Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Crunchy Bites Cat Treats
Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Crunchy Bites Cat Treats
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Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Crunchy Bites Cat Treats

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Are Purina Treats Good for Cats?

Yes, Purina treats like Purina Pro Plan cat treats are extremely safe for cats to consume. According to the brand, these treats come in a variety of flavourful recipes that cats love. Additionally, these treats have a satisfying crunch, which cats are likely to enjoy. Notably, a combination of a proper diet and high-quality snacks helps cats stay healthy for the entire duration of their lifespan. Cats are known to enjoy treats throughout the day, which means it's imperative to pick healthy and proper treats for them. Purina treats are formulated to promote clean teeth and freshen breath along with disease prevention.

Do You Need a Vet Prescription for Purina Pro Plan?

No, Purina Pro Plan veterinary supplements like Purina Pro cat treats don't require a vet's prescription for purchase. These can be purchased directly from a vet or over the counter from a specialist pet food shop. However, the Purina Pro Plan range of pet food is recommended by many veterinarians for pets. This is simply because of the years of research and clinical trials backing their line of pet foods. Prescription is required for diets that address a specific medical issue in the animal and modify the health to some extent. It's best to consult a vet before going for any specialty food that claims to treat some or other medical benefits in pets. Speaking of Purina Pro Plan, the Veterinary Diets range of food requires a vet's prescription.

What Treats Are Bad for Cats?

Cats have very sensitive health conditions wherein even a slight weight gain can cause severe issues like type-2 diabetes or chronic heart conditions. Therefore, it's essential to monitor daily caloric intake from treats in cats. It's not a good idea to give people food to cats as a treat. This means no cooked food or meat for cats. However, small amounts of cheese, tuna, salmon, and chicken are acceptable. On the other hand, avoid treats like raisins, grapes, onions, alcohol, salt, and tea.

What Is a Good Treat for Cats?

Most specialised cat treats available in the market are designed to be suitable for cats. These products are formulated to have vitamins, minerals, and amino acids required for a cat's good health. However, experts suggest that while it's perfect for giving your cat treats, it should be a tiny part of the diet. It's recommended that treats should make up no more than 10 percent of the total calories that the cat eats. The main reason behind this is that cats are carnivores, and the majority of their diet should contain high-quality and nutritionally complete cat food.

When Should You Use Cat Treats?

There are several use cases for cat treats, which makes cat parents' lives more effortless. These treats can be an effective tool to train your cat by exercising brain and body, particularly for indoor-only cats. Additionally, pet parents can use cat treats to reinforce traumatic experiences as positive, like claw trimming, hair trimming, and tooth brushing. However, don't replace cat treats with love mistaking them as a way to show affection. Additionally, don't promote begging behaviour in cats by giving treats when they insist or at the dinner table to get it to go away.

What Are Cat's Favorite Treats?

Three of the most popular cat treats preferred by many cats include catnip, cat grass, and honeysuckle. Cat grass is cereal grass like wheat or oats. Bothe catnip and cat grass can be easily grown in a sunny window. Additionally, pet parents can purchase it in its dried or fresh form from pet stores. However, make sure that the catnip or cat grass you are giving your cat is safe for feline consumption.

Why Do Cats Love Cat Treats So Much?

Most cats love crunchy cat treats mainly because of the potent flavour enhancers in them. Additionally, the high amount of carbohydrates in cat treats is intended to promote appetite in cats. For this reason, it's recommended that pet parents monitor the cat's daily treat intake closely to prevent unnecessary obesity, which could cause more severe health issues in turn.

What Foods Are Toxic to Cats?

There are several foods and human foods that may cause serious health risks in cats. These include dairy products, chocolate, raw poultry and meat, dog food, bread, tuna, onions and garlic. Most of these foods are pretty toxic to cats and cause gastrointestinal issues in cats. Therefore, ensure that these foods are kept out of reach and sealed inside a closet or cabinet.

How Many Treats Should I Give My Cat?

As for the daily treats intake for a cat, there are no hard and fast rules. The role of thumb is that the daily treat intake of the cat must not exceed 10 percent of the daily calorie intake of the cat. In case you're unsure about the daily caloric intake of your cat, consult your veterinarian as it varies from cat to cat, based on breed, age and size.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Crunchy Bites Cat Treats is manufactured by Purina
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