Why are Burmese cats a good option for you?


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The Burmese cat is a gorgeous breed with an excellent temperament. Its eyes are like morning sunshine or gold. It has beautiful fur. If you love chocolate, then your Burmese cat will remind you of chocolate everytime you see the animal. Do not give chocolate to your cat though. For felines, the compound is near poison.

Loving and playful

A Burmese cat is a beautiful creature. What sets it above other cats, however, is its personality. The cat will be utterly devoted to you and yet maintain its free will. This breed of cat is specifically known for being affectionate. Going by their behavior, it may seem that the duty of the cat is to keep you entertained. Burmese cats can play fetch. If you yourself are not of the playful type, it is okay. These cats can amuse themselves and will be content to allow you to to be simply the observer.Do be warned that Burmese cats could be extremely stubborn. If a feline has fixed its mind on something, it will be hard to persuade them to take another course of action. Another point to note that this breed of cat is dependent on owners. In case these cats get lost, there are fewer chances of them surviving the outside hostile climate. The Burmese cat is clearly not an outdoor type of animal.

Maintain your kitty's health

Burmese cats are generally healthy. A few disorders, however, are noticed in this breed of cat. The list of diseases includes diabetes, congenital keratoconjunctivitis sicca, flat-chested kitten syndrome, meningoencephalocele, and primary endocardial fibroelastosis. Keep in mind that the chance of your Burmese cat developing these diseases is extremely low.Brush the teeth of your Burmese cat to prevent periodontal disease. If you cannot brush its teeth every day, then weekly brushing is a must. Take a soft and damp cloth and wipe corners of eyes to remove the discharge. Use different areas of the cloth for each eye. This way you can minimize the spread of infection. Check ears every week. Clean dirty eats by using a cotton ball. You can also use soft damp cloth. The damping solution should be a 50-50 mix of warm water and cider vinegar. Do not use any cotton swab as they may damage the ear's interiors. Keep the Burmese cat as much inside the house as you possibly can.Before you adopt a Burmese cat, it is important to find out whether you are suitable for your would-be cat. This wonderful feline is any person's dream companion, thanks to its intelligent and willful personality perfectly matching its stunning looks. This breed is best to get your attention. However, if you like a self-sufficient cat, with an average feline personality, then the Burmese cat is not suitable for you.

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