5 Interactive Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy


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Dogs are intelligent and emotional creatures. They are intuitive and sharp which is why their help is often used in law enforcement agencies. Dogs are trained to sniff out cadavers, drugs, and also to protect their owners from harm.Most owners indulge in developing the physical well-being of their dogs by proper feeding, taking them out on long walks, playing with them. But, just as physical health is important, it is important that you pay attention to their intellectual development as well. You might notice your dog gets easily bored at times. Engage your dog in interactive activities and keep him/her busy.There are several enrichment toys that can provide a challenge for your dog. These toys have features that can capture your dog's attention. They have unusual movements, sounds and contents. This helps in keeping your dog focused and he or she will not be growing bored with it anytime soon. Interactive dogs come in different types, shapes and sizes. There are toys that dispense treats at the end of the challenge, toys to enhance your dog's memory, ones that are meant to sharpen their senses and so on.Here are some popular toys.

  1. Kong toysThese toys take advantage of the fact that dogs are motivated by food. You can put in treats and snacks in an outlet. The task for your dog is to get the treat out. This engages your dog's mind and instills a sense of victory in him. They are great for your dog's oral health.
  2. Automatic fetch machinesDogs love playing fetch. This machine is a ball launcher that serves the purpose. It comes with a little twist. The machine launches balls in specific trajectories and your dog will have to analyze the path of the ball if he wants to catch the ball.
  3. PuzzlesThey enhance your dog's memory. They are motivated by the treats and end up solving these puzzles to ultimately get to the treats kept within the puzzle.
  4. Mind gamesThese toys will definitely keep your dog busy. There is a hide-and-seek toy which has tops that need to be dislodged to get to the hidden treat and a spin toy which consists of a wheel which has to be spun so that your dog gets his reward.
  5. Food cubesThis is basically a plastic square and a cylinder. The cylinder has to be removed and filled with treats. You can adjust the cylinder for various levels of difficulty. He or she has to move the cube with his cylinder to get to the treat.

All these toys are easy to clean and is excellent for your dog's mental and physical health.

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