Image of Nutramax Dasuquin Joint Health Supplement for Cats Flavored Sprinkle Capsules

Nutramax Dasuquin Joint Health Supplement for Cats Flavored Sprinkle Capsules Product Reviews

Dasuquin For Cats is a health supplement that will help to put a spring back into your cat's step. Recommended by veterinarians to improve joint and bladder health, it lets your cat feel young again.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 14 reviewers.

Cat approved

We just sprinkle a capsule on her wet food as prescribed by her Veterinarian and she eats it all up. by on 03/14/2022
Works Great

My cat Hissy is 13 and has arthritis. My vet prescribed Dasuquin a few years ago. It works well. If I miss a few doses I can tell because she begins limping again. by on 01/06/2022

I have been using this product for my cat for a while. It seems to be helping my cat. She has a little more mobility although she still walks with a little limp. I am going to continue giving this to my cat> by on 03/09/2020

My cat started on Dasuquin about 7 months ago. It seemed to be helping her a little. I noticed since she ran out she is beginning to show her limp a little more. I do believe that she is actually doing better when she is on this. by on 07/04/2019
Very Good

My cat has interstitial cystitis and this helps coat the bladder. by on 05/24/2018
Helps my cat

This seems to help Ditto with his hips...he's getting on in age... by on 04/06/2016
Dasaquin for cats/dogs

My dog only weighs 8.5 pounds so I give her the cat dasiquin for dosage that's her size since the dog version (which is the same medicine)only comes in a larger pill/dose for large dogs. I just open capsule and dust her food with the medicine and she eats it right up. I know that it works because dog sitter didn't give her her meds for two weeks when we were gone and when we got home she was in some pain that she normally doesn't have when taking the pill every day by on 03/14/2016
A miracle product

My 14 year old cat was refusing to come out of the closet or under the bed and was hissing at everyone. My vet recommended this supplement and after 6 weeks she is like a new cat! Thank you so much! I thoroughly recommend Dasquin. by on 09/20/2014

Great product - super price - fast delivery - highly recommend by on 04/19/2014
My cat won't take it :P

My 10 year old cat can smell the Dasuquin powder in any food I've tried to mix it with, and he usually eats anything. My Vet says this is unusual, but I'm back to Arthogen and an Ortho consult. by on 07/19/2013
Easy to hide in wet food

Cat gulps it down with wet food with no problem. I give 2 with a.m. meal. Only been on it one month. I can't effectively judge yet the improvement. Too soon. by on 12/14/2012
Great for Old Cats

Have been giving Dasuquin to my 14 1/2 yr old Norweigen Forrest cat for about a year. My vet reccomended it and I have been pleased with results.. Bit was unable to jump into chair and had some trouble getting over high sides of litter box. Now she has no problems getting wherever she wants to go. by on 03/03/2011
Billie Cat

I have a 19 year old cat that was getting bow legged in her rear legs and was starting to fall over. After taking this for a couple of weeks it made a huge difference in her ability to walk. It actually straightened the knees out so she was not so bow legged by on 01/24/2010
Reno Kitty

My 3 ear old cat did not have the strength to jump up in my lap. My vet recommended Dasuquin. In ONE week she was jumping up on couches, laps, beds without my help. This has been a miracle remedy and I tell everyone about it. by on 09/10/2009