ZippyPaws NomNoms Plush Avocado Dog Toy
ZippyPaws NomNoms Plush Avocado Dog Toy
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ZippyPaws NomNoms Plush Avocado Dog Toy

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NomNomz® are your favorite foods, now in plush form for your pups! Feed your dog's inner foodie with these "delicious" yummy treats, one bite and they'll be in doggie heaven.-Yummy food-inspired plushies-Soft, squeaky toy-It's avoca-DORABLE!-Squeaker: 2 round squeakers-Toy size: 8 x 5 x 4 in
  • ZippyPaws Brand
  • Rope, Tug & Interactive Toys Toys
  • Dog Pet Type

Are Zippypaws Toys Safe?

ZippyPaws' novel plush toys are entirely safe for your dog to play with. Made with non-toxic materials, these toys are excellent mental stimulation and comfort for your furry friend. It is recommended that you always supervise your dog when they are playing with inedible toys so you can remove them from your dog's reach if they get damaged or are being used improperly.

Are Plush Toys Bad for Dogs?

Plush toys are not bad for dogs if you follow some rules. Firstly, you should ensure that push toys are not small enough for your dog to swallow. This means that the bigger the dog, the bigger the plush toy should be. Secondly, the toy should be free of toxic materials both inside and outside. If they have squeakers inside, you should account for those as well. Thirdly, you should save the toy at the first sign that it is falling apart. The filler material isn't safe for your dog to eat, even if it is non-toxic. Instead of taking any chances with your dog's health, make sure you search for Zippypaws Plush Dog Toy when you are looking to pick up a comfort toy for your pet.

What Are Plush Toys?

Plush toys are stuffed toys made of a smooth fabric that is stuffed with soft material. This makes them excellent snuggle buddies for both you and your furry friend. Plush toys are often given to dogs to cuddle with or sit with when they relax or feel scared. Many dogs are provided with plush toys in their crates to help them feel more comfortable through the night. These toys also help with separation anxiety or when dogs don't like being alone. If you have a puppy you are crate training, you should avoid giving them plush toys when they are spending time on their own without supervision. This is to ensure that your puppy doesn't end up chewing up the stuffed toy and end up at the emergency vet!

What Is the Difference between a Plush and a Stuffed Animal?

There is no difference between a soft toy and a plushie. However, in widespread use, a plushie refers to toys that use extra smooth and soft material on the outside and extra soft filling on the inside. Plushies also generally come in a wider variety of shapes and characters. Soft toys can be made of plain fabric, while plushies typically have some sort of fabric that mimics fur.

What Toys Should You Not Give a Puppy?

Puppies are difficult to buy toys for. Since they are teething, they tend to chew up everything in sight and then some! Unless you want expensive toys to join their friends in dog toy heaven, you should stick to inexpensive toys like Happy Hour Crusherz and NomNomz by Zippypaws. The company makes reasonably priced toys that your puppy can cuddle with without burning a hole in your wallet. You can buy a single or a pack of them to brighten up your dog's day! You should avoid giving your puppy any toys that have sharp edges or anything that could poke and injure them. This includes cooked bones, as they can rupture your pup's digestive system. Avoid toys with many plastic parts or plastic covers, nylon hoses, anything with rawhide, or any toys made with strips of plastic or cloth. In addition, don't give your puppy toys that are meant for adult dogs as they could damage their teeth. Dental repair is quite expensive, so stick to puppy-safe toys only.

What's the Difference between Doll and Plush?

A doll is typically a toy that is made in the likeness of a person. On the other hand, a plush toy is a soft and squeezable stuffed object that comes in a myriad variety of shapes and sizes. They can come in the form of edible things like NomNomz, or even cartoon characters or everyday objects.

Should I Let My Dog Destroy Toys?

No, you should never let your dog destroy toys. Every company advises that you supervise your dog when they play with their toys and remove any damage. This is to ensure that your dog doesn't end up swallowing inedible material inside the toy. The toy could also have potentially toxic materials inside it that will leak if the toy is damaged. You should only encourage your dog to destroy edible toys like raw meaty bones. And even then, you should remove pieces that are small enough to become a choking hazard.

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