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Ultimate Guide to Incurin Tablets - 1 mg Meet the Urinary Incontinence Fighter: Incurin! Manufacturer Brochure (pdf) Incurin Tablets are an FDA-approved and veterinarian-approved female dog medication that treats female canine urinary incontinence with an estrogen tablet that retains a spayed female dog 's natural processes with 1 mg a day. Help your girl gain back her confidence as a house-trained pup! How does Incurin for dogs work? Incurin contains short-ac... Read More

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My aging miniature schnauzer was having leakage problems. The Vet ran some tests and ruled out any urinary infections and prescribed Incurin to help with the problem. After her second day on it she was no longer having the issues. No side effects and no more pee pads everywhere she lay. by on 08/13/2023
Does the trick.
These are really helping her! by on 11/15/2022
Thorough communication! Made those process very easy. by on 08/10/2022
Exactly what was needed!
This is exactly what I got at the vet's office for 30% less. by on 09/15/2021
This product is really helping my 12yo Munsterlander, Sallie. Has a very occasional dribble when excited. Have not been able to wean below 1mg every day, so will stay on that dose. Thanks! by on 12/20/2020
Works very well.
These tablets do the trick. No pee problems. by on 10/08/2020
works pretty well on my sweet girl with kidney problems by on 10/08/2019
This product started out being very effective. I could tell the difference in a couple of dosage. However now, I really don't see a difference. It maybe it is because of my dog's age or other issues. by on 10/02/2018
Incurin is quite literally a God send!
My dog, Cassie, had been struggling with incontinence for a couple of years when my vet suggested this product. Cassie had been on Proin, which worked quite well, until she had a bad spell of vestibular disease. That is when I learned that one of the potential side effects of Proin is seizures, especially in senior pets. I don't know that Proin is what triggered her vestibular, but I certainly was no long comfortable giving a medication with seizure risks to an elderly dog with a history of vestibular disease. I tried a natural supplement for a while. The supplement did reduce symptoms but it didn't completely eliminate them. Eventually the incontinence led to multiple infections. I was about at my wits end when I consulted with a new vet who recommended Incurin. I find it expensive and a challenge to my budget, but all the vet bills from all those incontinence infections certainly weren't cheep. Not to mention how uncomfortable my dog was. Incurin saved the day! It took some trial and error to determine what dosage she needed, but since that has been established, I haven't seen any leaks or infections. After dealing for years with all of the struggles and complications of incontinence, I can't tell you how thankful I am for this product! My bank account wishes it was a little less expensive but regardless, it is worth every penny. by on 07/23/2016
This product has great features
This product works great my Maggie doesn't have to where a diaper any more. by on 12/05/2015
Most effective drug to date for bladder control
This product has been more effective than Proin and I have been able to cut down the dosage of Incurin from every day to every three days. I was unable to do this with Proin, and my dog has been on this medication since she was very young. Very happy with this medication. by on 09/02/2015
Very happy with this product....
I had previously tried everything... all the homeopathic & natural stuff, corn silk, everything... ... nothing made any difference.... I really did not think anything would work .. But the Incurin stopped it from day one... I was totally amazed... I did it per instructions... 2 tabs a day for 14 days.. she did not have one leak or drip in all that time... so went down to one a day... still no leaks... one every other day... nothing... she is down to one a week now... I may try one every 10 days or so and see what happens... It makes it very inexpensive at one pill a week... I am very happy and so is she... :) by on 02/08/2015
effective, but has drawbacks
only comes in 30 pill about at least 90---a 3 month supply????also---packaging is terrible with that foil/blister pack thing....the little round pieces fall off....hard to tell which contain a pill vs. which are about a plastic container like most other pills come in????????? by on 11/17/2014
effective product, but there are 2 major flaws---only 30 pills, per package......should be more than 1 month's worth.2nd----the packaging is AWFUL---- that little foil piece pops off when you remove pill----it either sticks to the pill or falls on the floor. by on 09/19/2014
actually works
I wanted to give this a try for my 13 yr old Aussie as she's been exhibiting all the symptoms this product says it helps with. It took about two weeks, but I haven't seen her leave puddles on the floor any longer.My only complaint is that it's expensive at almost $1/day if I decide to keep her on it. It would be much less expensive to put a towel on the floor where she lays, which I will probably do. by on 01/10/2014
Not effective for a large breed dog
I like the ease of dispensing this product and the price was reasonable. Unfortunately, now after two weeks of giving the proper dosage to our 85lb Weimaraner/lab mix she is still wetting her bed at any time while she is relaxed. I don't think a 1mg pill is enough for a large breed dog. by on 10/08/2013