). 

It is also important not to leave your dog outside in hot weather, especially if it is sunny. Dogs can overheat quickly and suffer from heatstroke, which can be fatal. They also have a very high risk of getting sunburned on their noses, ears, and feet, as well as their tummies if they are allowed to go out for too long without shade or water.

Clean Your Dog After Playtime

Use a brush to remove dirt and loose hair from your dog's coat. Be careful not to brush too hard, as this can damage the skin.

Wipe off the excess dirt with a damp cloth or towel. If your dog rolled in something dirty, you'd want to wipe him down. You should always try washing up after playtime with your pet, but if it isn't practical or possible, wiping down their fur will also work.

Dry your pet with a dry cloth or towel after they've been washed. This helps get rid of fleas hiding in your dog’s fur.

An effective option for flea treatment for dogs would be to use dog flea pills like Capstar for Dogs. Apart from dog flea medicine, you can also use flea spray or flea shampoo for dogs. Use the shampoo on your dog while bathing and brush the coat with a flea comb or a dog brush. This, too, will work wonders.

Reward Good Behavior With Lots of Praise and Treats

If your dog is behaving well, reward him with lots of praise and treats. It's a good idea to use a combination of all three. A good boy deserves good treats and kind words because of how obedient yet playful he’s been. 

In a way, this is positive reinforcement. You’re telling your dog that he’s being rewarded for his behavior. Your dog will remember that the next time you’re out playing and will behave well, expecting to be rewarded. 

Dogs love Milk-Bone Dog Treats. They will enjoy having these treats as rewards for their good behavior.

There’s no better way to bond with your dog than by playing together. However, it’s important that you take these precautions in order to keep your pet safe and healthy while having a lot of fun.

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