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The Heartgard brand is among the most trusted heartworm prevention medications, and for good reason. Heartgard Plus Chewables for Dogs helps protect your dog's health by preventing canine heartworm disease, as well as kill hookworms, and roundworms.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 903 reviewers.

Fast Delivery

Easy ordering and fast delivery. Great price too. by on 01/20/2023
Heart and flea

So far it works. Been using fir 8 +years by on 01/19/2023
The only brand that I give my dog

My dog loves the taste. He thinks it's a treat! by on 01/13/2023
Love it

My dog Punky is 14 & has always used this! by on 01/02/2023
Wonderful Medicine

I believe in only having the best for my boy. My vet recommended this to me and I administer it as needed per vet instructions. Apollo has never had an issue with heartworms or worms in general by on 12/20/2022
Flea & Tick Termination

Easy to order and good discount by on 12/17/2022
Always the best

Been using this for over 25 years with all my dogs. Will never use anything else! by on 12/17/2022
All Good

My dogs love HeartGard Plus and would like to have more, but I resist; they just have to wait until the next month. PetCareRX is a great place to buy it. The prices are good, especially if youโ€™re a member of PetPlus, and everything comes in a reasonable amount of time. I buy HeartGard Plus and other dog meds from them, and also HAVE to buy a toy and some treats each time. The prices are great, and my dogs are happy! by on 12/06/2022
Heartgard Plus

I have been using heart guard plus for my dogs for many years, and I am very satisfied with it. by on 11/30/2022

Great service and delivery time. by on 11/30/2022
Great for Animals

Have been using Heartgard for years with my dogs and not one nasty worm. My dogs love the flavor and gobble it up, fantastic! by on 11/20/2022
Flee and tick chewables

Switched from the exterior oil method to the chewable. Works much better. by on 10/17/2022
Great Buy

Both of our girls (and our previous two girls) are on Heartgard. One of the easiest ways to prevent the devastating effects of heart worms in our four legged family members. by on 10/14/2022
Excellent service

We save hundreds a year vs. getting these from our vet's office, and shipping is quick. Thank you! by on 10/05/2022

Great price and product by on 09/14/2022
Very reliable medication

I have used Heartgard Chewables for every dog I had and never had any problems. by on 09/10/2022
Good for my dog

My dog really enjoy! by on 09/09/2022

My dog loves these and he has never had any issues with these in over 12 years! Now thatโ€™s something to applaud by on 09/08/2022

Great product, have used for 16 years! by on 09/07/2022
Dog Love

Great product to protect your Dog's heart. They love us, we can be sure their lit little hearts last. by on 09/06/2022

Love using this because my dogs love them. It's the easiest medicine to give. by on 08/15/2022
Heartgard Plus Chewables

Easy order process and fast shipping. by on 08/08/2022

Keeps my pup safe! by on 08/08/2022

Great product with excellent service by on 08/03/2022
He likes them!

Apparently they work and he gobbles them down! by on 08/03/2022

My dog loves these chews by on 07/08/2022
Heartgard Order

Easy to order and fast delivery! by on 07/05/2022
Monthly Treat

Quick and easy way to ensure my pup stays healthy. by on 07/02/2022
Easy to administer

My dogs love them. I have two senior dogs over 10. They consider them a treat each day. Iโ€™ve notรญced they are more mobile since taking them along with the Purina one vibrant dog food for seniors by on 07/01/2022
Good purchase

I was able to buy the item without no issue. Thank you by on 06/30/2022
Excellent product

Excellent product works o by on 06/27/2022
Dog likes it

My girl eats it with no problem. She has no heartworm or side effects. So Iโ€™m happy. by on 06/27/2022
Wonder Drug

I have gotten Heartgard since I knew it existed and thatโ€™s when I had Cassiopeia, Kohlโ€™s Jedi Knight, Maggie Mae and now Fern. Not one of them have had heart worms! Heartgard is magic! by on 06/25/2022
3 *

Been working great for many years! by on 06/17/2022
Love it!

My dog loves the chewable tablets. He thinks he's getting a treat and always gets excited when it's time for his dose. by on 06/08/2022
Thank you!

Gibbs's loves his Heartgard, it's like a treat and he gets 1 every month! by on 06/05/2022
Fast and Easy

Easy to reorder and keep up with our Rosco prescriptions. Account remembers when need to renew and current Vet's name. by on 06/05/2022
Heart health

Great! Easy to administer! by on 06/04/2022
All very easy good product

Good website by on 06/02/2022
Recommend Heartgard

Iโ€™ve used Heartgard for all of my Dobermanโ€™s. They love this! by on 05/24/2022

Great price and fast shipping. by on 05/23/2022
Love these!

My dog absolutely loves these! She thinks she is getting a treat. I have never had a problem with Heartgard, and my dog always has good heart worm results. To me, this is the best product on the market for prevention and dog approval! by on 05/19/2022

Great customer service! My package was delivered quickly ?? by on 05/16/2022
My dogs love this

Great product by on 04/21/2022

Great product. by on 04/19/2022
Loki's Meds

My rescue pup, Loki, has been on Heartgard Plus since we adopted each other 6 years ago. He loves them and I love that they protect him so well! by on 04/12/2022
Pet treatment

Easy to fill always offers discounts by on 04/12/2022
Good product

Heardguard like this products to protect my 3 dogs from heartworms by on 04/11/2022
Heart Guard chewables

These are the first chewable medication that my dogs have eaten. I usually have to grind up any chewable and mix it in their food. Will be buying these again. by on 04/10/2022
Used for 15 years or more

Never any problem with this medicine like I have had with topical meds. I ha e used this for any of my dogs from 8 lbs up to over 50 lbs. by on 04/05/2022
Great med

Been using this product for my Pomeranian for 12 years and havenโ€™t had any health issues by on 04/04/2022
Picky pup

Picky pup loves these. by on 03/27/2022
Great Products

Everything that I have ordered has been great..from dog and cat food to toys and meds. by on 03/17/2022
Gobbled it up

Interceptor was advised by vet but couldnโ€™t get my dog to eat it. He readily takes heart guard s as ns has been well. by on 03/15/2022
Dogs love it

Have been using for 15yrs for 6 dogs. It works. Dogs think it is a treat. by on 02/25/2022

It works fantastic just wish it tasted better so it wasnโ€™t such a struggle to get it in by on 02/07/2022
Good product works great

Does what itโ€™s supposed to do and very easy to give. Dogs love it. by on 02/01/2022
Great product.

My dog loves eating these. They are a treat. I give them to her after a meal so that itโ€™s not on an empty stomach as sheโ€™s gotten sick occasionally if she eats them without food in her tummy. by on 01/31/2022

Im happy with this product. Dogs love it so its easy to treat by on 01/13/2022
Flea and tick med

It works and is always in stock. by on 12/20/2021
It Works!

My dog eats the tablets without hesitation. Easy to use and effective. by on 12/14/2021
Heartgard plus

Have been using them for years and my dog loves the taste. by on 12/13/2021

Works for my dogs! by on 12/10/2021
Soft chews

My dog loves them by on 11/14/2021

I have been using Heartguard Plus for over 20 years and I still will continue to use. A great Product that protects my dogs. I live right next to the woods, with deer, foxes, etc all over the place, and my dogs have never had a problem. I highly recommend this product for your animals. by on 11/08/2021

Works great and pup loves it. by on 11/04/2021
Great product

I have a 10 year old dog and have been giving him heartguard since he was a puppy. We have never had problem and my dog loves it by on 11/03/2021

I wouldn't use anything else for my dogs. This product has never let me down in all the years I've had pets. by on 10/30/2021

I like this product because my dog just eats them as a treat. I have tried others and she would spit them out . I had to be creative in masking the taste, even peanut butter didn't work. Puppy and I are very happy with the Heart Guard product. by on 10/09/2021
Our Go To for 25 Years

Heartgard has been the only heartworm preventative our family has used for the last 25 years. It has successfully protected our dogs from heartworms and parasites without fail. I canโ€™t imagine ever using anything else. by on 10/08/2021
Treat time

My 3 dogs love it. They think it's a treat. So easy to protect them. by on 09/27/2021
Very reliable product

I have used Heartgard Plus for Kacy since he was a puppy and never had any problems by on 09/25/2021

Have been giving this to my dog for years. Love it. by on 09/08/2021
Works great

We live out in the country and Hank in constantly in the woods and tall grass or swimming in the river . He hasnโ€™t had a flea or tick yet! by on 09/08/2021
Heartgard Chewables

We've been using Heartgard for years with all of our dogs. The dogs love them and we haven't had a heart worm issue ever. PetCareRx makes it affordable. by on 09/04/2021
Pet care rocks!

Thank goodness for petcaretx! With all of our scrips, I would have forgotten WillieOโ€™s!! by on 09/03/2021

Works! What more can I say? by on 08/30/2021
Dogs love them

Great price for heartworm meds, which the dogs believe are treats. by on 08/22/2021
Heart hard Chewable

My dog loves the chews and takes them without any problem. by on 08/12/2021
My dog loves

Only heartworm meds he takes no problems by on 08/09/2021
Healthy dog

My has been using this product since 2016 when he was born and he has never been sick in these past years. Here in petcarerx I get the best prices. Thank you by on 08/09/2021
My dog loves

My dog has been using these for years and won't take any other heartworm chews. by on 07/21/2021
Very Reliable Product

I have given Heartgard Plus to Kacy since he was a puppy and never had any problems or reason to regret it. by on 07/17/2021

Easy to give even miss fussy will take it like a treat. by on 07/13/2021
Dogs love it

My vet recommended it and my 2 dogs think it's a treat. Oh yeah, and it works. We've been using it for years. by on 07/10/2021
Flea/Tick med

Frontline still works the best for our dogs. by on 07/08/2021
Always timely with shipping.

my dogs love them, by on 07/02/2021
Great price, great meds

Very happy with product by on 06/16/2021
Thank you Heartland Plus

I can rest assured that my 15-year old border collie has the very best heartworm protection with Heartgard Plus. Thanks, and keep up the great work! by on 06/05/2021
Very Reliable Product

I have given Heartgard Plus to my dog Kacy since he was a puppy. It has always provided complete protection. by on 02/09/2021
Reliable Medication

I have given Kacy Heartgard Plus Chewables since he was a puppy. It has never failed to protect him. by on 01/21/2021
Heartgard Plus Chews are the best for my Ricky & Lucy!

I have been giving Heartgard Plus Chews for my dogs for several years now. They are easy to give, and the dogs love the flavor. I want the best for my dogs and I get that satisfaction with Heartgard Plus chewables. by on 01/19/2021
my pet's med

I have had no problems with my little yorkie mix digesting this square tablet and have had no problems with her heartworm testing; all been negative. A good med. for your pet. by on 01/07/2021

My dogs love Heartgard. Even my picky eater dog is taking them without any issues. Can only recommend by on 01/04/2021
Reliable Product

My two dogs have been on this for several years. Very reliable and quick shipping. by on 01/04/2021

Great product to keep your pet safe. No side effects and pet enjoys like a treat. by on 12/29/2020

We love this product. by on 12/05/2020
They love it!!!

It really works and the best thing is my fur babies really love it. by on 11/17/2020
PetCare Rx Heartgard

Best prices I've found and Pet Care Rx is always willing to give me any help I need. Love this place! by on 11/16/2020
Heartgard Plus

Used this with several dogs over the years with no problems. by on 11/12/2020
Good price for Heart guard

Heartguard can be very expensive to buy through the vet office, and they may tell you that you are taking a chance online, but I found the product to be fresh and genuine. My two dogs are happy to receive their Heartguard Plus treatment. All my dogs have taken this brand with no hesitation. by on 10/23/2020
Great Product

My 10 year old Lab has been on Heartguard forever. She has never had any side effects or worms, so we have had a great experience. She loves it and thinks it's a treat! by on 10/15/2020
Easy to Use & My Dog Loves It

I've never bought any other brand when it comes to complete coverage for my dog. Heartgard chewables have everything I'm looking for in a product that protects my dog from so many biological threats, and my vet recommends it! PetCareRx makes it easy to order, too, which is a big bonus. They work directly with my vet and always make sure that he's up to date. I like to get a 12 months supply at a time, and giving my dog one of these tasty treats once a month is super easy. Each 6 month pack comes with stickers you can put right on your wall calendar. Every dose is also labeled by month (JAN/JUL, FEB/AUG, and so on), so it's easy to make sure you don't miss one! The best part is that my dog looks forward to them. He loves them, and he knows that it's a special treat because he only gets one per month. by on 10/14/2020
Quick and Easy - HeartGard Plus

PetcareRX contacted my Vet for approval on the prescription, shipped quickly. Cost is less than other sources. Very happy with PetcareRX by on 10/13/2020
Works great!

Our dog was heartworm positive when we rescued her. She had to have many hospital stays and treatments to rid her of heartworm so we make sure that we keep her on this so that she stays heartworm free. by on 10/04/2020
Great product

I have used HeartGard Plus for years, to protect my mini schnauzer. It must taste good too, because he eats it like a treat. by on 10/04/2020

Good product. Fast delivery. Great price. by on 09/29/2020