Using Droncit Injectable for Pet Tapeworms Learn About this Brand Name Praziquantel Option for Treating Tapeworms

Indications for Droncit Injectable

Droncit injectable is the injectable form of Droncit, a prescription drug effective in the treatment of tapeworms. Droncit injectable can be used successfully in treating and removing the cestodes [tapeworm infestations] in dogs and cats. This medication is found to be particularly helpful in treating conditions of Taenia taeniaformis in cats, and Taenia pisiformis in dogs. It works by acting on the sucker of the parasite and thereby impairing its functions. In dogs and cats injectable Droncit can be administered either intramuscularly or subcutaneously.


When administering this medication, strictly follow the veterinary instructions. Refrain from administering Droncit injectable solution in animals less than four weeks of age. Avoid using if the animal is found to have hypersensitivity towards the ingredients of the drug. Take special care to maintain hygienic conditions while administering Droncit therapy in animals as there are chances of reinfection.


The injectable form of Droncit is available in 56.8mg x 10ml bottle. Dosage of the injectable solution varies according to the body weight of the animal. In dogs, the injectable form is given once, at a dose of 0.2ml of the 56.8 mg/ml injectable product per 5 pounds (10 kg). Dogs with a body weight of 5lbs or lesser, should be administered with 0.3ml of the injectable solution. The maximum injectable dose in dogs should not exceed 3ml, whereas in cats the maximum dose should be maintained at 0.6ml.For treating roundworms and hookworms, a combination of Droncit and Pyrantel Pamoate is found to be effective. A mixture of Droncit and Febantel reduces the activity of whip worms in animals. In combination with Milbemycin and Milbemax, it effectively prevents heartworms.

Side Effects

Though occurrence of side effects is rare; in some instances, cases of vomiting, lack of appetite, diarrhea and lethargy have been reported. Unlike other injections praziquantel tends to sting at the surface of the injection site causing the pet to scratch while administering. Pain, inflammation and swelling occur associated with the administration of the injectable formulation in the animals.

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