Otomax Ointment
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At a Glance
Three antimicrobial and steroidal combination that heals dogsโ€™ ear infections
Gentamicin is an antibiotic and antibacterial that inhibits proper bacterial growth
Betamethasone is a steroid with antipruritic and anti-inflammatory properties
Clotrimazole is a fungicide that inhibits proper fungal growth
Administer ear drops or ear ointment twice daily for seven consecutive days

Otomax Ointment

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At a Glance
Three antimicrobial and steroidal combination that heals dogsโ€™ ear infections
Gentamicin is an antibiotic and antibacterial that inhibits proper bacterial growth
Betamethasone is a steroid with antipruritic and anti-inflammatory properties
Clotrimazole is a fungicide that inhibits proper fungal growth
Administer ear drops or ear ointment twice daily for seven consecutive days

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Ultimate Guide to Otomax Ointment

Meet the Ear Infection Healer: Otomax Ointment!

Otomax Ointment is a highly recommended dog ear infection medication with an antimicrobial and corticosteroid combination. The solution effectively treats chronic and acute bacterial or fungal infections that result in pain and inflammation outside the ear. Otomax Ointment has easy-to-use drops or ointment in the ear canal twice daily.

How does Otomax Ointment work?

Otomax Ointment is a medication with three active ingredients - Gentamicin, Betamethasone, and Clotrimazole.

Gentamicin (pharmaceutical name Gentamicin sulfate, USP) is a broad-spectrum antibiotic and bactericide that inhibits normal protein synthesis and the growth of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria found on and within canines' ears, such as Pseudomonas, Proteus, E.coli, and Staphylococcus.

Betamethasone (pharmaceutical name Betamethasone Valerate, USP) is a highly effective and safe corticosteroid (i.e. steroidal ingredient) that has anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties.

Clotrimazole (pharmaceutical name Clotrimazole, USP Ointment) is a broad-spectrum antifungal agent that treats dermal infections caused by pathogenic dermatophytes and yeasts. The primary action of Clotrimazole is a fungicidal concentration with microbiological properties that work against dividing cells and growing organisms.

Together, the Gentamicin-Betamethasone-Clotrimazole (the Otomax generic name) combination is an antimicrobial, antipruritic, and anti-inflammatory solution. The compatibility is an especially effective treatment against dogs' severely painful ear infections, such as acute or chronic otitis externa.

How is Otomax Ointment administered?

Otomax Ointment is administered with medicated drops (bottles) or ear ointment (tubes) into the dog's ear canal twice daily for seven consecutive days. The product is available in 7.5 g and 15 g tubes, as well as 15 g, 30 g, and 215 g bottles. Each gram of Otomax Ointment contains 3 mg Gentamicin, 1 mg Betamethasone, and 10 mg Clotrimazole.

Specific Otomax for dogs directions of how to apply Otomax for dogs:

  1. Before a treatment, the external ear canal must be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
  2. Hold up ear flaps to lengthen their L-shaped ear canal before adding medication.
  3. Tubes: Place the nozzle in the ear to administer ointment.
  4. Bottles: Place the bottle nozzle above (and not within) the ear canal to administer medical drops. Administer 4 drops for dogs that weigh less than 30 lbs. and 8 drops for dogs that weigh more than 30 lbs.
  5. After treatment, massage the external ear canal to help the medication absorb.

Follow the exact specifications from your veterinarian, especially for the specific dosage, bottle drops or tube ointment, and other details.

What are the precautions of which you should be aware?

Dogs that should avoid Otomax Ointment are those who are:

  1. Allergic to it or allergic to any of its ingredients.
  2. Pregnant.
  3. Geriatric.
  4. Hypersensitive.
  5. Have perforated eardrums.

Inform your veterinarian or pharmacist about all of the medications that your dog is taking in case there are negative interactions with the Otomax Ointment or any of their active ingredients, such as most corticosteroids and similar antibiotics.

What are the Otomax side effects of which you should be aware?

Otomax Ointment's most common adverse reactions reported are hearing or balance loss, polydipsia, polyuria, increased appetite and weight gain, vomiting, diarrhea, and behavioral changes. Discontinue the use of this drug immediately, if any hearing dysfunction is experienced.

Dogs can experience toxicology from the specific active ingredients, such as denuded skin wounds from Gentamicin, weight loss or bloody vomit from Betamethasone, and skin irritations from Clotrimazole. Immediate emergency care must be sought if an allergic reaction is observed.

Frequently Asked Questions
How to Apply Otomax Ointment for Dogs?

Otomax ointment for dogs to treat canine ear infections associated with yeast and bacteria. The condition is a result of yeast and/or bacteria susceptible to gentamicin. The outer ear should be appropriately cleaned and dried first to apply the ointment. The pet parent needs to get rid of excessive hair, debris, and crusted exudates, among others.

For dogs weighing less than 30lbs, administer four drops from the 7.5g tube, 15g tube, 15g bottle, and 30g bottle. If you have purchased the 215g bottle, administer only two drops. For dogs weighing above 30lbs, double this dosage. The ointment should be applied twice daily with proper massaging to ensure equal distribution of the medication.

What Is Otomax Ointment for Dogs?

Otomax ointment for dogs is a medication comprising gentamicin sulfate, betamethasone valerate, and clotrimazole. It's a three-in-one medication with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal treatments rolled into one. The Otomax Ointment for dogs treats ear infections caused due to yeast and bacteria. It is very effective in easing pain, inflammation, and itching.

Can You Use Otomax on Cats?

Otomax is a topical ointment available only with a veterinarian's prescription. The medication treats ear infections in both dogs and cats. Bear in mind, FDA has approved the medicine for dogs only, but several veterinarians prescribe it for cats off-label. For cats, the medicine application is the same as for dogs, applying directly on the skin as prescribed by a veterinarian.

Does Otomax Treat Ear Mites?

Otomax doesn't have anti-parasitic medication required to kill mites. However, you can use it for ear mites by applying generously and smothering the parasites. Common medications for ear mites are anti-parasitic medications like Tresaderm and Fipronil, which are applied directly into the dog's ear canals.

What Is the Difference Between Otomax and Mometamax?

Otomax is a topical medication comprising gentamicin, clotrimazole, and betamethasone, which has been prevalent for years to treat ear infections. Mometamax is a more recent launch, which replaces betamethasone with mometasone furoate. The change makes Mometamax a single daily dosing medication as compared to twice a day. This makes Mometamax a better medication as it's easier on the pet.

Do You Need a Prescription for Otomax?

Otomax is a veterinary medication, which has gentamicin, clotrimazole, and betamethasone. It's used to treat bacterial and yeast infections of the outer ear in dogs and off-label in cats. Otomax requires a valid prescription from a trusted veterinarian and can be purchased online or over the counter from any pet medication store.

Is There a Generic for Otomax?

Otomax is an easy-to-use ointment for dogs, which has gentamicin, clotrimazole, and betamethasone as active ingredients. The medication itself is clotrimazole, which is sold under the brand name Otomax. Some of the generic alternatives include DVMax and Otibiotic. Another recent product is Mometamax, which is a one-time daily application and pet-friendly.

Can Otomax Be Used for Dermatitis?

Viruses, bacteria, or fungi cause dermatitis. The chemical composition of Otomax makes it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. For this reason, some veterinarians may prescribe Otomax for Dermatitis. However, that's not the intended use for the medication, and it should be used only to treat external ear infections in dogs and cats, as prescribed by a vet.

What Is the Brown Stuff in My Dog's Ears?

If your dog has a waxy, yellow, or brown ear discharge, it's a sign of an ear infection. The infection can be caused by multiple reasons like allergies, excessive ear wax, polyps, mites, and swimming. If the brown discharge is followed by head shaking, rubbing ears, foul odor, and itching, it's 100 percent ear infection, and you should pay a visit to your doctor.

How Can I Treat My Dogs' Ear Infection Without Going to the Vet?

There are several home remedies for ear infections. One of the most popular remedies is apple cider and distilled water in a 1:1 solution. The pet parent should then put this solution into the ear with a long syringe or solution bottle. The solution should be in the ear canal for several minutes before your dog shakes it out. To make sure the solution stays in and does its job, put cotton balls in the ear and calm the dog.

However, home remedies such as this might not work in case of severe infection, and medication like Otomax is the order of the day. If your dog is still discharging dark brown stuff with a foul odor and itching its ear after using apple cider and water solution, a vet visit is a must.

What Happens if Dog Ear Infection Goes Untreated?

Ear infections are pretty painful and make your dog suffer. It doesn't go away on its own and, if left untreated, can be disastrous for your dog's health. Serious infections are known to rupture the eardrum and cause permanent hearing loss as well. Therefore, as soon as you see signs of ear infection in your dog, it's a must to visit a veterinarian.

How Long Can You Use Otomax?

Veterinarians recommend Otomax to be used for seven consecutive days. The medication needs to be applied to the external ears twice a day for a week to be effective. Smaller dogs (under 30lbs) need four drops from the 7.5g tube, 15g tube, 15g bottle, and 30g bottle, which is doubled for bigger dogs (above 30lbs).

Concluding Thoughts

The most important thing that you should know about Otomax Ointment is its therapeutic power to heal your dog's severe ear infection, pain, and inflammation after only seven consecutive days!

DISCLAIMER: FDA law restricts Otomax Ointment only on order or prescription of a licensed veterinarian for the best pet health care advice. Ask your veterinarian or consult with one of our pet care specialists at 1-800-844-1427. This informative article is not meant to substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, and professional advice from your veterinarian or other qualified professionals regarding a medical condition. Ask your veterinarian if it's a good idea to treat all of the animals in your household to control intestinal parasites.

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How Often Should I Apply Otomax Ointment to My Catโ€™s Ears?

The recommended frequency of application will depend on the severity of the infection and the veterinarian's instructions. However, Otomax is generally applied to the affected ear(s) twice daily for seven to ten days.

Is Otomax Ointment Safe for Cats With Sensitive Skin?

While Otomax can effectively treat ear infections in cats, it is important to note that it is a medication and may have side effects. It is always best to consult a veterinarian before using any medication, especially if your cat has sensitive skin or a history of allergic reactions.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Otomax Ointment on Dogs?

Yes, Otomax ointment can cause side effects in dogs. Some possible side effects include skin or ear irritation, increased itching or scratching, thinning of the skin, delayed wound healing, increased susceptibility to infections, loss of hair around the site of application, increased appetite and thirst, and vomiting or diarrhea.

Can Otomax Ointment Be Used for Ear Infections Caused by Yeast?

Yes, Otomax ointment can treat ear infections in dogs caused by yeast. Otomax contains three active ingredients: gentamicin, betamethasone, and clotrimazole. Clotrimazole is an antifungal medication that works well against yeast infections. The combination of medications in Otomax can help to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, and treat yeast infections in the ear.

Can Otomax Ointment Be Used for Ear Infections Caused by Bacteria?

Yes, bacterial ear infections in dogs can be treated with Otomax ointment. The three active components of Otomax are gentamicin, betamethasone, and clotrimazole. An antibiotic called gentamicin works well against a variety of bacterial illnesses. A steroid called betamethasone aids in reducing ear swelling and irritation. The combination of drugs in Otomax may help to eradicate the infection-causing germs, lessen swelling, and ease symptoms, including discomfort and itching.

What Happens if My Dog Licks Otomax Ointment?

If your dog licks Otomax ointment, it may have negative effects depending on the amount swallowed. Betamethasone, the active component of Otomax, is a steroid that can increase thirst and urination and produce gastrointestinal distress like vomiting or diarrhea. Otomax can cause more severe symptoms like tremors or muscle weakness in dogs who consume large amounts of the drug. If you suspect your dog has taken a significant amount of Otomax, you should immediately contact your veterinarian for guidance.

Can Otomax Ointment Be Used on Dogs With Allergies?

Otomax ointment can be used on dogs with allergies, but it is important to use it with caution and only under the guidance of a veterinarian. Dogs with allergies may be more prone to skin rashes or other drug side effects, including Otomax. In addition, underlying problems like food allergies or environmental allergies may exist in some allergic dogs and cause ear infections. In many situations, treating the ear infection alone may not be sufficient; the underlying disease also may need to be addressed.

Can Otomax Ointment Be Used on Dogs With a Perforated Eardrum?

Otomax ointment should not be used on dogs with a perforated eardrum. This is because the ointment can enter the middle or inner ear, which can cause further damage and complications. The active ingredients in Otomax, such as gentamicin, can be ototoxic (toxic to the ear) when in direct contact with the middle or inner ear.

Do I Need a Prescription to Buy Otomax Ointment for My Dog?

Yes, Otomax ointment is a prescription medication and can only be obtained with a valid prescription from a licensed veterinarian.

Is Otomax Ointment Effective for Chronic Ear Infections in Dogs?

Otomax ointment can be effective for treating chronic ear infections in dogs, but the effectiveness may vary depending on the underlying cause of the infection. However, Chronic ear infections can be caused by various factors, including allergies, immune system disorders, or underlying anatomical abnormalities. In some cases, additional diagnostic tests may be necessary to identify the underlying cause of the infection and determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Can Dog Ear Infections Lead To More Serious Health Problems?

Yes, dog ear infections can lead to more serious health problems if left untreated or not adequately managed. Chronic or recurring ear infections can harm the ear canal and result in tissue scarring or thickening. This may increase the ear's susceptibility to infections in the future and make it more challenging to adequately treat the infection. Occasionally, ear infections can spread to other organs, including the brain, leading to significant neurological issues. Additionally, discomfort and pain from ear infections might affect your dog's quality of life or create behavioral changes.

Gentamicin, betamethasone, clotrimazole.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Components may cause local hypersensitivity or ototoxicity. Do not use in dogs with known perforation of eardrums. For side effects and warnings, please see the product label.

Chronic usage of the medicine may affect the functioning of adrenal glands. Individual ingredients mainly instigate the side effects of this medication. In geriatric dogs, partial hearing loss is observed. Most commonly, side effects like hearing loss, head tilt, or dizziness are noted.ย 

It is advisable not to use the medication in dogs with an allergy to it or any of the individual components. Extreme caution is required when used in pregnant and geriatric animals. Avoid administering the drug to dogs with perforated eardrums and known hypersensitivity. Discontinue the use of this drug on observing hearing loss during the treatment. The active ingredient may interact with other medications, thus inform the veterinarian or pharmacist about the medications the pet is taking. Make sure to follow the treatment instructions carefully; failing to do the same could result in adverse side effects. The ear should be clean and dry before applying the medication.ย 

Otomax Ointment, a combination antimicrobial and corticosteroid, is chiefly indicated for the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa associated with yeast (Malassezia pachydermatis) and/or bacteria susceptible to gentamicin. The drug is also used for the treatment of fungus infection of the nasal cavity. The active ingredients in the otomax ointment- betamethasone valerate, gentamicin sulfate, and clotrimazole are effective against painful infections of the ear. Gentamicin inhibits the growth of a variety of bacteria including pseudomonas, proteus, e.coli and staphylococcus, while steroid betamethasone valerate comes with anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties.ย 

The medication is FDA approved for use in dogs only. The standard dosage varies from 4 โ€“ 8 drops in the ear canal. For dogs weighing less than 30 lbs, administer 4 drops into the ear canal every 12 hours, and 8 drops into the ear canal for dogs weighing above 30 lbs. Continue the therapy for 7 consecutive days.ย 

Ask your veterinarian or consult with one of our pet care specialists at 1-800-844-1427.

This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for the professional advice of, or diagnosis or treatment by, your veterinarian. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or other qualified professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard or delay seeking professional advice due to what you may have read on our website. Our medications are FDA approved and/or EPA regulated when and as required by law.

Follow exact specifications prescribed by your veterinarian. Make sure the external ear canal is thoroughly cleaned and dried before treatment.

Dogs weighing less than 30 pounds - 4 drops into the ear canal twice daily
Dogs weighing 30 pounds or more - 8 drops into the ear canal twice daily

Store in a cool, dry place.

Otomax Ointment is manufactured by Merck Animal Health
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