Revolution for dogs and cats is a broad-spectrum topical parasiticide that treats and protects against a range of internal and external parasites, like heartworm control and tick and flea prevention for dogs and cats. There are separate Revolution programs for dogs and for cats.


Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 434 reviewers.

  • Revolution
    Great pricing and fast shipping. Just what my girls need to ward off the nasty pests. by on 10/10/2020
  • revolution
    works very well by on 09/15/2020
    I love this flea medication. It works wonders on my puppy! It helped with his dog scabies and it works so well. by on 09/02/2020
  • Best results.
    We’ve been ordering Revolution for the past five or so years now and haven’t had any issues. Fleas are gone within 24 hours and it’s our go to. So glad PetCareRx was able to continue our Rx. by on 07/20/2020
  • Easy
    Easy to apply and seems to work. by on 07/10/2020
  • Easy & effective
    So glad to have Revolution to use once a month! Far more effective than those flea collars; and able to keep my dog safe from so many things that may be problematic for her - and me! by on 07/03/2020
  • Revolution
    Once I jumped through a few hoops I got my Revolution in a timely manner. Got to take care of those furbabies. I do need to change the product to Revolution + by on 06/25/2020
  • Works well but hard to apply
    Works well, but parting the fur of my pup (who has a double coat) is a challenge for the application. Overall satisfied though! Wish it came in a chewy form! by on 06/17/2020
  • Revolution
    This is the best of both worlds in keeping your pet safe!! by on 04/08/2020
  • Easy to use/works
    My vet recommended I use this on my outdoor cat to help prevent parasites as well as fleas. It’ s a smaller amount of liquid and dissolves fast without residue. I am happy with how well it’s worked, and my cats are safe from disease. by on 04/03/2020
  • Good value for money
    Have used this product for some time; glad to have it more affordable. by on 03/24/2020
  • easy to use
    I like that it's a small quantity and easy to apply without extra liquid. My cat does well, and she stays flea free. My vet recommended this brand because she also goes outside to help prevent parasites. by on 02/01/2020
  • Revolution Protection
    I love using Revolution for my Cat. She would never swallow a pill so this is so easy to use and protects her from everything in one little vial! by on 01/26/2020
  • My dogs
    I just love you guys you are so helpful on the phone and so nice anytime I have a question.. Love your prices better then the other place I was going though.. by on 01/22/2020
  • Usually good
    My dogs did ok on Revolution this past year. However, they got ticks from the groomers once, which took us a couple weeks to completely detick them, Just as soon as we thought we'd got them all, we would find one buried somewhere. by on 01/03/2020
  • Great product
    Had to switch from Frontline because our new puppy was too small! Protects from fleas and heartworm in one dose! by on 12/17/2019
  • Indispensible
    Revolution keeps my cats pest free: fleas, ticks, worms, mites. I'm not sure if it's the smell or if it stings their skin for half a minute but they don't like it when I put it on them but they forget it within a few minutes and it's only once a month. by on 11/15/2019
  • easy to use
    small amount, applies fast and easily to cat. by on 10/31/2019
  • Revolution for cats
    the applicator bottle is very hard plastic and difficult to apply , especially when trying to squeeze the last drops out. by on 10/26/2019
  • Classic
    This has always worked great for my dog. Anything else he’s sensitive to. It covers all the bases in one easy step. by on 10/23/2019
  • Cannot beat the convenience!
    Easy to order and customer service was great. by on 09/06/2019
  • Revolution
    This product works the best for my cats. No noticeable side affects. by on 09/06/2019
  • Revolution
    This product works really good. My dog has been on it for a few years now and it still works great. by on 09/05/2019
  • Wouldn't do without it
    I've been using Revolution for a long time. I have 3 cats. The often go outside but that's not the reason I use Revolution on them. I know that I don't have to worry about fleas, ticks or worms because of Revolution. The cats don't like the smell and resist the application but forget, within the hour, and are happily pest free. by on 08/29/2019
  • Flealess
    Never had an issue with Revolution on my cat. Great results for 2 years. by on 08/10/2019
  • Consistent product
    We've been using Revolution for years Very effective. by on 08/01/2019
  • Great flea med
    Works well for my cats by on 07/24/2019
  • Couldn't live without it
    While the cats hate it, they're free of fleas, ticks and worms because of Revolution. by on 07/14/2019
  • Excellent protection.
    My cat does very well using this product. by on 07/06/2019
  • Revolution
    Our golden retrievers have a good many food allergies so I've been using Revolution for years. They get everything they need in one dose with out triggering their allergies. by on 07/03/2019
  • Wonderful!
    I love this medication for my dogs because it’s so easy to use. One of my dogs has a highly sensitive allergy to meat flavored medicine so this was the only alternative for him. I put this on and I also use a tick collar and he is set. The revolution goes on easy and dries fast and doesn’t leave a residue on the hair. It feels a little stiff at first but within 24 hours the hair is soft again. You will never find a flea! by on 06/12/2019
  • Easy to use and effective.
    Although my dog hates the smell - nothing more than any other product, she's merely sensitive - I appreciate how effective it is and that it doesn't need to be more than 20 minutes until it's working (very important as my dog wants to roll in the grass as soon as it's applied to get away from the smell!!). by on 06/12/2019
  • Great price for necessary product
    Glad to have PetCareRX for products I must purchase ; thanks! by on 05/18/2019
  • Revolution
    I have used front-line for years with great success however suddenly last year it stopped working on our animals. I started to panic because our animals sleep in the same room, as we live in the country and need a warning if we have intruders, so flea control is a must. After using front-line plus for years it stopped working. We tried a completely different (new) batch of front-line to no avail. Our Vet suggested we change to revolution and to our amazement it worked. We have used revolution for over two years with no issues. Great product that is expensive but works. by on 05/15/2019
  • Revolution works
    I think this product is far superior to Frontline. It actually kills the fleas, ticks and also the ear mites. Great product. Use it on all 6 of my pets. by on 05/10/2019
  • Revolution for Cats
    This product works on my cats against fleas and ticks. It's a great product. by on 05/06/2019
  • Great service
    Great service and order shipped quickly by on 05/01/2019
  • Excellent
    I had used Revolution in the past, but was told to switch off because the cats become immune--FALSE! I did for 6 months and my house and pets become over run with fleas. One treatment of Revolution solved that problem... never changing again! by on 04/29/2019
  • Worked first 6 months
    I have 2 dogs and after 6 months they BOTH have had fleas. I tried shampoos and waited for another dosage to see if it was just a fluke but alas, this medicine doesn't work anymore. It's a bummer because I loved having heartworm prevention with the flea/tick, but not sure what to go with now. Luckily they refunded my other 6 months since I didn't open the packages. by on 03/18/2019
  • Revolution
    This is the best product we have found for pest protection and heart worms. by on 03/11/2019
  • My Cats
    I have been purchasing Revolution for a long time now I love it. by on 03/01/2019
  • Tried and True!
    Our Sheltie has been on this product for nearly 9 years. I know that in that time new and innovative products have come out. By our vets request and due to the lack of availability of this product on the Vets shelves, we tried the other new products. The side effects and complications of the newer flea medicines, such as vomiting, and general lethargy, were distressful. So we keep coming back to this Revolution product, because it is tried and true! As an 'All-in-1' treatment for fleas, ticks, heart worm, ear mites, and more, this is a great product! by on 02/08/2019
  • Fast and Easy
    Our purchase was fast and easy, and delivered quickly! by on 02/08/2019
  • So Easy
    This is the best thing. All the steps in one easy vial. by on 01/30/2019
  • Easy and effective
    Product has worked great for my cat. Fleas are more persistent in the area where I live, so I know other pet owners who have utilized other products. But I have still had success with this one. by on 01/27/2019
  • No fleas, no ticks, no heart worms, no problems
    I've always used Revolution for my 12-year-old pug, 4-year-old Chihuahua, and 1-year-old German shepherd. It's easy to apply and none of my dogs have ever had a problem with it. They've never had fleas, ticks, or heart worms. I like that it combines fleas and tick preventative with heart worm preventative so that I don't have to order separate medications. by on 12/26/2018
  • Quick Drying
    great and quick drying. apply smoothly and doesnt make fur clumpy by on 12/05/2018
  • convenient
    I really like that i don't have to subject her to multiple medications. The application is simple and quick drying. She doesn't mind taking her meds anymore! by on 10/16/2018
  • Effective product!
    We have been using this for years for our two cats and we have no problems with fleas and ticks on the cats. They go outside as well, just in our fenced in yard. by on 09/25/2018
  • Works as advertised!
    Easy application of flea/tick and heartworm - can't beat it. My dog HATES the alcohol smell - to the point of trying to hide from me - but we work around it by placing it on her and immediately going for a walk. I don't find the smell to be greater than any other alcohol-based application, and it dissipates (to my human nose) very quickly. by on 09/16/2018
  • Does not work for outdoor pets
    If you plan to let your animal roam outside, it may not be very effective. Might be more effective for exclusively indoor pets. by on 09/11/2018
  • Great 2-in-1 product!
    After years of giving my dog two separate medications for flea/tick and heartworm prevention, my vet told me about Revolution. I immediately switched over to this product and have been using it for years. It is very effective--never have I seen a flea or tick on my dog. It's also very easy to use. One and done! Would recommend this product to anyone concerned about keeping their animal healthy. by on 09/11/2018
  • Worked OK for 2 years
    Worked OKAY for my dogs, I still found ticks on them frequently but no fleas until after about 2 years I'm finding a ton of fleas after trying two different batches so now I'm switching to a different medication. I liked how this had flea,tick, and heartworm, however, it doesn't work that well. by on 08/30/2018
  • Great Product!
    Easy to use and does the job. by on 08/21/2018
  • Simplistic Protection
    I have tried other products to protect my cat (Wrigley) the best overall way. Until I found Revolution. This product covers everything in one topical tube. No more collars & trying to give Wrigley oral heartworm medication, which was not fun for either one of us. Revolution is easy to apply & it gives me the confidence that my cat is truly protected. I'm so glad my vet. told me about this fabulous product! by on 08/18/2018
  • Was giving Revolution to all my cats, but vet found adult flea or dirt on cat
    Was giving Revolution to all of my cats, but the veterinarian found an adult flea or flea "dirt" (i.e., fecal matter?) on my adult cat after taking her in for dental surgery. She is an indoor cat that only leaves the apartment in a cage when being transported to or from the vet's office. I do have a juvenile cat that I occasionally take outside on a leash, but we also give him Revolution each month. The same goes for our mature/elderly cat, which is much heavier, so we have to give her a greater strength, as directed. by on 08/14/2018
  • ?
    Great product; have never seen any fleas or ticks since I started using it, and no adverse reactions. by on 08/10/2018
  • Awesome stuff!
    I actually use this for multiple dogs and cats and it works great! Never have any problems with fleas of ticks by on 08/07/2018
  • works great
    Revolution works great no matter how bad the flea season, and the all in one for heart worm by on 07/27/2018
  • Have seen evidence of it working against fleas
    Have seen evidence of it working against fleas. If it were a treat form as opposed to application it would be slightly easier but it's not terrible. by on 07/25/2018
  • Safe, Easy to Use and Very Effective
    This is a great product. Very easy to use and very effective. Put it on for one month and you are set. I had problems with pills and treat type applications but this one works like a charm. I do not think fleas and mosquitoes would say they like it. by on 07/14/2018
  • It works!
    I love the fact that my fur friend is protected and that Revolution will check that to make sure she's well. Thanks Revolution :) by on 06/27/2018
  • Revolution
    Drops are the way to go for Pork Chop, he will not eat chewable tablets. It works great and easy to apply. by on 06/25/2018
  • Flea & Tick
    Worked good on my Saint. We have a terrible tick problem in Ct. Will buy again, but its pricey. by on 06/05/2018
  • Live in Rain Haven
    I used Frontline Plus for years, but it just stopped working in our area (Seattle/Tacoma, WA). I switched to Advantix II, but our friend's small dog got really sick after being treated w/this brand. I decided to try Advantage II, since this is what I used on our cat. Unfortunately, it was not strong enough nor did it treat ticks. We have a forest in our backyard, so our Vet recommended either Bravecto or Revolution. It was more cost-effective to go w/Revolution, since it treats Heartworm as well. It works great for our Golden Retriever & Miniature Schnauzer. by on 05/15/2018
  • effective product
    Love the revolution!!!! I have tried other flea treatments that my "Eggs" (cat's name....yeah I know) would have a bad reaction to , but this product doesn't produce the sluggishness that we've experienced in the past. A a matter of fact, instead of me chasing him down to give him his monthly, he lets me know that its time for his "Armour". by on 05/05/2018
  • Quick & easy
    I appreciate Revolution being an all in one, fleas/ticks preventative. My dog is SUPER sensitive/allergic to many things so we can't risk having flea or tick bites. One simple application makes life a lot easier - and the better price through PetCareRX makes the choice simple. by on 05/02/2018
  • Great Product for my not so Mini-Rex Rabbit
    This was prescribed by my vet for use on my 9 lb rabbit. She was having issues with mites. The mites were really bothering her and her fur looked bad. This worked like a charm to clear the mites up and preventing them from coming back. Her fur is back to being very plush and velvety. by on 04/27/2018
  • Revolution
    Revolution is easy to apply, doesn't bother my chihuahua and is a great value through this site. by on 04/26/2018
  • CoCo - flea problem
    We tried over the counter products and shampoos with no avail or little family member was miserable. So we both Revolution per our Vet suggestion, it has worked great. It's very easy to use and no residue or oily coat. by on 04/10/2018
  • Love it
    This product is easy to use and effective. My cat is 20. He looks like he's 10. by on 04/05/2018
  • Happy Toy Poodles
    My 2 toy poodles have not had any problems with Revolution and I'm thrilled that I do not have to give them a pill to take. by on 04/03/2018
  • Easy to apply and it works!
    I've used this since he was a kitten and he hasn't gotten any infections since! Details: indoor + outdoor cat currently approx 11 lbs about 1.5 years old by on 03/21/2018
  • Great product
    My cat has a very bad allergy to fleas and overcleans himself to the point of sores. Revolution makes it much easier to prevent these sores because it elements the fleas which irritate him in the first place. I buy it here because it's much cheaper to get the year supply than to buy it through my vet. by on 02/11/2018
  • Works great!
    I first started my cat on the kitten version of Revolution when he got into the kitten weight class. Then we transitioned to the adult version when he hit the next weight class. He hasn't had any fleas since I started using Revolution. by on 02/06/2018
  • All in one product excellence!
    It is nice this is easy to apply, the dogs are not afraid to have it put on them. by on 01/20/2018
  • Fleas & Ticks becoming resistant to meds
    the main problem is that fleas & ticks are becoming resistant to this and other prevention meds. this has been confirmed by our vet. by on 01/14/2018
  • Good product for fleas and my vet says that she is in great shape at 7 yrs old.
    I like the product. It works well when I can get it on her. My cat is resistant to my applying it. I don't think that this is a product fault. Maybe an easier way to apply it might help. My cat is an outside cat. She will let me brush her and pick her up sometimes but holding her long enough to part her hair and apply the drops is not something that she wants to happen. It is frustrating. She recognizes the tubes and what I intend to do and hides. It takes persistence and sometimes the loss of an application before I can catch her at a calm time. by on 12/28/2017
  • Top "O" The Line
    Most convenient to use, effectivness is a plus, and we have switched around before but always came back . When something works therses no point in changing anything. by on 12/06/2017
  • Great product
    Revolution has kept our two pets healthy - tick, heart worm and flea free for 11 years now. Great product. by on 12/05/2017
  • More effective internally than externally
    This Revolution skin topical works good for my dog, except after being groomed he suffers fleas under his tail and his groin area which attracts small little flying insects (looks like fruit flies). So I have to spray under his tail and groin area with the "Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs" which contains Aloe to soothe flea-bitten skin. This Hartz spray works really well but must be applied on the dog's groin area immediately after being groomed by the professional dog groomer; if the spray is applied too late after being groomed then the Hartz spray does not work. by on 11/25/2017
  • I think this product is safe and effective
    I am using this product on breeding dogs both male and female This was recomented by my OB vet. by on 07/16/2016
  • Good Alternative
    My dog is allergic to the beef flavoring in Heart Guard, so this method solves the problem. Have to assume effectiveness is as advertised. My dog has had no negative reaction as yet. by on 07/15/2016
  • Love the product
    Excellent product would recommend it to anyone that ones to have everything in one product.. Without buying everything separate and paying a lot more for it all.. by on 07/14/2016
  • Fleas be GONE
    My household with 5 indoor cats had struggled with a plague of fleas for about 4 summers. We'd treated the cats year-round with other doctor prescribed flea medications and treated the house various times. We researched remedies, vacuumed like crazy (freezing the bag after each session), bombed the house countless times, and even went as far as to tear out the wall-to-wall carpet so that the fleas would have less places to get cozy in. Yes. It was THAT bad & yes they were fleas, not other parasites. Finally, we decided to try Revolution. After 2 months the nightmare was over faster than it'd been in years. There were a few stragglers still hatching but it was much more manageable. Now, a year and a half later I'm pleased to say that Revolution has made my family and pets' lives more comfortable and flea-free. Furthermore, it covers all the bases like ear ticks, heartworm, intestinal worms, and more that other topical meds do not guard against (so you get more bang for your buck). My elderly (90+ y.o.) neighbor actually stated that most brands out there used to cover all the bases like this one but they stopped for one reason or another. I have yet to have any adverse reactions with my pets (ages 5 and 6 y.o.). The medication information sheet that is provided in the box makes it clear that it is very VERY difficult for a pet to overdose or have an adverse reaction to this medication making it extremely safe. The information sheet also states that you can bathe your pet 2 hours after application without messing with the efficacy of the medication. The only negative thing I'd have to say about applying it is that after a day or so a small amount of white residue is visible at the application spot on my black cats but it's not harmful to the pets or people. All in all, Revolution is a life saver and gives me peace of mind month to month. by on 07/07/2016
  • Excellent Product
    My Westie has severe food allergies and cannot take any of the chewable heart or flea tablets so this is what his Doctor prescribed for him. Since we live very close to a highly wooded area I was very reluctant to start something different because what I was using had always worked. Now I have been using this for 12 months and I have never found a flea or tick on my dog. It's very easy to use and doesn't leave a greasy residue on your dog. It dries fast and leaves a hard feel on the hair that goes away in a couple of days. It works fabulous and so easy to use! by on 07/07/2016
  • Good product, bad company
    Horrible experience with PetCareRX. Forged vet's name on prescription, transferred Rx to different pharmacy without our permission. by on 06/09/2016
  • Certainly less expensive than buying at the vet.
    The cost of revolution for 3 cats on PetCareRx is considerably less than buying at the vet. Well worth the time & effort. by on 05/25/2016
  • Effective
    Revolution is effective so far and no problems with it. by on 05/14/2016
  • Love the multi-use!
    I love that it is so easy to apply, takes care of heart worms, ticks and fleas! I've used it for years on my 3 dogs and have never had a problem with it. by on 05/04/2016
  • great price. easy ordering and fast delivery
    three stars :) they offered me a 75% off coupon for my first order and i love the product I chose. by on 04/05/2016
  • Easy to use
    I have 2 cats and I find this product the most affective. One of my cats occasionally looses some of his fur where I apply it. I asked the vet about it and he said it was normal for some cats. It does grow back. by on 03/27/2016
  • All in One
    This is a great product with heart guard, tick, flea, mites protection for your pets. by on 03/16/2016
  • Long Time User
    I have been using Revolution on my cats for about 10 years. It is not hard to apply and we have never seen a flea, had ear mites, or any worms. by on 03/12/2016
  • All I use!
    This is an excellent product. I've used it since I had this dog. No issues, ever. His protection in one easy application. by on 03/09/2016
  • Revolution to the Rescue!
    Great all in one product for our Ragdoll cat. It is easy to apply and it safely and effectively kills fleas, flea eggs, ear mites, scabies, as well as helping control heartworm and the spread of parasitic worms like roundworm and hookworm. Revolution is a great value for your money, especially when buying from PetCareRx. by on 02/27/2016
  • Have encountered an occasional flea on my cat
    So far, effectiveness doe not seem complete after 3 months. Also seems a bit difficult to apply on my domestic short hair. by on 02/22/2016
  • This product is effective; our dog has taken it for seven years.
    This product is effective, but it is also expensive. So I would say that's a plus and a minus. We had two dogs. One on Revolution and one on another. Both were effective, but because of the breed of our other dog, Revolution was not an option. However, the other option was half the price, and also effective. by on 02/04/2016
  • Amazing
    I love to use this on my doggie. Best around. Would like a coupon tho to order more thank you by on 02/02/2016
    People don't think about Heartworm in cats. Unlike with dogs there is no cure. Prevention is the only solution.Revolution solves all tick, flea and heartworm in one application. by on 01/07/2016
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