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A Dog's Guide to Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care Dry Dog Food If a domesticated dog could speak human, we might hear something about their digestive care. A dog's digestive health can be negatively affected by a great many things that upset their stomach, disrupt their normal kidney function, and generally their bodily system. Good thing that there are dog food brands that prioritize a dog's digestive healthcare, specifically Hill's Prescription Diet k/d. Hill's pioneering research an... Read More

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Easy to order
The product requires a Vet prescription. Easy to order. Wish they had a larger bag. by on 07/31/2023
Why did you change formula?
Why did you change the formula? I just bought an 8.5 lb bag from chewy with surprisingly new formula. Recently had bought 17 lb bag- now it's old formula. Vet said I need to transition old to new slowly over # of days. The 17 lb bag is now wasted. Why did you change formula? Notice new formula has chicken vs.pork fat etc. by on 07/18/2022
My dog won't eat the new k/d formula
My dog has been eating the hills k/d food for over 2 years. After the recent change in recipe she will no longer eat it. My dog NEEDS to be on this food to keep help her kidney disease under control. Why did they change the formula? I've been buying this food on an automatic delivery schedule for over a year and the last bag I got was the new formula and my dog hates it and refuses to eat it.. Now I'm stuck with a bag of food that cost me over $100 that my dog won't eat. by on 07/04/2022
My dog won't eat the new k/d recipe
My dog has been on the k/d food for over 2 years but doesn't like the new recipe. I made sure to make a gradual change from the old to the new recipe but now she is refusing to eat her food. She needs to be on the special food due to her chronic kidney disease. She liked the old recipe and would gobble it up as soon as I put it in her bowl but since we got the new k/d she won't eat. I don't know what to do, I have a bag of dog food that cost over $100 that my dog won't eat. ] by on 06/27/2022
Quality food
This food helped decrease the protein level in my dogs kidney which was need and he loces the food also by on 05/30/2022
Our dog does not like the new taste
Our dog has been on the dry k/d chicken food for about two years. My husband did not notice the sticker about the change in the formula. With the new food, she took from the morning feeding to the afternoon feeding to gradually eat it. We started wetting the food which helped. When she first rejected it, I searched online for word about a change in the food, but did not find anything. Last week I searched again and found the notice. We found some food left from the former formula and she ate that fine. We will try another brand of kidney diet food. by on 05/15/2022
Doctors submitted it
Dog did good on this by on 11/24/2021
My dog, a great eater, won't eat this food.
I have a 13 year old lab who has developed kidney disease. He has always loved his food and licked the bowl. When I started adding this food he started leaving food in his bowl. Now that he is totally on K/D i add lots of the canned and he still won't finish a bowl. Two days ago I smelled the food in the bag. It smells awful,rancid. My vet assured me that it wasn't out of date. I'd like to know how other owners got their dogs to eat this! PS The price is outrageous though that would not stop me from buying it if he'd eat it. by on 11/02/2021
Great food
My Dog has high protein in his kidney test and this helped bring down that protein level by on 10/11/2021
Great food for my dog
Helped my dog lower is kidney protein level by on 10/07/2021
My dogs been eating tHis brand of food for the last 3 years , ever since he was diagnosed with kidney failure. he's happy and healthy and he eats the kibbles alone !!! by on 05/04/2021
Our dog won't eat it.
We tried to introduce it slowly to our dog in increasing portions over a several days to no avail. I'm sure it's a good product produced for its intended purpose, but Hills need to work on making it more palatable. My dog would eat just about anything, but not this. The pellets are quite oily to touch and have an unpleasant odour. If your dog has kidney disease it's worth a try. Maybe buy from somewhere where they offer a money back guarantee if your pet rejects it. by on 03/27/2021
No I would not recommend
I have tried dry formula and can k/d chicken flavor. My dog will not eat. Will be returning to Veterinarian. Product can not help my dog kidneys if she will not eat it. by on 03/16/2021
My dogs hate it
I tried giving this to my 15yr old staffy x but she hates it. Now my 17yr old Blue heeler has kidney issues and hates it as well. If I mix with the chicken breast & rice I cook for them they get through it leaving some in their bowls and it's only a small amount. The recommended feed dosage seems to high for 14kg dog. I am now also trying the expensive wet food combined with the dry which they ate last night. Will see how it goes. by on 02/07/2020
So far, so good!
My almost 10 year old dachshund was diagnosed with kidney failure a month ago. His bun was 126 and creatinine was 4.6. I really thought that he was going to have to be put down or was going to die before I came home from work...he was in such rough shape. The vet kept him for 5 days administering iv fluids and he wouldn't eat. The vet recommended the k/d foods and he just can't get enough...mind you, he's a VERY picky eater. He absolutely loves the chicken k/d (and sometimes the stew variety) This food has returned him to his old self before and I'm in awe of how well he has responded to it. Thank you for giving me more time with him! by on 10/06/2019
Dog won't eat this
My 15 year old dog who really needs this absolutely will not eat it. I don't blame stinks/smells horrible and he's never been a picky eater. I've wasted a lot of money on this trying different ways to get him to eat it. by on 03/13/2019
The Hills Prescription Diet k/d works!
My Boston Terrier, Noelle, was in very bad shape. She had lost weight, her coat was dull and faded and she was drinking lots of water. Our vet diagnosed her with kidney issues and prescribed the Hills Prescription Diet kidney care food. Within 2 months of eating the K/d dry and canned, she was 100% improved. Now, after 4 months on this food, her coat is dark and shiny, her eyes are bright again, and she is barking and playing. This has been an amazing transition without any additional supplements or medications. Thanks Hills, for making this product. Noelle should be a "poster child" for this diet! by on 03/10/2019
Life saver!
My 14 year old Cocker Spaniel has been on this for 2 years for start of kidney failure. After his first month on it, his bloodwork was in the normal range again! Very important while on this you can no longer give them any people food. It completely defeats what this food does to help the kidneys. by on 01/20/2019
If your dog is picky, they'll love this!!!
Just found out my 15 yr old Shih-Tzu is in the beginnings of kidney failure. Doc prescribed this and we were wary that our dog wouldn't eat it since it is not his normal kibble. BUT EUREKA HE LOVES IT do our other 2 dogs! =D Mangia! mangia!! Nom! nom!! nom!!! by on 09/27/2018
Dog won't eat new formula!!
Been feeding canned k/d. Once we opened a can of the new formula she stopped eating it. Up to then it had helped her kidney values stabilize. This was the only kidney diet she would eat. Now she will only eat her old food which won't help her kidney disease. Bring back the old formula!!! by on 06/03/2018
Pee-Wee loved it
My buddy, Pee-Wee, Was diagnosed with kidney failure about three years ago. Since then he's been prescribed the Hill's K/D food. He ate like a champ he loved it we use both the dry am the wet food. A good help them live several more years. The quality, the ingredients, the flavors seemed great because he loved it. by on 05/30/2018
Excellent results
It was heartbreaking to hear that my now 16 year old canine friend has kidney and liver disease. She had stopped eating after opening a new bag of her regular food. She was not relying well and not eating anything at all. Her weight dropped also. After one month eating K/D dry food she gained weight and her creative and bun levels dropped significantly. After two months of eating this food and those values are holding steady. She absolutely loves eating again and can't get enough at meal time. It is wonderful to see her appetite improve greatly!! The kibble is soaked in water for awhile before meal time, and that contributes to the water she needs daily. Thank you Hill's for K/D because it has played a large part in her still being by my side. The low phosphorus content plays a big role in helping keep her blood levels normal, along with a binder. Thank you again! It is a joy watching her love food once again. by on 03/08/2018
Improved formula is awful! My dog won't eat it!
Please bring back the original formula! by on 12/17/2017
Kidney K/D
We have been using this product for about 2 years now, and it seems to be working in stabilizing our oldest dog's kidneys. However, the last two bags we bought had huge amount of oil in them, way more than normal. We returned them to our vet, who called Customer Service - they agreed the oil should not be present They asked the vet to open another bag on their shelves, but this also had the same amount of oil in it. The vet is currently working to try to resolve this issue. by on 06/17/2017
k/d review
Dog likes product, but she's a beagle so she likes all food! It also has improved her blood work. However, I do have a problem with your recent major price increase. by on 06/09/2017
KD made my dogs kidneys healthy again!
My vet put my old dog Jack on KD when his kidney values were higher than normal. Within a year, they were back to normal levels. He likes the KD dry food and eats every bite. I am so grateful for this food for getting my Jack back to good health. I also feed my four cats Hill's KD and CD Feline for their kidney and bladder health. by on 05/25/2017
unknown kidney problem
Our vet put our 6 yo boxer on k/d this past week due to frequent urination and lack of appetite after numerous tests/x-rays proved inconclusive to any issue. She gobbled it up and her appetite returned almost immediately. We mixed moist with dry and she is now improving. by on 04/12/2017
Senior dog getting around again
My 15 yr old Chocolate Lab was having problems holding his bowels. After many test we found out his kidneys are not very good. Duke has been on both dry and wet K/D for over a year and has a much better quality of life and very few accidents in the house. At last check up his kidneys are not any better but they are not any worse. This food has made a huge difference. by on 03/05/2017
He never skips a meal
we adopted an 8 yr old dog Australian Cattle Dog from the rescue shelter. He came home with a lot of prostrate, urinary and kidney issues. Our vet got him stable and one of the keys was Hill's Kidney food. Getting him to eat was very important to increasing his health level. He has not skipped a meal since being on the k/d. We mix it with a little water and 1/4 can of wet food and it vanishes. He seems to be quite healthy and energetic. His play mate is a 1 yr old pitbull and he holds his own when they play. by on 03/01/2017
My vet recommended this food and I bought a large bag without having any samples. My dog would not eat this, no matter how I tried to hide it. What a waste of money. by on 02/26/2017
Saved my baby from seizures
My beagle kept having seizures just every so often. My vet wanted to try K/D because he said she was getting to much protein and it was sending to much blood at one time to her brain. Finally, she was 7 and now 13 so 6 years and seizure free. by on 08/16/2016
Our 14 year old dog really loves this product
We've had our dog on this diet for about the last 18 months now and he really enjoys it and has been able to maintain same weight through out the entire eighteen months! by on 07/27/2016
This product prolonged my dogs life!
I take my dog in yearly to get his blood work done, come to my surprise one of my dogs kidneys was showing irregular signs; the veterinarian told me his kidney was on the road to failure if I didn't change up his diet. My vet recommended The Hills Prescription K/D Formula. We tested the food for about a month before his next visit.. and when I brought him in for blood work, the vet told me his kidney values were back up, and almost to 100%!! I was so relieved!! Since then I kept him on the diet. His energy was up, he drinks water and urinates like a champ! lol. Bacon is a 5 year old Olde English bulldog who is full of life, very friendly and energetic. I've had him since before he was allowed to be adopted (long story) but I've bottle-fed this little guy since the beginning and, I am so grateful products like Hills exist so we can enjoy more years together. I'll admit, the price for prescription dog food is a bit steep, but worth totally worth it! Thank you Hills!! by on 06/29/2016
Life changing dog food!
I truly believe this food has improved both of my senior Min Pins' health, not just kidney-wise but overall. I have fed them this for 3 years now and I believe it makes a big difference in their improved quality of life. by on 02/03/2016
K/D dog food
Great quality food for kidney disease or beginning stages of it at a great price compared to veterinary office prices. by on 02/02/2016
Has helped my dog's health
Since his vet has put my golden/chow mix on this diet, it has helped him greatly. by on 01/23/2016
first night both my dogs love the food, done great on both
we have 2 dogs, one 15 years old, this food was got for him, his kidneys were failing, since having 2 dogs put both on it, he is much better, they both have lost weight but nothing to worry about, since on this food there is such a big difference in them, first blood test came back at 155 second within a month was 129, highly recommend it, they aren't small dogs, they both are large dogs. by on 10/21/2015
Good product but expensive
There are no on-line coupons for awhile, this is extremely expensive, where are the coupons? by on 10/10/2015
Yes it does!
Hip hip hooray! Hills Science Prescriptive Diet k/d has improved Igor's kidney levels in just 4 weeks. Looking forward to more improvement with continued use! :) by on 10/07/2015
Great product for canine special diets.
Hill's Prescription has added more years to my dog's life. He's now 15 years old and doing well as a senior. Mixing the Prescription dry food with a little Prescription wet food has whetted his appetite. by on 09/21/2015
K/D Dry Dog Food
Good balance use half wet and half dry K/D. Our pet enjoys the food very much. Never any left. Would like to have additional coupon access. Have exhausted all K/D coupon offers. by on 09/21/2015
Excellent product
Our veterinarian prescribed Kidney Care for our 15-year-old Sheltie, Molly. She anxiously awaits her meals, sitting next to her bowl until she is fed. We mix the k/d with a little warm water. After she eats, Molly trots to the living room and does a "rug roll" for about 30 seconds; we know she has enjoyed her meal. by on 09/06/2015
My dog isn't sick anymore
My 15 year old Westie was having issues with throwing up and come to find out he is starting to have kidney issues. The Hills Science dry and wet food have helped out tremendously, and he is no longer throwing up and has gained some weight. This is definitely changed he health for the better! by on 09/03/2015
use because prescribed
Dog loves the food. Just wish the price was not so high. by on 09/01/2015
Made a huge difference.
Gandolf is my brother's Pomeranian. We were doing blood testing to renew his blood pressure medication. He had also started drinking a lot and urinating a lot. His BUN was 99 Mg DL creatinine 3,4 mg/DL and phosphorus was 11.2 mg/dl. We put him on the KD diet for a month. It was the only change. A month later his BUN was 65 mg/dl Creatinine 3.4 mg/dl and His phosphorus is 6.76 mg/dl. He also has stopped drinking and urinating as much. by on 05/22/2015
Manages my dogs condition
I am a firm believer that prescription diets work! If you can manage a pet's condition based on diet alone, why wouldn't you? My dog is in chronic kidney failure and he was diagnosed early and is strictly on k/d with no worsening of his kidneys so far. He has been on this diet for over a year and I couldn't be happier! k/d for the win! by on 05/19/2015
This product is what my dog needs, but it's pricey.
My vet (and my dog's tests confirm) that he needs to be on this prescription food. He likes the taste okay...although at times I do add a little chicken broth, especially on the rare occasion he's not too interested in the food. I do wish it was not so expensive (and I have a big dog)...would LOVE some coupons from time to time! by on 05/07/2015
worked great to help keep my senior dog going
Has helped keep my senior dog going now for over 1 year. However her health continues to worsen. Thanks for giving us the time with my girl. by on 04/28/2015
Appealing food despite being renal formulated
I was glad to have a dog food that was appealing to my aging cocker with medical issues. She is a picky eater, and the dry appeals to her and I use the wet to give her medications. I bake the canned for dog treats for her. A bit more work but it is giving her a much better quality of life at this time! Thank you! by on 11/02/2014
product's great features
kibble is a good size for older dogs who might have problems with chewing larger pieces. appears to have good flavor for dogs. seems the feeding proportions are a little high. I was feeding the recommended amount but my dog seemed to be gaining weight so I had to cut back on the amount for each feeding. I don't know yet if the change to k/d has had any affect on the kidney function. I sure hope so because the product in very expensive. by on 10/25/2014
Food is medicine
In about a month, the BUN numbers for my dog have greatly improved! Before starting the diet, her BUN number was 62. It is now 30! The only change made was switching to k/d Canine Renal Health. Thanks for a great product! by on 10/17/2014
This product is great buy for the price.
The product is prolonging my dogs life. His numbers have proven its ability to increase my dogs life. by on 10/17/2014
Much to my amazement my lab likes the kd.
I had been feeding my labs sweet potato and salmon chow with ground beef or chicken. My other lab is allergic to rice, corn, peas, and a number of other things in most dog chows. Thus the sweet potato and salmon diet for both. I suspect it is too much protein. My smaller lab seems to love the kd wet and dry. by on 10/05/2014
Product is tasty
My dog loves the taste dry or mixed with liquid. She even eats the morsels as a treat. by on 10/05/2014
Prescription Diet by Vet
My 14 year old Corgi was having issues, my vet indicated he has starting to have kidney failure and recommended Hills KD. My boy will eat anything so that is not an issue. He seems to be putting on some weight and isn't having as many peeing accidents, It is kinda expensive ~ so watch for sales and use those coupons! Not sure if it is going to help but only time will tell if it extends his life span and helps him with quality of life ~ its what we will do for our boy. by on 10/03/2014
Great food
This food has made our dog feel so much better. Chance is 13 1/2 years old and his numbers have really improved and it's because of the food. It's expensive but our dogs are worth it. The cost really isn't to bad because it lasts a long time and our dogs are worth it. Mine like the dry and eat it very well. by on 10/02/2014
This product has small bite size food
My oldest has been on Kd for close to 1 yr now. Sometimes he eats it right up and others times not so much. I'm really glad that the dry good is small bites since he's older it makes it easier for him to eat. by on 09/27/2014
This product has played a role in keeping my dog healthy.
My little dog has been living longer because of this dog food, plus she LOVES the dog food. by on 09/25/2014
My dog gobbles up the k/d prescription diet.
I am grateful for the food as to decrease her intake of sodium, potassium and protein. It will extend her life by on 09/19/2014
recommend by vet
my vet recommended this product for my dog to help with her getting too much protein because of her condition. I have used both the dry and canned foods. She seems to like both. She eats the dry off and on all day for her crunchy munchies!!! by on 09/19/2014
He almost always eats it
Buddy,a shetland sheepdog, celebrated his 12th birthday in 6/2014.Along with excellent vetrinary care and k/d wet and dry, his lab work has remained stable for over 2 years. His weight has also remained stable. by on 09/19/2014
Adding years back to his life
My vet has told me to put my dog on k/d to help with his kidney issues. He has very low stats and could begin kidney failure. This food has drastically helped to raise his levels and keep him healthy. Without, I may not have my Maestro anymore! by on 09/14/2014
Pet will not eat this food
For the first two weeks our 9yo Weimaraner would eat the kibbles then over the next two weeks she stopped eating it except when she was extremely hungry. The hunger appears to have caused her to misbehave like she was 6 months old. Last night she ate an avocado ( her first avocado in her life) that would have required a step ladder to get at. Yesterday she ate the seat in my Volvo that she has ridden in for years. Tried the canned today and she ate that. It is 3 times as expensive as the dry which is twice as expensive as regular dog food. Will try supplementing the dry with chicken stock to see if that works. On the positive side, after 2.5 months her kidney numbers are in the normal range which was the goal. by on 08/30/2014
Good nutrition, poor taste
My dog's renal numbers have been steady on this diet for about 3 years. I have to add chicken both to help the taste. by on 08/24/2014
Excellent product
In addition to medications, our veterinarian recommended k/d for our 14-year-old Sheltie with kidney problems. She loves the taste of the food, and her health is much improved. Thanks, Hill's! by on 08/23/2014
We believe Prescription KD is helping Rosie maintain good
We put Rosie on kd dry and canned after she was diagnosed with liver and kidney problems. A year later, her levels, although still high, have come down significantly. I believe her change in diet has helped her. by on 08/07/2014
Keeping our aging pet healthy
Wrigley has been part of the family for 12 years. When he had a seizure and we realized his health was in danger we readily tried the KD prescription diet. I am glad to day they Wrigley has been healthy and seizure free! We couldn't be more pleased. by on 08/05/2014
This product works
My dog was diagnosed with early stage kidney failure. Since switching to k/d I have noticed no crystallization in his urine and the urine does no longer has a strong oder. Wonderful product! by on 08/02/2014
This product has brought my buddy back! < 3
I just want to let you know how amazing this product is! My dog Rusty had renal failure from too much protein. He was lethargic and on deaths door. Luckily for this product he is alive and well and doing wonderful! He's only 8 years old, so I was not expecting anything like this to happen. It is a little expensive, so I depend on the coupons to help me out that are on your website, but I was wondering if you could take the limit off of the coupon??? That would be awesome! by on 07/26/2014
Seems to work
My dog has been on the Prescription Diet - k/d for almost three months. He eats the food but he's not crazy about it plain - I pour a little gravy from the other dogs canned food (they get just a little canned to vary the taste of their dry foods) - since adding protein wouldn't work for a dog on k/d. I haven't had him back to the vet to see how his health is doing - but he seems to be doing well. He's almost 14 - he's almost completely blind and nearly completely deaf - so I'm happy when he's doing well. by on 07/25/2014
This product made the difference in our pet from being sick
Our pet loves life again, thanks to this food. He is so happy and has returned to playing again. It saved his life and he will have many more years with us. by on 07/25/2014
doing what it is suppose to do.
When I first purchased k/d, it was because my 14 yr. old dog had only 20% of her kidney function left. That was 7 months ago. Today she still has 20% function, but the numbers are improving. She has lots of "Zip" in her "Do-Da". I look forward to the time we spend together. Not only does the dog like the k/d, I've caught my friend's healthy dog enjoying it and my 14 yr.old cat indulging as well. Ahhh, family members. by on 07/24/2014
Does what it needs to do
It has helped my dog lower her test results to a more healthy level. The food ingredients don't sound very appetizing and don't have veggies, etc. It does what it needs to do, but I feel like my dog is missing some of the other quality ingredients. It's also very expensive. I am so glad it helps her with her renal levels, I just wish it was more affordable. by on 07/22/2014
picky dog doesn't like it
my dog's kidneys are comprised so she must have a low protein diet. she is a picky eater and has to be quite hungry to eat her dry food. by on 07/15/2014
I'm grateful Chloe has a diet that has maintained her
She gets bored with it at times, must be the flavor? I vary the texture by serving moistened or crunchy. I'm pretty strict that she adhere to her diet & has worked great for her. by on 07/02/2014
Good food for kidney issues
My dog actually likes this dry food and he usually doesn't like any dry food. Plus, it is helping him with his kidney problems. by on 07/01/2014
Hill's pet food
My dog has been on Hill's since he was a little pup. He has really enjoyed the food and eats hardily. He's an old dog now and Hill's has always provided a food that fits his needs. I always recommend Hill's to my friends and family. by on 06/28/2014
This food has helped slow the progression of her renal
My dog loves the wet and dry KD food. Thanks for offering coupons on each monthly purchase. by on 06/23/2014
was necessary to put my german shepard on this food.
Thanks to this prescription dog food my dog has gone from being a very ill dog,, to a dog that has regained his appetite, energy, put on weight, he has been able to hold his own, so far. by on 06/15/2014
Our Boxer loves the taste of Science Diet
We adopted a boxer 1 year old and at that time had a problem with urine dripping. Since we have been giving Science Diet K/D dry, the problem has gotten better. We always thought we were giving our previous dogs the best food possible but after now knowing the that high protein is not always the best for the animal. by on 06/10/2014
Picky dog won't eat it.
My long coat chihuahua is a picky eater. Because of bad teeth, I have to put dry food in the food processor and grind it up, the put some water on it. She was recently diagnosed with kidney failure and placed on this food. She will not eat it. I bought the wet version which she eats fairly well---unless I mix some of the dry with it. Then she will not touch it. by on 06/08/2014
Healthy now
My Beagle has been on this for a few years and is doing very well after a scary kidney health scare. My only concern is the cost is so high. When this is the only food allowed in a pups diet the bags don't last very long and coupons are very very hard to find. by on 06/07/2014
Just Wish It Was a Little Softer
Both of my Yorkies seem to like this food, but it's challenging for one of them because it's so hard. They're both 11yrs old. I wish it had a bit of a "chewy" texture--that would be a winner. by on 06/03/2014
Keeps our baby healthy!
Our 10 year old American Pit Bull Terrier, Nike, has been eating k/d exclusively for the past 7 years. We discovered some renal insufficiency on routine bloodwork and, at the recommendation of our vet, she has been eating k/d ever since. Her kidney values have increased very little in the past 7 years, which we attribute mostly to her excellent diet. She is happy, healthy, and has a beautiful coat. by on 05/25/2014
Five months after a near death kidney failure episode, My Doberman is active and happy. His metabolic test results are normal except for slightly elevated ALKP. by on 05/15/2014
My dog seems to love it now...hope it continues to enjoy it by on 05/14/2014
Bucky loves the taste
Bucky loves the taste of the new food. His annual check up was also very good, so it must be doing a good job keeping him healthy, too. by on 05/12/2014
This product has helped my pet
The k/d prescription diet seems to be helping my pet's health, it is just very expensive. I have to wait for a coupon to buy it, so I can't keep him on it continually. I have to substitute another healthy food while I wait to print an additional coupon. It's a budget issue. by on 05/05/2014
over priced
only using this product because the vet prefers it. by on 05/04/2014
Hill's Prespription Diet k/d
My 17 year old Golden Retriever passed away last week. She lived a long and healthly life but had kidney problems the last couple of years and the k/d diet improved that a lot. I fed Goldie nothing but Hill's Science Diet dog foods since we got her as a puppy. She started with the Puppy food, then the adult, Senior and later the k/d. I recommend Hill's to all of my friends and feel that the Hill's dog foods are what kept Goldie so active and healthy through all of her years. Thank you Hill's! by on 04/23/2014
My pom is back to her old frisky self thanks to Hills
My pomeranian was having accidents inside the house which was very unlike her, and becoming very lethargic. After testing, our vet put her on Hills Prescription K/D. Not only did she like the taste of it better than what we had been feeding her, but she's like a new little doggie. Back to her frisky ole self! Thanks Hills. by on 04/14/2014
Thumbs up !
My Shih Tzu has issues from early on with her bladder. She doesn't drink a lot so we've had problems with potential crystals forming. She was on Hills GD formula wed & dry, along with potassium tablems to keep her feeling well. I can certainly tell when she is not herself. A few months ago, my vet introduced her to the K/D formula -- dry only. We have eliminated the wet and the potassium tabs and she seems to be feeling "puppy like" days. We are very happy with the results thus far. Thanks !! by on 03/31/2014
Love this dog food
My dog was having high pancreas levels and got on the w/d kept his levels perfect! now he is going through kidney problems because of his age (13 year old poodle) and he enjoys the k/d licks the bowl clean! thank you for providing great products and customer service by on 03/25/2014
Expensive, but healthy
Very expensive food, but my vet assures me it is good for my dog. Look for coupons on the site. by on 03/17/2014
make my dog feels good.
It is a great product. My dog and myself feel we can trust this brand. Thanks for care. by on 03/06/2014
My little girl really likes this food!
I use both the dry and wet food. My girls seem to really enjoy it. The canned food is easy and complete for them. I also use the dry so they'll have the crunch that all dogs like and need. by on 02/17/2014
i am a new user to this product. my pet seems to like the
i am a new user to this product. my pet seems to like the taste of this food. in the time that we have used it i can see a difference in my dog. by on 02/16/2014
Prescription k/d for our dog with renal failure
We tried a few products and then settled on k/d wet. Our dog loved the wet food for a while, but soon grew tired of it and we started to add a bit of the dog's old dry kibble. We noticed the dog picking out the dry kibble and eating a bit of the wet. We decided to switch to the proper full diet and went to k/d dry kibble. Our dog is happy and he is getting the proper nutrition now. by on 02/13/2014
Our AmericanEskimo is 15 years old and has kidney problems.
Our American Eskimo is 15 years old and is having kidney problems. He has been on Hills prescription diet for years and is living a very healthy life! thank you Hills! by on 01/30/2014
Unbelievable improvement!
My golden retriever is nearly 16. When she was diagnosed with early-stage renal failure about a month ago, I thought it was all over. I started her on K/D right away, and now her kidney levels are normal!!!! Of course, I'm going to keep her on the diet for the rest of her life, but it's worth its weight in platinum. I wrote an earlier review - this one is a star above the old one. by on 01/27/2014
works, expensive, high calorie
I started using k/d dry just over a year ago. My lab has been on r/d and w/d for 6 years to control her weight. This food is very high in calories, so her weight control is gone. All of the kidney foods that we researched were high calorie. It is extremely expensive, but you do what you have to do for your dog. It would be nice for the price if there could be a lower calorie option for kidney patients. by on 01/25/2014
Meets a need, but VERY costly
My dog was recently forced to transition to a renal diet. He likes the taste of this food just fine and it does not seem to be causing too much eye discharge (a problem with a food several years ago). My only complaint is that we have to feed 5 cups a day AND supplement with eggs and treats to barely maintain his weight. At the cost of this food it seems crazy that we have to feed him that much. His prior high protein athlete food only needed 3 cups to maintain his weight and was about half the price - although it was also significantly more than regular commercial dog food prices. by on 01/25/2014
Great for old dogs!!
I have an old dog with a brain tumor and renal issues. She likes this new food, no throwing up and is happy. No recent UTI's. Would definitely recommend. by on 01/04/2014
This product may be saving my pet's life
Hal's urine test indicated early kidney issues. At 9 years old, my Golden Retriever has been on K/D for over a year. His umbers stabilized and recently are getting better. Hal woofs down his food, so evidently he loves it. And most of all, I feel K/D is prolonging his life. He is beautiful and full of energy. Thank you to the people at Hill's. by on 01/02/2014
very good
A little expensive but our babies are worth it! Coupons would be nice. by on 12/19/2013
Ordered by the doctor
All of my dogs really like both the dry and wet KD food products,they have helped to keep them healthy for 5 years now. by on 12/09/2013
A wonderful product. The secret to a healthy pet.
Two male dogs Bichon 16 and Yorkie17. KD is the secret to their longevity. They are two wonderful aged puppies. by on 12/07/2013
We have been feeding our choc lab, Mindy, K/D SCIENCE DIET for many years, at the recommendation of our vet, due to a type of "juvenile kidney disorder. Her blood tests are still good, and she just turned 11 years old. Although it is quite costly, we feel it is worth the extra expense, as our dogs are a very, very important part of our lives! And I really DO appreciate the coupons offered for this and other products on your web site and occasionally in the newspapers. Thanks for great products! by on 11/29/2013
Good for Renal Health
MyAmerican Pit Bull, Binx, has a kidney condition. I have always fed him Hill's Renal Health K/D since my vet. first recommended it as a desired diet to maintain his kidney health. He loves it, snarfs it down and, I feel, it has helped him maintain his good health and bright, cheerful and gentle personality. by on 11/23/2013
The product is safe and healthy for my pet
My dog has to have a prescription diet I tried others and he eats Kd without having to be coaxed. So it is my choice by on 11/13/2013
Our dog a finicky eater took to the product immediately and we have had great results. Kudos!!! by on 11/03/2013
This product needs a better taste.
My dog just does not like the dry, even though he only ate dry dog food before his kidney problems. He does eat it if we mix it with the canned kd by on 10/19/2013
I believe it's keeping my dog alive.
My dog is in severe kidney failure. It was recommended to me to feed him Prescription diet K/D to lessen how hard his kidneys have to work. He has been eating it for 4 months now and he seems to be stable. He hasn't gained much weight back but he is generally happy. He doesn't care much for the taste and wants to eat his brother's food. I have been adding a tablespoon of canned regular dog food and that makes him happier and he eats it all up. I still don't understand why it is so expensive.. He's been a great dog for the last 12 years so I spend the money on him. by on 10/08/2013
It has saved/prolonged my dog's life. She wasn't wild about
Thank you Hill's!! We not only have more quantity for our dog, but a great quality of life too! She's happy, playful, and enjoying her senior years (which she would not be having right now without the help of your product)!!! by on 09/26/2013
Really wish it came in different flavors. After a while, my dog has gotten very tired of the chicken flavor. It is very very difficult to get him to eat it. He hates it. by on 09/20/2013
This is the best food for our Dog
Our dog was ill and our vet recommended Hill Prescription K/D diet for her... She loves it and it has made a huge difference in how she feels.... by on 09/15/2013
Seems okay
We have fed our dog, Bella, Prescription KD for a year or so. She is getting older and her kidneys were showing signs of wear. The Vet recommended this for her. She seems to like it. The first few kernels she spits out and we don't know why, maybe it's just her. She is hand fed because of an esophageal stricture a few years ago. The food seems to be working for her and she hasn't had any issues for many months. by on 09/11/2013