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Buckle collars and traditional harnesses can place pressure on dogs' throats, which could potentially harm their tracheas. Recommended by professionals, the Coastal Holt Headcollars provides you with control over your dog, without placing any pressure on their throats. The Holt has a padded nose band that prevents it from hurting your dog's nose. You can customize the Holt to fit your dog by means of the adjustable camlock, which secures the collar to a size of your choosing. You can fit this wa... Read More


Rated 5 out of 5 by 6 reviewers.

Great Product

While training your dog to tolerate this tool is am must once they take to it, it makes walking so much easier. It was a better experience for me and my dog. I'm about to graduate from veterinary school and I strongly recommend this product. My dog did not like it at first so I started just putting it on him in the house without going on walks and distracting him with treats until he learned to tolerate it. Now we can walk for hours with it on! by on 02/11/2021
Not for my dog unfortunately

This head halter really annoyed my dog. I believe he is extremely sensitive to touch to begin with, but not necessarily in a bad way. This halter was very effective in preventing pulling when he could ignore it, but he would try to rub his face in attempt to get it off. Even to the point of scratching his nose until it bled. He is a 3 yr old English Golden Retriever. by on 08/21/2020
I can't believe how well it works!

I've gotten used to Miles always walking ahead of me, often pulling the leash due to his energy. While a friend of mine told me that I needed to train him to "heel", I didn't mind it - usually! The "Halti" brand that I'd bought previously didn't work at all when I tried to put it on Miles. So I bought a "Holt", and presto! I let him wear it around the house a few minutes to get used to it, and then we went walking. No more pulling! by on 02/12/2012
Chi out of control

So happy that I found an easywalker that I have control and not my Chi. I tried so many different leases and nothing works like the Halti. by on 07/12/2008

I like the halti because it gives you complete controll of your dog by on 05/17/2007
the best way

it is so much better to have a collar situated such as this, it can't choke or hurt your little buddy. by on 06/10/2005
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