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Fluoxetine is a prescription drug available for both cats and dogs. The primary use of Fluoxetine is for the treatment of aggression and obsessive-compulsive disorders in cats and dogs, but it can also be used to treat itchiness.

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New dog
This medication has changed my dogโ€™s life (and ours). She is a new dog, living her best life without the anxiety that mustโ€™ve plagued her her whole life. We should have started this years ago. by on 05/06/2024
Great value
Buying through PetRX, saves me more then half the cost at my vets. by on 04/19/2024
The only thing that helps our cat.
It's nice to finally find help for him, he's always been aggressive/possessive and the other cats were not safe from him. by on 06/16/2023
Great service
I will be shopping again. fast shipping. by on 01/21/2023
Anxious Dog
This extra helps our very anxious dog calm down a little. by on 11/19/2022
So much cheaper than at the vet
Our dog has severe anxiety and needs fluoxetine. Our vet charges >$100 for 90 days of 20mg capsules and we got them on PetCareRx for <$20. We don't blame our vet, it's part of how they stay financially solvent, but this helps us afford to keep our pet healthy. by on 10/10/2022
Works great
This has helped out dog in so many ways! She would have daily accidents when we left her and now this is a rare occurrence by on 09/11/2022
Anxious Dog
This helps out anxious dog be a bit calmer. by on 08/28/2022
This stuff seems to work pretty good for my dogs anxiety. He is more social at times he wasnโ€™t before. He also made it through the pre 4th fireworks much better than previous years. The 4th was still tough though. by on 07/06/2022
Easier for cat
My cat does so much better with the tablets than the capsules. First time he bit into a capsule was the last time he would willingly take his meds. The tablets are much smaller. Although the are more pricey than capsules, it is worth the price by on 05/23/2022
Great price and speedy delivery. by on 03/19/2022
Great generic product by on 08/29/2021
thanks, the fluxotine works great. by on 08/07/2020
Fluoxetine Order
Great price and arrived quickly! by on 04/20/2020
Great place to get pet Rx filled
It was so convenient and easy, and not having to deal with lines and pricing at the pharmacy made it all worthwhile to order my pet's medication through PetCareRx by on 06/29/2019
Fluoxetine Capsules
When my Vet suggested "Prozac" for my dog she said it would really help with his anxiety but at a high price. After calling around at various pharmacies I happened upon the little know fact that it comes in both pills and capsules. The pills whether generic or brand are vey expensive. Particularly because my Max will probably be taking them the rest of his life. Capsules on the other hand are very very affordable. I asked my Vet what the difference was and he wasn't aware of the two forms. Plus the local pharmacies weren't aware of the capsules. My vet was able to rewrite the script showing capsules instead of pills and we've been using them ever since. Max came to us after living in one home for 5 years and was really "a mess" with so much change. He was miserable and no amount of reprograming would help without the meds. He is a much happier boy and the trainer the vet and his new family (us) feel that we are happy that we had this alternative for him. by on 02/02/2019
great product
My dog is so much calmer and trusting on new people. He isn't on edge anymore but is still just as playful and happy. NO personality change at all. he is just less anxious. by on 08/20/2018
this drug is a God send
using capsules instead of tablets makes this very affordable by on 06/30/2018
This med helps!
Maisie is a shelter pup who has been anxious since we got her. Our vet prescribed fluoxetine (prozac) and it has really helped to take the edge off. She is still anxious, but no longer snapping when in distress. by on 06/05/2018
Fluoxetine restored our happy home.
Finley was a lost dog at the school where I worked. After much effort in trying to find the owner, he is now our dog. He has lived with us for over 2 years. The first year was challenging. He is a sweet, happy little guy, but he was constantly marking and peeing in the house. Initially we found that he had a urinary track infection which we did treat. But he continued to mark. After about a year of this, the vet suggested that he was stressed because he was sharing his "territory" with our older dog. We started giving him fluoxetine, and the marking stopped! He is now a wonderful pet and companion. This medication saved our happy home! by on 12/16/2017
Way cheaper than my vet!
Product is as effective as I got from my vet and less money! by on 07/07/2016
Chill pill
We adopted a 9 year old Brittany that was used to being the only dog and had pretty much been cooped up. We knew from the adoption history that he had issues with Separation Anxiety. We've had him over a year and he's somewhat adjusted to have those "other dogs" around, which did help him not feel so alone. But his behavior was getting a bit more anxious. We discussed this with our Vet and were told Prozac can work for dogs. Well, Fluoxetine is a "generic" for prozac. It'll take a couple more weeks to see full affect, but so far he doesn't seem more mellow and for the price, couldn't ask for better. I'd definitely recommend this for dogs suffering from separation anxiety!! by on 03/18/2016
Effective drug for anxiety
This is the best drug I've found for anxiety. I've tried others, and they just don't work as well. by on 09/07/2015
For a chronically anxious dog, it helps.
For a chronically anxious dog, it helps. If your pet is otherwise perfectly healthy and still anxious, this is a time tested option. In our case, it helps. by on 11/17/2014
I have a hyper miniature poodle with misplaced aggression. This medication helps him somewhat but not fully. He is definitely less hyper. He gets over sedated if I give him 8 mg. so I give him 5 mg. 8 mg. is what the vet prescribed. by on 09/08/2013
Kitty Pills (Fluoxetine)
Buff, a 14+ pound Blue linxs point Siamese is getting up in age. He's 15 but looks 7 or 8 years old.He started peeing indoors to mark his territory, from an invading pair of wild cats that would daily walk buy our many picture windows. Buff is the alpha male of three cats. He thought he was doing well by marking, But wow we might not find his pee for a couple days and it would sink and ruin things. I love Buff but was seriously so sick of fiding rancid smeely pee, Iwas telling him "stop or you're going to be put down".My sister told us about Fluoxetine. We got 10 mg. caps. Buff's dose of 2.5 mg is given by mixing the powder in some wet food. The 10 mg. cap is taken apart and I divide the 10 mg. pile of powder into four piles with a single edge razor blade on a small peice of glass. Works well. But I look like a cocane user. Well after 2-3 weeks he has never peed outside the litter box. He is also more loving and mild. He sleeps his usual 20 hours like before. This drug has been a miracal for us.My sister has a beautiful Bengal "James Bond", who would pee indoors because my sister can't help feeding a stray cat. Her vet said Prozac might work. James Bond has been good kitty for three years from Fluoxeline. But lately she had to up his dose.Try this stuff. by on 02/13/2010
Doggie prozac
I like being able to order my pet's RX here. It is about 1/3 the price I was paying at the vet's office. Our dog has/had separation anxiety and OCD, she would chew her ears and when going out to potty, would have to circle forever before she would go, the prozac really helps with it, I have tried to take her off several times and the symptoms always reappear so she is on it for good. We wrap a bit of cream cheese around the capsule and she looks forward to this every morning. by on 08/16/2008
Exceptional Customer Service
My Bernese Mountain Dog was diagnosed with the canine version of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) several years ago. The primary symptom was that he seemed to be "snapping"at imaginary flies overhead (at least that's how the vet described it and I couldn't come up with a better description.) Anyway, this is a chronic condition for which he has to take several of these fluoxetine capsules each day. When he doesn't get them he gets more aggressive, forcefully nudging you when he wants something and charging the cat. Recently, for some unknown reason, a refill of the medication failed to arrive at my home despite assertions to the contrary by the US Postal Service. When I called PetCareRx to inform them, my customer service rep., Janice, couldn't have been nicer or more responsive. With little fanfare, she and her supervisor reshipped the order, upgrading the shipping option to UPS, at no additional cost to me. What more can you ask of a company? Thank you! by on 05/22/2008
Transdermal gel
I would be interested in a transdermal and it's price from you folks. My cats benefit greatly from this product but the pill form is much too difficult to administer to my tempermental kitties. The transdermal gel works great in their ear, however the price has doubled in as many months at my vet and I am looking for a cheaper venue. Thanks. by on 05/06/2008
Separation Anxiety - It Works
Fluoxetine (brand name Prozac) in conjunction with behaviour modification techniques works very well for my German Shepherd's separation anxiety. No negative side effects for my dog - after a few weeks on the medication, she became calmer and less anxious. While it hasn't functioned as a miracle cure (she is still not thrilled about being left alone) it has helped to significantly reduce her level of upset, to the point where she no longer feels compelled to destroy furniture and other household objects. Other than helping to alleviate her separation issues, the drug doesn't affect her personality in the least - she's still the same lovable, wonderful dog.Prior to finding PetCareRx, I was paying $90 per month for this drug. If your dog has separation issues, talk to your vet. And if he/she prescribes Fluoxetine, order it here - much cheaper than purchasing via a brick and mortar pharmacy! by on 04/20/2008
Dog Prozac
We have had one of our rescues on Fluxetine for a couple of months now and he has changed so much for the better. I was a bit hesitant to try it but romeo is doing so much better and he seems so much happier too. I thank you!!*This is a prescription item by on 12/10/2005
Just what our dog needed.
Our dog was exhibiting fear aggression at an early age and his behavior was unpredictable. For the most part, he was a great family pet, but we never knew when he may feel threatened and try to bite. Our vet finally recommended that we try prozac with our dog. On prozac, he maintains the wonderful part of his personality, but has lost the aggression. At first we were paying $36/month to have a special liquid formulation made locally that our dog hated taking. We tried the 10mg tabs from PetCareRx and just split them in half. We hide the pill in peanutbutter and our dog swallows it easily without chewing. Now we're happy, the dog's happy, we save money and our dog enjoys taking his medicine because it's hidden in one of his favorite treats.*This is a prescription item by on 11/02/2005