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Your dog will be the life of the party with these special edition Kong Air Dog Happy Birthday Squeaker Balls. Each ball comes with it's very own "Happy Birthday" message! Best yet, they are made of non-abrasive tennis ball material that will not harm teeth, and even float in water!... Read More



Rated 5 out of 5 by 3 reviewers.


My one year old min pin loves to play fetch, and with the squeaker he goes absolutely crazy! A happy doggy equals a happy mommy! by on 10/18/2012
fun and durable

Kong squeekers balls are the most durable squeeker balls we've found so far. I have a weak throw, so I use a baseball bat to send balls flying fast and far so my dog can tear after them at top speed. It's his favorite game, and we smashed open many tennis balls, leaving them useless for any more fun games of fetch. Kong makes a great ball though, and they can stand up to being smashed with the bat over and over. we lose them sometimes, but we have only had one break - it was hit by a friend of ours who is 6'3" and huge so take that for what it's worth. even then, the outer fabric didn't break open, only the ball inside was split so we use the ball inside the house and my dog still rolls it around and plays with it, it's still good as a dog toy, just not for getting hit by the bat any more. this is a great product, made by a company known for making quality dog toys. 1, my dog got them for his birthday! by on 09/05/2012
Great fun for dogs!

Our dog LOVES these Kong AirDog Happy Birthday Squeaker Balls. She plays with them all the time, she just can't get enough! She loves to make them squeak, and loves playing catch with them. by on 08/10/2012