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At 16, my dog does well!

Heโ€™s used this med for many years with no problems. by on 02/03/2022
Heartworm Meds

Good stuff by on 06/12/2021

product delivered on time and as desribed by on 10/29/2020
Working Great

New product is working gr8! by on 07/08/2020

I had to find an alternative to Heartgard as my dog refused to eat it even when covered in cheese or meat. She would just spit it out. This is a small pills and works when wrapped in cheese or meat. by on 10/03/2019
Great Product

Very happy with this product. Even more happy with the NEW product, Interceptor PLUS, which is a heart worm preventative, PLUS controls round, hook, whip & tape worms. I have a breed that is sensitive to some of the ingredients in HWP and my dogs do fine on this, but as with ALL medications, please check with your Vet or do the proper testing to insure your dog can be given this product. by on 09/04/2019

This product works well and we have been very pleased with service we get from Pet RX. by on 07/31/2019

This product works well and my dog enjoys eating them! by on 04/13/2019

Great price on Intercetor and free shipping great value by on 04/13/2019
Interceptor is reliable product

We can always count on Interceptor to do the job of keeping away fleas and ticks. by on 03/04/2019

PetCareRx makes it very easy to order and receive medications for my dog. by on 02/12/2019
Good Product

Our vet recommended using interceptor and we have not regretted it. by on 09/11/2018
Works Great

Works great and my dog eats them no problem. by on 08/20/2018
Review of Interceptor Heartworm medicine

We like the convenience of using Interceptor for our dog, and there is not any trouble to get her to eat the flavored tablet. We like ordering the product for PetCareRX because it is so fast and convenient. by on 04/27/2018
Heart guard is cheaper

Quote from vet office, "heart guard is the same product and does the same thing but is cheaper." by on 06/29/2016
Interceptor for Dogs

I ordered two Interceptor for Dogs to use on my two dogs. It is very easy to apply to the back and from present and past use has been very effective - no external parasite problems. by on 05/12/2016
Love this stuff

Soooo glad that this product is back on the market. My dog and I were having difficulties with the other similar products. This product is very affordable and works well. Love that it works for whip worms, as well as all the others. by on 04/06/2016
vet recommended

We went to our vet recently & he said that if we could use this product it would prevent worms that some of the other products would not. Have used this before & will now keep our dogs on it. by on 11/25/2015
So glad it's back

I am so glad that Interceptor is back on the market. It works great and costs less than the others. I had trouble getting my dog to take the other chewable preventatives. I had to cover it with peanut butter to get her to take it. This, she just takes right out of my hand like it's a treat. by on 10/19/2015
Whipworm remedy

I was a little concerned that my dog would be OK on Interceptor because she's been on a different heart worm med for years now and because when she was a puppy she had heart worm. The reason for the switch was because Abby had/has whip worms and her vet thought it would be better for her to be on Interceptor year-round because whip worms are hard to get rid of. She seems to do well on the meds, but the true test will come after her 2 month appointment in early August. I'm optimistic. by on 07/20/2015

We have used this since my Aussie has been a puppy with no complcations at all. by on 01/28/2012
Ozzy's Grandma

Our daughter has a very spoiled and loved Jack Russell Terrier and he just loves these. He gets his once a month treat and we have no problem getting him to take this. by on 06/20/2011
Support your local vets!

I support my vet and will by my precriptions there. If this online pharmacy trend continues, you're all going to put your vets out of business! Then who's going to write the Rx?!? by on 05/07/2011

I have been using interceptors for years now. They work so much better then heart guard, is what my vet told me. I usually buy pill pockets to put the pills in to give to my dogs. by on 05/06/2011
No great deal

My vet charged me the same price so no big price savings for me! by on 04/22/2011
Dogs are special friends!

Vet started giving this product to my dog two and half years ago, she suggested crushing it and putting in dab of peanut butter - works great and he is a very healthy dog. by on 04/21/2011
Per my Vet

We were giving our 1 year old Boxer/Border Collie mix Heartguard plus until her most recent yearly check up. The Vet stated that in order for Heartguard to fully work it had to be fully chewed, which MOST dogs do not do...With Interceptor, just swallowing it works as it dissolves into their bloodstream...My dog takes the pill with no other food necessary..No worms and a healthy puppy still!! Will buy on PetCareRx instead of vet as it is MUCH cheaper!! by on 04/17/2011
How to get your dog to swallow Interceptor

First I give my Silky a small piece of cheese. I place the tiny pill mushed up into a 2nd piece of cheese (cheeseball). He gobbles it up. by on 11/12/2010
Works for us!

I haven't had any problems with Interceptor. Works great for my 2 yr old shepherd/hound mix. Never had a problem with worms! by on 10/25/2010
safer for cats than heartguard

Interceptor has no known side effects in cats, even at doses well in excess of the recommended dosage. Heartguard can have potentially serious side effects for cats. This makes Interceptor a better choice than Heartguard for cats, in my opinion. by on 08/18/2010
problem pill

My male chin will not take this; so i have to crush it in his food. He gobbleddown Heartgard. I'm sure it works. Just don't expect your dog to like it. by on 06/09/2010
Decreases my Dogs Appetite

Every time i give him his monthly pill, the next day he does not eat hardly anything. He hasn't had heart worm yet so apparently it works, but the side effects are a drawback. by on 11/15/2009
Vet recommended

I bought a 6-month supply from my vet, but will order online next time for better pricing. I like that the product is in small pill form and easy for my dog to take. Also she had none of the side effects that are listed as possibiities. by on 08/29/2009
per my vet - best bet for healthy dog

My vet uses this on his dogs- so after going there for years- my dog has been on interceptor too. I don't pick what's on TV - I go by what the DR reccomends. by on 07/14/2009
Fantastic Buy!!

I have search the internet for a good price on these and even went to my Vet. PetCareRx has the best buy anywhere. by on 02/25/2009
Wonderful surprise!

I am so happy to have my dogs medication arrive to my door, and at a more reasonable price than at the vets office. Thank you! by on 09/22/2008
Great Customer Service

I have never had any problems at all with this company. Accurate and very prompt service. And I know my dog is protected - which means more than anything else to me! by on 09/05/2008
Interceptor vs. Heartgard

I have three small dogs (< 10 pound) and my doctor only sells Heartgard. I have had other small dogs in the past and they do very well on interceptor. The Heartgard gave my dog watery stool where the interceptor doesn't. The most important thing that made me choose interceptor is because Heartgard only treat heartworms, hookworms, and roundworms while the Interceptor prevents heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, AND whipworms by on 08/30/2008

My 14yr. old shepherd has been taking this for years. Before I found PetCareRx I was paying $20 more per 6 mo. supply from my vetenarians office.I have no worries about any worms infecting my Pebbles. Always free shipping is another great perk. by on 08/30/2008
easy to use

This pill is so easy to use you just open and your dog will love it. by on 08/30/2008
Excellent product and service

I've used Interceptor on the advise of my vet for years. Was more than pleased to find it here at a much better price. I didn't have a prescription when I placed my order but that was no problem, PetCareRx took care of contacting my vet and I had the medication in a week! Great Job!! by on 08/18/2008

I use Interceptor every month, even in the freezing winter months. I have 20 dogs that take Interceptor. Knock on wood - I never have a problem with any worms or fleas. I never worm my puppies without a vet fecal check. Time after time, my vet reports that my puppies do not have worms. I can only think that Interceptor used monthly, is the reason I never see worms. by on 08/16/2008
This is a terrific product!

My lab has been on Interceptor her whole life which is now six years. We've had wonderful results and she loves the taste. by on 08/16/2008
Super fast service

My 7 chihuahuas are on this and it's the only kind I will buy. Love the small size for my little furkids, though they really do love the cheese they get with it. PetCareRx is the best, and reasonable too. by on 08/16/2008
a good choice....

Charlie ate the Interceptor tablet with no problem--no side effects. PetCareRx shipped so quickly and the price was GREAT--I will definitely be using them again and again! by on 08/09/2008
Happy Dachshunds

I have been very pleased with services provided by Pet Care RX for my Sugar and Spice dachshunds. We have ordered Frontline and Interceptor products from Pet Care RX for the past three years. They are prompt, accurate, and are a definite savings in cost of these meds. And my dogs love the extra surprise toy included with each order. by on 08/02/2008

I have used this product for my last three dogs. This worked great and kept them from having heartworms and other worms as well. My oldest dog was 15 when she died and was still taking interceptor. Now by buying through PetCareRx, I can save 50% on my dogs heartworm prevention. A great product and a great price! by on 08/01/2008
Great deal & fast shipping!!!

I ordered 2 different doses of Interceptor for my dogs. I knew I needed a prescription, and had already contacted my vet to obtain them. I placed my order, and then contacted PetCareRx through their instant IM. Someone responded within a minute or so and explained that I could email the prescriptions to them. I scanned them, and sent them with no problems. They replied back the next day that they received them, and the order was set to complete. The items shipped out the following day and I received them with free shipping in about 5 business days. Great customer service and product. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I will definitely do business with them again, and I look forward to using my Pet Points next time to save a few extra bucks. by on 07/30/2008
Great deal & fast shipping!!!

I ordered 2 different doses of Interceptor for my dogs. I knew I needed a prescription, and had already contacted my vet to obtain them. I placed my order, and then contacted PetCareRX through their instant IM. Someone responded within a minute or so and explained that I could email the prescriptions to them. I scanned them, and sent them with no problems. They replied back the next day that they received them, and the order was set to complete. The items shipped out the following day and I received them with free shipping in about 5 business days. Great customer service and product. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I will definitely do business with them again, and I look forward to using my Pet Points next time to save a few extra bucks. by on 07/30/2008
pet care

My dogs have used this product for over 9 years and it is fantastic by on 07/29/2008
Great product!

No complaints! The product is the same one that we get from the vet, but much cheaper on here. They contacted the vet for me and I didn't have to do anything but wait for them to arrive (and that was very quick as well). I will keep ordering from here! by on 07/26/2008
interceptor, a preventative that i trust

We live in an area where there are many mosquitoes, and our dog is at high risk for heartworm. My dogs have taken interceptor, with no side effoects, and we have had no incidences of heartworm. by on 07/26/2008
kim, owner of 3 beagle and shih tzu

Love the product and is easy to give me to dog without any liquid, and i also always put a little bit of peanut better on the pill before i give it to them, and they think is a treat. I recommended everyone should buy it online in petcare rx. by on 07/26/2008
Wonderful product!!

Medication for pets can be expensive if you buy them at the vet. Luckily I found this site on line and they had the medicine he needs at a great price. I got it so fast in the mail, I was in shock. As soon as I show Milo his pill he eats it. So it must have a good flavour to it. I love this site!! by on 07/19/2008
Loves the interceptor

My 9 month old Boxer/ Siberian Husky loves the interceptor. He eats it just llike its a kleenex. by on 07/16/2008
Interceptor.. great product!

Our vet had put our dog on Interceptor and I was pleased that I could get this product for less money. I liked the speed of the delivery and the free shipping that was offered!... Saved some money! Will definitely recommend PetCareRx to my family and friends! by on 07/14/2008
Fast Delivery

I couldn't believe the product arrived so fast. Thanks for your good service and prices. I will use these folks again. by on 07/13/2008

Mollie ,my Westie, has been on Interceptor for the past two years with great results. She loves the tablets and begs for it when she sees me with the package. I had trouble getting her to eat the 'Heartgard' chunks and had to sneak pieces of it in her food so I wasn't sure she was getting the correct dose. The Interceptor solved the problem!! by on 07/12/2008
save on gas

This was my first order and overall a good experience. I did save a few dollars on actual cost. Maybe not as much as I had hoped, but I did save. Plus, I saved on the gas I would have spent driving to get the meds. The sales agents were very friendly and pleasant to deal with. Thank you. by on 07/07/2008
Cat Use

Cats are picky-especially mine so I have to grind it up and mix it w/ wet food, but the price cannot be beat-its worth the little extra effort for you cat people. by on 07/06/2008
Great Product/ Great Price

We love this site, not only was this product cheaper here than what I had been paying, but I got free shipping and a coupon for money off of my next purchase! Our dogs love Interceptor, they think it's a treat!! by on 07/06/2008
Dog loves it

This will be the 2nd year my pup has been on Interceptor, and he absolutely loves the taste of it. Each month when I give him this, he acts like it is a treat and the best thing ever. As for PetCareRx, great customer service and a speedy delivery. I will definitely continue ordering products from them. by on 07/06/2008
Good Service

My dog has been taking "Intercepter" for 7 years and still thinks it is candy. Last year I ordered a years supply but my Vet said that within 6 months she would need another blood test so a lady frorm PetCareRx called me and said they would send a 6 month supply and credit my Cedit Card with the difference. This year I got a 12 supply within 4 days. Great people to do business with. by on 07/05/2008
fast delivery

i ordered interceptor for my dogs on july 3rd, and it was at my door on july 5th. i am very pleased with the promptness of delivery and will be ordering again from PetCareRx, thank you:) by on 07/05/2008

I was very pleased to get a great price and discount on my order. I also received my order with a speedy delivery. Will definitely order again. Thanks for the great service and price. by on 07/04/2008
Great Buy!

My vet recommended Interceptor and I made sure to compare a few sites before I purchased on PetCareRx.com. They offered a great price plus a shipping discount. I received the package very quickly and my puppy had no problem taking the little pill. They even sent a $5 off discount coupon for my next purchase. I will definitely continue to order from this site. by on 07/02/2008
Fast Delivery & less expensive than the vet!!!

This is great to order on-line, takes about 5 minutes, & received order in less than 5 days. No trips to the vet, just entered my pets vet info and delivery came to my door. Product is exactly the same, brand names and great prices!!! by on 07/01/2008
Fast Delivery & less expensive than the vet!!!

This is great to order on-line, takes about 5 minutes, & received order in less than 5 days. No trips to the vet, just entered my pets vet info and delivery came to my door. Product is exactly the same, brand names and great prices!!! by on 07/01/2008
happy customer

I have bought this from my vet in the past, but found PetCareRx to be less expensive with quick delivery. I think I found my new supplier! by on 06/30/2008
Great thing to get your dog

This medication is very easy to give your dog. It is just a small tablet that you give once a month. Ordering was easy. Once I got my vet to respond, I received the medication in no time. Very happy with pet care rx by on 06/30/2008
great product

easy to use, my dogs like the taste , i love saving the money buying online by on 06/30/2008
German shepherd owner

Great product!! He thinks he's getting a treat when I give it to him. by on 06/28/2008
Great Product

I buy Intraceptor for my Collie, and have for the past 2 years. She can not tolerate other medications as they contain Ivemectin, which Collie's are typically "allergic" to. It is easy to administer and it protects my dog from the worms that can cause many health problems or even death. This is a great product! by on 06/28/2008

I like it because my dog loves it and it does it's job! HeartGuard was actually causing diarrea. The vet said there was no way to contact it to the medicine, but that was the only time she'd get sick. I have a happy dog and a clean house!! by on 06/23/2008

PetCareRx shipped quickly; the heartworm medication arrived within a week with magnet and coupon included in the package. Both dogs take it easily and quickly as if it is a treat. I never have had a problem with worms of any kind perhaps due to this products use. by on 06/23/2008
just started

We had no trouble getting our dog to eat the tablet! by on 06/21/2008
best buy

I shop many canine and equine vet catalogs,yours is the best price,no tax and free shipping, by on 06/21/2008
Great Service

Great service & price, user friendly website, easiest heartworm order I've ever placed. Keep up the good work. by on 06/18/2008
received interceptor on time and cheaper than the vet

I received my interceptor for my dog today. I am glad I checked your web site and ordered it from you..it was cheaper than the vet and the shipping was free and I also got a coupon for another product when I purchase again which I will.. Thanks for a great product and website...Jeanne by on 06/16/2008
heartworm medicine

the price was cheaper than the vet the service was very good and in came in a few days I would recommend this site to order other things by on 06/15/2008
Sampson Choc Lab

I have only praise for the experience ordering, etc. Interceptor from your company. Thank you for the great price, ease of ordering, speedy delivery. by on 06/13/2008

I have ordered Interceptor from PetCareRx for my dog for a couple of years now and have been extremely pleased with the ordering process. The price is great, being less than my local vet's office. The product arrives quickly as well. And the best part is that Interceptor provides my dog with the protection he needs from getting heartworm. by on 06/07/2008
Obtaining Inceptor

PetCare went over and beyond to assist in obtain Rx from Vet. Kept me informed of difficulties. Worked with me to resolve. Used Inceptor in past. Like the idea of dosage according to wt of dog. by on 06/07/2008
LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a recurring problem with hookworms. For years we have given our dogs Heartgard monthly, as well as Panacur quarterly. Since we have found Interceptor, we no longer have to give the Panacur (which is EXTREMELY expensive)! Interceptor is easy to give -- we just mix it in some peanut butter on a dog biscuit, and it saves us a TON of money! We are so happy to be using this product, and recommend it highly!!!!!!!!!! by on 06/04/2008
Works great! as is PETCARE RX service too!

Was using Sentinel and K9 Advantix and the monthly costs were really adding up considering the protection to me was overlapping. Asked my vet for an alternative and she recommended Interceptor, in place of Sentinel. No problems and this prescription seems to have no after affects and works just as well. Also pleased with PetCareRx, first time using them and was very impressed with shipping time and service. Thanks! by on 05/31/2008
And it tastes good too!

Interceptor is so easy to give to your dog. I have three dogs and they all line up and wait like they are getting a treat. by on 05/31/2008
Great Product & Service

This product works great on my Jack Russell and Cockapoo, they take the pill without having to put it in food to hide it! The online service is great since I'm not close to my vet. Don't want to leave out how helpful customer service is! Will continue to order from them!! by on 05/27/2008
Great Product & Service

This product works great on my Jack Russell and Cockapoo, they take the pill without having to put it in food to hide it! The online service is great since I'm not close to my vet. Don't want to leave out how helpful customer service is! Will continue to order from them!! by on 05/27/2008
Great service..good price..

The price is high but priceless because it works..Thanks for the promt service and ease in ordering... by on 05/26/2008
Works good!

I have been using it for years and my dog is fine! The only problem I have is getting my dog to take it so I have to break it up in small pieces and give it to her with cream cheese but she'll eat it! She's just fussy! by on 05/24/2008
Great price and customer service

I use this medicine for demodex mange for my dog. Its the only thing that works. It is a costly treatment for me, at one a day. But worth it. PetCareRx has the lowest price I have found, and great customer service. I will use them alot. by on 05/24/2008
Great Experience

My vet recommended this product and it has worked wonderfully. PetCareRx.com has the best price I could find and the item shipped very quickly.Great experience and will order from again. by on 05/18/2008

Highly Recommend!

Very Prompt service from people at PetCareRx and very awesome deal compared to my Vet. Would recommend to anyone! :-) Thanks PetCareRx! by on 05/17/2008
Fast service, good people

My vet didn't like that I did not purchase from them and caused a delay by completing an rx with a silly disclaimer and calling me to come pick it up. I faxed it to PetCare Rx. I called them as well; customer service was good to deal with. They got on it immediately. I received the package in 2 days! They emailed me with each step. Best of all, my vet wanted to charge $64 and I ended up, with coupon and free shipping paying $36. Can't beat that!! by on 05/17/2008
Excellent Product

I have used Interceptor for years. It works and my dogs gobble the pill down like it is a treat. What I like also about it is that it kills other worms as well as heartworms. by on 05/17/2008
Super prices

Great product. Great prices and coupon savings. Easy to order, but difficult to keep all of my dogs' prescription renewals straight online. by on 05/17/2008
Great Price

The price is great and the delivery is quick. Will definitely come back to purchase every year. by on 05/17/2008

Have been using Interceptor on all 3 of our dogs for years. I prefer it becauseit protects against whipworms also, which Heartgard and none of the otherpreventatives do. Our one dog will just eat the tablets. The other two won't. I have to hide the tablets in something for them to eat them. One of our dogs also has inflammatory bowel disease and I really have to watch what he eats. He has had no trouble with the Interceptor. I highly recommend this product over other preventatives. by on 05/17/2008
Great price

Since I use Interceptor year round, the price offered by PetCareRx is a great saving. by on 05/12/2008

Heartguard for dogs- PetCareRx had a great deal! Better than our vet as well as other online pet med sites! Fast shipping too! by on 05/11/2008
Good price

Good price for this product and just what the vet recommended. by on 05/11/2008
Like a treat

My dog readily snatches up the Interceptor like a treat. Great service, great prices....MUCH cheaper than the vet! by on 05/11/2008

Great product but please get your prescription first. I had to make many calls before I could get my order. The price on line is a big savings. by on 05/10/2008
Very pleased!!

Best price out there and quick to my front door! Thanks!! by on 05/10/2008

The Best there is!

Not much I can say other than five years on Interceptor and my dog has never had heartworms. On top of that, he absolutely loves the taste of it and that's from a dog who spits out non-flavored pills. Easy to give him and works great! by on 05/09/2008
Great Value

My vet recommends interceptor. I have 2 large very healthy dogs. They take the pill with no problem. PetCareRx offers a very cheap and easy way to order prescription drugs. I will definitely buy from again! by on 05/09/2008
Great Service

I have used this product in the past and it requires a prescription from the doctor. I ordered this product because it was cheaper than getting it from the doctor. The presscription was obtained from the doctor for me and I did not have to do a thing. What wonderful service. Thank you. by on 05/04/2008
Would recommend this website.

Ordered Interceptor on this website, and was very happy with the whole transaction. Plus, the price was almost $30 cheaper than what my vet quoted me! by on 05/04/2008
Great for your dog's paws, too

My dogs love the taste of Interceptor as if it were a treat. With three large dogs, it is important to make "medicine time" quick and easy for me. I also had a problem with hookworm sores on my female's paws. She had weeping sores with pus inside and after one round of expensive Cipro, and continued use of Interceptor, she has not suffered this malady again. That's a cost savings and peace of mind. With its protection from mosquitos, I no longer see my dogs scratching for what seemed like hours at a time -- all summer long. We have a lot of rain in the spring and the mosquitos are everywhere, so it's a big plus. I recommend this product to those pet owners that live in the country, as this is a multi-purpose, once-a-month, highly effective medication. The only side effect one of my dogs experiences is wanting a lot of water the first two days after I give her the chewable medication. by on 05/04/2008

I have been giving my shih tzu Inceptor for many years. I give it to him year round for heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis, the control of adult Ancylostoma caninum (hookworm), and the removal and control of adult Toxocara canis and Toxascaris leonina (roundworms) and Trichuris vulpis (whipworm) infections. Petey always gets perfect annual checkups at the vet and he is eleven years old. Keeping your dog in excellent health will help him live a long and happy lifetime. I would not for a moment even consider leaving Petey go without heartworm and intestinal worm protection for even a month. I live in Florida and the warm weather year round insures the survival of mosqitoes and intestional parasites. I will not do without it. by on 05/03/2008
Best on the Market!

I have been using Interceptor on my shih tzus (2) for years, It couldn't be easier. Another plus, it's cheaper on the internet than at the Vet's office. Never a problem getting them to take the medicine!!! by on 05/03/2008
Heartworm protection

Seems like a good product. Heartworms can be a life threatening problem. I'm afraid of drugs but this one seems to keep the heart worms at bay. by on 05/02/2008

I have always used interceptor for my dogs. Although I lost my 13 year old poodle from old age, my two jack russells (one is 5 and the other just turned one) I have always had my dogs protected from killer worms (they have always tested negative.) I have always purchased from my vet but wanted to try you folks out and was very pleased with the service and quick delivery. You will see my orders from now on for interceptor and other products. Keep up the great work. by on 04/28/2008
Great Product!

I love interceptor. All 4 of my dogs are on it, and they look forward to their monthly "treat". Been using it for years. PetCareRx has the best prices I've found. by on 04/26/2008
heartworm medicine

good price, good service. helpful as I am old, Thanks a lot. by on 04/26/2008
Great Price

5 years ago, I rescued a Yellow Lab from the shelter, the next day would have been too late for him. I never got the story how this sweet dog ended up in the pound, but he had been abused. I'm so glad I decided to take a look at the shelter that day. When I took him to my Vet, he already had heartworms. So, he went through treatment and has been taking his pill every month and is doing great. This was my first time to buy his medicine online, I couldn't believe how much cheaper it was from what I was paying at the Vet's office. When his Advantage runs out, I know where I will buy it. by on 04/24/2008
Great Value-Great Product

We have 2 very large dogs (130+lbs each), so medication can get very expensive. By purchasing a year supply of Interceptor from PetCareRx for both dogs, instead of at our local vet, we saved over $60.00. Our order was shipped out promptly, and we are very satisfied with the product. by on 04/22/2008

i always used this one and my dog loves it, great service speedy delivery by on 04/21/2008
Highly Effective Heartworm Prevention

Have been using this product on our pets for years without any problems. We like that it protects from other worms including whipworms that can cause colitis problems. by on 04/21/2008
works great

my cocker spaniel had a reaction to her previous heart worm medication so we switched to this brand and she hasn't had any problems. it works great! by on 04/19/2008
My dogs are happy campers without heartworm!

I have 7 little chihuahuas so it's a bit of a problem sorting out the tiny tablets to the right mouths, but I put them in cheese. Just wish the packing was easier to open to get the tablets out. All my kids just love it, especially the chesse, I'm sure. Great prices too! by on 04/19/2008
Same Thing

This product is highly recommened and is the exact same thing you would get from your vet. Just at the vet you would pay much more. It was at my house in no time. If you are rich(have no problems with gas shooting through the roof) get it from your vet, otherwise get from PetCareRx. by on 04/19/2008
Returning Customer...for a reason!

Love the ease of ordering, free shipping and special discounts. Prompt shipping! by on 04/15/2008
Like the protection, hate the tablet!

At the recommendation of my vet, I switched to Interceptor from the Heartgard because it protects against an additional worm. For this, I will continue to use the product. However, my dog LOVES the chewy Heartgard formulation and HATES the Interceptor tablet. We have to mask it in a hunk of cheese, which I don't like giving my dog. I wish the Interceptor had the consitency of a treat rather than that of a hard vitamin-like tablet. by on 04/02/2008
No problems with Interceptor

My dog has been on Interceptor for 5 years, with no side effects, and he has consistently received negative test results for heartworm. I'd say it is working just great! by on 03/28/2008
Charlie is healthy

We have been using this product for our dogs for years. We have been very pleased with the product and they have had no side-effects by on 03/25/2008
"Major", "Heidi" and Toby and Lacey

"Major" and "Heidi" have passed on to the big doggie heaven in the sky, and Toby and Lacey are taking Inceptor. All four of our dogs have taken Inceptor with no disguises. They take it as if it were a treat. Inceptor does what it is supposed to do and the dogs love it. by on 03/16/2008
"Major", "Heidi" and Toby and Lacey

"Major" and "Heidi" have passed on to the big doggie heaven in the sky, and Toby and Lacey are taking Inceptor. All four of our dogs have taken Inceptor with no disguises. They take it as if it were a treat. Inceptor does what it is supposed to do and the dogs love it. by on 03/16/2008
Intercepter - Green

I have been using this product for 4 years now. I have tried other heartworm medications, but my fussy Shih Tzu would not take them. He loves his small Intercepter pill, and quickly eats it every month. He sometimes even sits up and "begs" for it! by on 03/13/2008

i ve used interceptor for years w/ all my dogs w/ great results. no worms! by on 02/24/2008

Easy to give once a month. Love the stickers for the calendar so I won't forget. No problems with side effects. by on 02/14/2008
Eidson Loves the flavor

I have no problem getting our rottweiler to take her interceptor, and since she was a puppy and started her on this treatment she has been worm free! by on 01/20/2008

Been using this for 6 years and my dog has never gotten heartworm disease! by on 12/07/2007
Great Protection

When our dogs got whipworm last year, we found this to be the only product to protect against it!! Plus it covers heartworm! Saves a lot of money to buy it all in one convenient pill! We're users for life! =-) by on 09/28/2007

It treats not only heartworm but ticks and mosquitos.I don't dislike anything except if it were less costly. by on 09/16/2007
Vet approved product

My vet is satisfied with the products performance and that's good enough for me. by on 08/14/2007
Great product

Never any problems for either of my dogs as long as I have used this product. by on 07/31/2007

I use it all the time for my dogs. They like it and take it on their own with no problems and no coaxing. by on 07/25/2007
Great, both for cats & dogs

broad spectrum, palatable and offers good protection. by on 07/03/2007
Great, both for cats & dogs

broad spectrum, palatable and offers good protection. by on 07/03/2007
Lifesaving product

I tried this product when one of my pups got hookworms. I have used it faithfully since then. by on 06/22/2007
Heartworm Tablets

This product seems to be working very well. My pet is on this medication for about 1.5 years and she is tested negative for heartworms and doing great. Only thing I would like to see in addition is the affordable tablets with protection against flea and tick so that I don't have to apply frontline or similar protection. by on 05/23/2007
Interceptor for heartworm and other parasitic worm control

Easy to give and always provides a negative test result. by on 05/06/2007
Peace of Mind

We live in an area that becomes rampant with mosquitos, it gives us great peace of mind that our little girl is protected. The vet just gave her a good going over and she is very healthy. Thanks for the great price. I recommend this product whole-heartly... by on 04/28/2007
Big Healthy Puppy!

Each time Maggie May goes to the vet, he's thrilled with how healthy she is! No worms... ever! Dr. Smith recommended Interceptor and I used to purchase it from him, but it's much cheaper on here. by on 04/10/2007
Best for Heartworms

I have used Interceptor for years and never had a problem with heartworms, and we live in mosquito alley. Interceptor comes with a guarantee and hopefully I will never have to use it. by on 03/12/2007
A great product, from a current 4 legged weiner dog!

Had a great flavor, & no trouble getting that one down. by on 03/11/2007
JJ Loves

Our border collie is so good about taking her monthly medicines. All we do is set them on the floor, and she cobbles them up! by on 03/05/2007
Better than heartgua

I've been using this medication since my dogs were pups. The older male started out on heartguard however he breeder said that heartguard would not protect against whipworm. The vet wanted me to continue using heartguard. I will continue to use interceptor. I also have to disguise the pill in some tasty treat to get them to take it. Sometimes the male dog gets wise and tries to spit it out. It's still worth it! by on 01/21/2007
kills worms too

I switched to interceptor because my rotti got whipworms while on heartgard. (they get it from other dogs *walks in park) my vet then told me that interceptor protected him from those & heartgard didnot. I have to hide it in a tasty snack to give it to my dogs, but it's worth it for the protection. glad I switched. by on 09/01/2006
Fewer seizures

I have a cocker who seemed to routinely have seizures within 24 hours after I gave him another brand of heartworm medication. I tried Interceptor on Spencer and saw a dramatic reduction in seizures. Not sure it is coincidental or not but Spencer is much happier on Interceptor.*This is a prescription item by on 04/07/2005