7 Cat Products and Trends That'll be Hot in 2014 Make Your Cat the Envy of the Neighborhood

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When it comes to pampering and spoiling cats, the sky is the limit. Everyday there are new products and gadgets to keep our furry felines entertained and in tip top shape. Here are a few things we expect to see more of in 2014.

It’s estimated that we’re going to spend about $55 billion on our pets this year. While $21 billion will be on food and $14 billion on vet care, a good chunk of it will be on some trend or another. Just think about it -- we’ve got more environmentally conscious cats than ever before sipping from biodegradable water bowls and tinkling into green litter.

Here are 7 cat products and trends we wouldn’t be shocked (and kind of hope) to see in 2014.

1. DIY Cat Treat Makers

If we can have all the cake pops, mini donuts, tiny churros, and hand pies we want … well then, why can’t our feline friends have all the tastiest, healthiest, homemade treats they want? Seeing how these no-fuss, treat making machines have been all the snacking rage in 2013, it would only make sense to roll out a cat inspired line in 2014. Not to mention, with all the tainted jerky treats circulating as of late, a yarn ball-shaped cookie formulated from fresh ingredients could really put pet owners’ anxieties to rest.

2. Surreal Pet Portraits

Professional pet photos? So 2013. Now we’re talking about surreal portraits of your pets. Just imagine how impressed your artsy, cat-loving friends will be when they see a surreal portrait of your cat leaning against an oversized fish bowl overflowing with neon cat treats. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure the artist puts a bird on it!

3. Feline Interior Decorating

Feng shui is one thing for you, but a completely different thing for your cat. Pet owners are more interested than ever in harmonizing their cat’s existence with the surrounding environment. So much so that they are hiring interior decorators to revamp their homes, tiny studio apartments, and million dollar mansions alike, transforming them into a space that fosters strong active energy. In other words, intricately placed shelving and lighting that will delightfully amuse a cat.

4. Picture Frame Urns

We don’t want to think about it as much you don’t want to think about it. But you may want to take a moment and plan a little further ahead -- for the day when your cat ventures off to the Rainbow Bridge. Cremation is the number one option in the U.S., but some are getting crafty and transforming the typical urn. Keepsake boxes, with picture frame fronts boasting your guys’ best selfie can be placed on a shelf your  cat enjoyed most.

5. Collar Cameras

Curious as to what your cat’s getting into around the house when you’re not there? Think that pet sitter is doing more sitting than petting? Maybe your feline friend has been feeling a little under the weather and you can’t put your finger on what is ailing them? Well then, it’s a good thing collar cameras can capture exactly what you’re looking for. With big brother stomping around more than ever in 2013, we don’t see a problem with you keeping tabs on your cat in 2014.

6. Dating Sites

Finding someone you’re compatible with is worlds easier these days, thanks to online dating sites. But what about someone your cat is compatible with? After all, you two are a package deal, right? To have a site similar to Tinder, swiping past hotties and their kitties, or Match.com in which you detail your cat’s pet peeves, would certainly be a cupidsend, turning 2014 into the year of true love found.

7. Pet Prescription Plans

We saw an increase in pet insurance policies penned in 2013, and we can only imagine how many more will be filed in 2014. But what about a plan that has no restrictions for pre-existing conditions, and is actually most beneficial the moment your pet gets sick? Membership in PetPlus gets you 75 percent off pet medications, great for pets who need recurring meds.

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