GlycoFlex Plus Joint Supplement for Medium & Large Dogs
GlycoFlex Plus Joint Supplement for Medium & Large Dogs
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GlycoFlex Plus Joint Supplement for Medium & Large Dogs

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Glyco Flex® Plus joint supplement for dogs provides clinically proven nutritional joint support for working dog breeds, competitive and senior dogs.   When your dog gets up more slowly to meet you and his leash at the door, you know he's not just tired. Its time for added joint support. Glyco Flex Plus, an advanced joint support supplement for dogs of any age, is clinically proven to increase hind leg strength up to 41% in just four weeks*. Glyco Flex Plus is a high quality nutritional joint support product that maintains comfort and mobility for working dog breeds, competitive and senior dogs. This new formula for hip and joint care includes more active ingredients than other leading brands including glucosamine and chondroitin as well as perna and DMG for maximum nutritional absorption and effectiveness. Key Features: Veterinarian Recommended Clinically Proven Alleviates joint discomfort and mobility issues in dogs of all ages Delicious Duck Flavored Chew

What is the Difference Between GlycoFlex Plus and GlycoFlex 3?

The level of MSM and Glucosamine is the same in both formulas. Both contain equal proportions of Perna canaliculus, Dimethylglycine, Manganese, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Selenium, and Glutathione. The only noticeable difference is that a small quantity of Chondroitin Sulfate is added to the GlycoFlex Plus formula so that the biochemistry of some pets can use it well.

How Long Does It Take GlycoFlex to Work?

GlycoFlex gives vital strength joint support to dogs. The product is clinically proven for increasing the strength of the hind leg up to 41% within four weeks. The Perna Canaliculus present in the composition of GlycoFlex is an important component of the formula. It helps build blocks for stronger cartilage, maintain a proper thickness of synovial fluid around the joints, and several essential amino acids necessary in building blocks of bodily tissue.

Can You Give GlycoFlex to Puppies?

You can give GlycoFlex to puppies of 12 weeks and above. However, the product is only available on a prescription by a veterinarian to those dogs that are facing joint issues or have a birth defect. You should consult a vet before providing Glycoflex to puppies past the age of 12 weeks.

Can GlycoFlex Cause Diarrhea?

Dogs overdosing on GlycoFlex can suffer loose stool, lack of appetite, and nausea. A diabetic dog is at a greater risk. Some customers who administered the product to their dogs for the first time experienced diarrhea and vomiting in dogs.

Can a Dog Overdose on Joint Supplements?

A majority of cases show Hepatotoxicity to dogs on large overdoses of joint supplements. Never use glucosamineโ€™s different formulations simultaneously on your dog. It will increase the risk of overdosing on glucosamine if you use a different formulation. The results can be very devastating if the dog is suffering from high sugar levels. Supplements containing a high quantity of glucosamine can develop a very unpleasant situation of toxicity. Consequently, pet owners have reported side effects, like bloody diarrhea, nose bleeds, dehydration, lameness, etc.

Where is GlycoFlex Made?

Manufactured in the United States of America, Glycoflex combines both domestic and imported ingredients. GlycoFlex comes in soft chews or tablets. It is a supplement targeting joint pain and degeneration of joints in dogs. GlycoFlex chews come in naturally delicious chicken flavor and also give a guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

What Ingredients are in GlycoFlex?

A team of experienced veterinarians has formulated the composition of GlycoFlex. The main ingredients include Perna Canaliculus 600 mg, 500 mg of MSM, patented DMG 100mg (N, N-Dimethylglycine), and glucosamine HCI 750 mg. GlycoFlex products include Perna, which is a green-lipped mussel sourced from New Zealand.

Is GlycoFlex for Dogs Glucosamine?

GlycoFlex is a composition formulated to enhance your pet's joint health that includes glucosamine, Perna canaliculus, and MSM for joint support. It also features vitamin C, glutathione, and manganese for better absorption and improved immunity.

Are There Any Side Effects of GlycoFlex?

Almost every chondroprotective agent is extracted from natural resources, each working like the other. It means agents with similar properties have chances of exhibiting some undesirable reactions. The ill effects associated with the chondroprotective agents are restricted to the cases of variation from the prescribed dosage. Excessive exposure to the supplements can result in symptoms connected to digestive distress. Dogs ingesting these agents in excessive quantities can experience a lack of appetite, nausea, and dysentery. Dogs suffering from high sugar levels are at greater risk. These agents may raise the level of blood sugar. You must never use chondroprotective agents in combination with the medicines used for blood-thinning, as it may cause bleeding. These side effects are serious and need extra caution while using chondroprotective agents. You should consult your veterinarian before starting GlycoFlex or any other joint supplement for your dog. Particularly in the case of older dogs, as there are more chances of them being prone to arthritis and diabetes.

Is there an Expiry of GlycoFlex?

Yes, all GlycoFlex products come with an expiry date. The date of expiry is mentioned near the lot number of each product. It is printed with a dot-matrix computer printer at the back of the bag. There are eight digits in the lot number, and the number next to it having four digits indicates the month and year of expiry.

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