Hot Spot & Itch Relief Medicated Formula
Hot Spot & Itch Relief Medicated Formula
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At a Glance
Heals and soothes irritated skin
Discourages itching and gnawing
pH balanced, safe, and effective

Hot Spot & Itch Relief Medicated Formula

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At a Glance
Heals and soothes irritated skin
Discourages itching and gnawing
pH balanced, safe, and effective

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Veterinary Formula Hot Spot & Itch Relief Medicated Shampoo

Environmental, dietary, and situational factors can greatly impact the health of your pet's skin. Allergies, fleas, tick bites, matted or dirty coats, sunburn, wetness, and anal sac disease are common culprits that can irritate your pet's skin. These irritations often lead to behaviors such as chewing, licking, biting, and scratching, which cause discomfort and harm your pets' well-being. Hot spots, also known as acute moist dermatitis, can develop rapidly, resulting in painful, red, and moist lesions on your pet's skin.

Veterinary Formula Hot Spot & Itch Relief medicated shampoo is specially designed to relieve various skin conditions and hot spots caused by weakened immune systems, allergies, and insect bites. Symptoms may include itchiness, swelling, redness, warmth, moisture, bloodiness, and sometimes pus.

With a blend of colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, and alpha hydroxy acids, this shampoo not only soothes and moisturizes but also helps rebuild the epidermal layer of the skin. It is expected to reduce itching, redness, and swelling while discouraging your pet from licking, biting, or gnawing at affected areas.

  • Lidocaine & Hydrocortisone:These active ingredients reduce itching, redness, and swelling, relieving your pet.

  • Colloidal Oatmeal & Aloe Vera:Known for their soothing and moisturizing properties, these ingredients offer comfort to irritated skin.

  • Formulated with Lactic Acid:This ingredient penetrates healing and soothing components.

  • pH Balanced:Ensures effectiveness without causing further irritation.

For maximum relief, use in conjunction with Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Hot Spot & Itch Relief Medicated Conditioner. Consider Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Hot Spot & Itch Relief Spray for symptomatic relief and accelerated healing. Remember, this product is for topical use only and is suitable for dogs and cats.

Use this shampoo with Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Hot Spot & Itch Relief Conditioner and Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Hot Spot & Itch Relief Spray for best results.

Prevention is key to maintaining your pet's skin health. Regular grooming, including keeping hair clipped short, can prevent mats and dirt buildup. Use vet-recommended flea and tick products to ward off these common pests. Additionally, ensure your pet's overall health with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and plenty of playtime to prevent boredom. Always thoroughly dry your pets after baths or water activities to prevent moisture-related skin issues.

Give your dog or cat relief from itching, inflamed, and overall irritated skin. The comforting solution in Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Hot Spot & Itch Shampoo will stop your dog or cat from scratching and gnawing and get him back to more important things like licking, sleeping, and being adorable. Follow up with the conditioner and you'll want to snuggle your pup all day.

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What is Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Hot Spot & Itch Shampoo used for?

Hot spot care and itch relief shampoos provide dogs and cats with relief from itchy skin and hot spots. These symptoms are often triggered by various factors such as allergies, insect bites, or dirty coats. The shampoo offers medicated anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to alleviate discomfort and soothe irritated skin. It is formulated specifically for veterinary use, providing effective relief for pets suffering from these common dermatological issues. Regular use of this medicated shampoo can help maintain the skin's condition and prevent the recurrence of hot spots and itching in pets.

How do you treat hot spots at home?

Treating hot spots at home involves several key steps, according to Dr. William Miller, a professor emeritus of medicine. Firstly, it's essential to prevent the dog from licking the affected area to avoid worsening inflammation and delaying healing. Using an Elizabethan collar or a light wrap can help keep the area protected from the dog's tongue. Clipping the hair around the hotspot can also prevent hairs from getting trapped in any discharge, which could exacerbate the condition. If the hotspot is new and less than 24 hours old, home remedies may suffice. However, if it's older or shows signs of infection, a veterinarian visit is necessary. Timing is critical in addressing hot spots, and early intervention can prevent complications. You need to monitor the dog's response to treatment and be mindful of signs of discomfort, as hot spots can be painful.Reference:,is%20safe%20and%20usually%20effective.

What medication is used for hot spots?

Hot spots in dogs are typically treated with oral antibiotics to address underlying bacterial infections. Commonly prescribed antibiotics include cephalosporins (e.g., Keflex), fluoroquinolones (e.g., Baytril or Cipro), and penicillins (e.g., Amoxicillin and Clavamox). These antibiotics are effective against a broad spectrum of bacterial infections and help to alleviate inflammation and promote healing. Additionally, topical treatments such as medicated shampoos or sprays may be recommended to provide relief from itching. However, it's crucial to consult a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment, as antibiotics should only be used under veterinary guidance.

Are hot spots painful for dogs?

Hot spots are indeed painful for dogs. Susan Lippy, who studied veterinary technology, highlights that hot spots are essentially open wounds, which can be excruciating for dogs. These raw, inflamed areas of skin result from intense scratching or licking due to underlying issues such as allergies. Constant itching can lead to further irritation and inflammation, exacerbating the discomfort experienced by the dog. Additionally, dogs with hot spots may exhibit signs of distress, such as excessive licking, scratching, or even self-trauma, indicating their discomfort. Therefore, it's crucial to seek treatment promptly to alleviate pain, prevent serious infections, and provide comfort to the affected dog. Veterinary intervention can address the underlying causes of hot spots, manage pain, and facilitate healing, ultimately improving the dog's quality of life.Reference:

How long can hot spots last?

Hot spots typically last between three and seven days before they begin to dry out and show signs of healing. During this time, proper treatment and care can help alleviate discomfort and promote recovery. Generally, a dog's fur should start growing back within about two weeks as the hot spot heals. However, if the hot spot persists beyond this timeframe, you need to consult a veterinarian. A veterinarian can provide further evaluation and recommend additional treatment options to address any underlying causes and ensure the hot spot heals properly.

Can I put ice on my dog's hot spot?

Applying a cool compress to a dog's hot spot can help alleviate inflammation and discomfort. To do so, you can use wet washcloths as a substitute for ice packs. It's recommended to apply the cool compress to the hot spot 2 to 4 times a day. However, it's essential to ensure the skin is dried afterward to prevent moisture buildup, which can exacerbate the hot spot. While ice packs may seem like a logical choice, they can be too cold for a dog's skin and may cause damage. Therefore, opting for a cool compress with wet washcloths provides a safer and more effective method for reducing inflammation.

How do I treat hotspots on dogs naturally?

Treating hot spots on dogs naturally involves various approaches tailored to the underlying cause of the condition. Danielle Ehrnstein shares her experiences with managing hot spots in her dogs. For hot spots triggered by flea allergies, using flea repellent is essential to prevent further bites. If a hot spot develops, applying over-the-counter Benadryl cream can help soothe the irritation and promote healing. Grass allergies may require daily doses of Zyrtec, under veterinary guidance, to manage symptoms effectively. For hot spots caused by separation anxiety or boredom, addressing the underlying behavioral issues is key. Crate training and using an e-collar can prevent excessive licking or scratching, allowing hot spots to heal. Applying aloe and Neosporin can soothe itching and aid in the healing process. Increasing playtime and engaging in stimulating activities can alleviate boredom and reduce stress, preventing future hot spots.Reference:

Water, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Arclates Copolymer, Cocamide DEA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Lidocaine HCL, Propylene Glycol, Ethanol SDA-40, Colloidal Oatmeal USP, DMDM-Hydantoin, Hydrocortisone, Lactic Acid, Fragrance, Wheat Germ Oil, Aloe Vera, Tetrasodium EDTA, Caramel Color.๏ปฟ

If additional irritation occurs or the condition does not get better within 2 weeks consult your veterinarian.

Ask your veterinarian or consult with one of our pet care specialists at 1-800-844-1427.

This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for the professional advice of, or diagnosis or treatment by, your veterinarian. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or other qualified professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard or delay seeking professional advice due to what you may have read on our website. Our medications are FDA approved and/or EPA regulated when and as required by law.

Even though they may not enjoy it, completely saturate the coat of your dog or cat. Apply the shampoo and work into a thick lather. Massage thoroughly into the skin and then let the shampoo soak in for 5-10 minutes depending on how patient your animal is. Rinse well. Use twice weekly until irritation subsides. Follow up with conditioner.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Hot Spot & Itch Relief Medicated Formula is manufactured by Synergy Labs
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Medicated Shampoo - 16 oz. 736990013309
Medicated Conditioner - 16 oz. 736990013354

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Best shampoo I have found for my dogs itchy skin. Keeps her coat shiny and her skin better than any thing I have used that is not prescription.

PALinTexas recommends this item.
Was this review helpful? 2 0

Hot Spot Relief

This shampoo works better than the veterinarian's medicated shampoo that cost 3x the price. Relieved the hot spots in one wash and left my English Bulldog's coat soft, shiny and fragrant.

Cappuccino recommends this item.
Was this review helpful? 2 0

Great product

This hotspot and itch relief shampoo and conditioner works great. I used it on my dog because he was itching from irritated skin and he almost stop scratching his self after one use. It left his fur feeling soft and shiny. Would highly recommend this product and will buy this product again. Thanks.

Bj88 recommends this item.
Was this review helpful? 2 0

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