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Enalapril is an effective heart medication for dogs that aids in the treatment and prevention of cardiac diseases. It has nutrients that help the body to heal, and decrease the rate of heart failure.

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I ordered this medication on 8/11 PetCareRx shipped it on 8/14 & I received it on 8/16. Great service! by on 08/23/2023
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Itโ€™s important to get my petโ€™s medicine on time without running out & Paetcarerx is convenient, fast & reliable. by on 04/29/2023

A couple of months ago we discovered that our dog has a heart condition and requires daily medication. The same medication from the vet office used to cost me triple for only 2 week supply. Thank God for petcarerx. They have different dosage pills so I don't have to be breaking them to accommodate my dog's needs. And the price is very affordable. by on 03/18/2023

Pleased with order. Great communication. Recommend. by on 01/16/2023
Great price

Huge savings for same med at the vet by on 01/01/2023
Very good prices compared to Vet office

I saved almost $100 on 3 meds for my dogs heart failure. Initially got meds from the Vets office. Almost $300 for all 3 meds (for 4 months) After spending that amount and realizing I would need refills eventually, I did some research. Coukd not believe the price difference from the Vets office AND OTHER pet med sites! I tell other pet owners to check prices online and go with PetcareRx!!! PROMPT delivery and good customer service when Iโ€™ve called!! Thank you! --Retired RN/Dog Mom by on 12/15/2022

Great product great service could not ask for anything more! by on 10/15/2022

My dog has been taking Enalapril for two years. I credit it for her still being alive. The price at PetCareRX is so much less than at the pet doctorโ€™s office. Top quality meds. by on 09/13/2022
Fast and efficient

I have been ordering from PetCareRX for 2 years now, and I can say they make it easy to get your fur babies meds. by on 06/19/2022
Great Deal!

Great deal, fast and efficient way to get our pet medicine! by on 06/17/2022
Great product

Great product by on 04/10/2022
Great product fast shipping etc

Great product fast shipping by on 01/26/2022

The benefits of being able to take care of my animals especially in this supply chain and economic climate is priceless. The quality and cost effectiveness is key in enabling me to continue to be a responsible pet owner. My pets are as important to me as the rest of my family. I appreciate PetCareRx offer cost efficient options to provide my animals with care they need. Thank you so much. by on 12/13/2021
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Really happy with the speed and efficiency getting me this prescription. It was 30% of what the vet charged me. by on 09/12/2021
Excellent customer service A++

Excellent customer service. I did not request the correct amount of medication for my dog so I called the customer service line because I only had 4 pills left and it was a Friday. The rep was so helpful with filling my order quickly as she put me on hold to contact my vet for approval. Less than a 5 minute wait. The rep was so efficient and notified me everyday via email until I received my shipment which was received within 4 days. A++ by on 07/05/2021

Works well for my 11 year old Schneider. She was given 3 to 6 months.January of 2020, and she is still going strong with this and two other meds. by on 01/23/2021

I am so grateful this product is available for our 11 year old lab who suffers from congestive heart failure. Your prices make it affordable. Thank you! by on 01/16/2021
Easy ordering , Friendly Staff and quick delivery

My Teddy has CHF and I could no longer locally find the drugs prescribed by my Vet. I found Pet Care Rx and have been so happy that I no longer have to search for her meds. The process are great and the delivery is spot on. The order arrives when they say it will. I recommend Pet Care Rx to all my friends!!! Pet Care Rx Thank you for keeping Teddy meds filled and she is doing great! by on 01/14/2021
Ordering is easy

PetcareRX makes ordering your meds easy! This med is necessary for a dog with heart problems. by on 11/03/2020

So far the meds are working to keep our dog alive. by on 03/18/2020
love PetCareRX

been on this med for a 1 1/2 yrs. heart still ticking correctly by on 03/07/2020
Exactly what the doctor ordered.

I have bought the Enalapril from PetCareRX twice now. Both times it came in the mail in a timely manner. It is the exact same medicine that I got from my vet. Our dog takes it in a pill pocket with no problems. She has congestive heart failure but this medicine is helping her. I am hoping and praying this will prolong her life a while longer because we love her very much. Thank you PetCareRX for providing us with our dogs medicines at a cheaper rate. by on 01/30/2020

I saved about 30% from what vet was charging me on this maintenance medication. I'm thrilled. by on 01/15/2020

Works well for seasonal allergies. Without it my dog scratches and chews hotspots. Received it within a week with no shipping fee. by on 11/30/2019

great product and great price. I get all my dogs meds here. by on 10/30/2019
good pet pharmacy

i got the petplus membership and it really pays for itself. happy with the service i receive. by on 10/27/2019
Great products

Loved saving money on the meds our dog needed. So happy with these products and this company by on 08/07/2019

I have found this medication beneficial for my pet by on 07/29/2019
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I called in this order of Enalapril. The whole process was a breeze. In less than 5 minutes I was off the phone and on to the rest of my day. I received the order in record time (2 days). Iโ€™m back ordering again! by on 05/28/2019
Great service

Thanks for the fast service by on 05/03/2019

Meds look ok by on 04/22/2019
Great product, pricing; fast shipping

I have nothing but praise for PetCareRx and highly recommend this service to my friends. The medications are always priced the best and shipping is always fast. The medications are packaged and labeled appropriately and always the best quality. by on 04/11/2019
Top Notch!

My dog has congestive heart failure and needs meds 2x per day. Sometimes the fact that I need to re-order a Rx sneaks up on me. PetCare Rx comes through with excellence in timeliness, cost and service. I would recommend them to anyone. The Enalapril is consistently effective for his condition. I would also recommend Enalapril. by on 09/05/2018
pricing and availability

Great help to my dog, but as it is also used by humans, it is available at local pharmacies who do not accept PetCarerx membership. As a result, they charge out-of-pocket, which is five times the PetCarerx membership fee. I will continue to use PetCarerx. by on 07/11/2018
They're keeping Me Alive

I'm a 13 year old King Charles with serious congestive heart issues.My vet got me on these pills ( and some others) over a year ago saying it would help for a "few months" but not much else can be done. Well,it's been 14 months and I now go by the name Charlie the Wonder Dog at the Vet's office. by on 05/10/2018
quick service!

This medication is a lot cheaper than it is from my veterinarian, and the shipment arrived quickly without any problems. by on 01/29/2018
Product Enalapril is a LIfe Saver for my Dog

The vet prescribed this for my 9 year old maltese, Prince. He was having problems after his twin sister died in Oct 2017 from Cushing Disease. Both dogs were diabetic and had to take insulin. Prince really misses his sister and has anxiety or panic attacks when we leave the house. He would be at the door and his mouth would be wet and his paws. He would be breathing heavy too. The vet recommended this med and he has been taken it along with Vetmedin and Salix. Probably because he is older and his heart is weakening. This med is great and no side effects. Prince doesn't like to take any pills. I tried different foods and sometimes he waits and holds the pill in his mouth and goes into another room and spites it out. He is something else. I am greatful that there is meds for our pets to help them so we can enjoy them longer. by on 01/14/2018

This product is great, my dogs heart and liver levels were back to normal after taking this medicine by on 12/11/2017
This rx has great results

Our vet prescribed this medication for our beagle a couple of years ago and we found that we could purchase it through PetCareRX for a fraction of the price. by on 06/22/2016
This product works!

We have been giving our dog Enalapril for several years. We recently found out that we can purchase it through PetCare RX for a fraction of what we were paying the vet. This has helped us immensely by on 03/28/2016

Great price for large quantity. Use is for her grade 4 heart murmur and beginning stages kidney disease by on 02/02/2016
Great product

This heart medicine along with Lasix works great for my chihuahua with CHF. He is doing well and 12 years old. by on 01/01/2016
Product is as stated

At the latest vet visit, Max's health is in good standing. So, apparently medication is working just fine. by on 02/18/2015
Rx seems effective

We are using this as our chocolate lab (10.5 yrs) was found to have only one kidney. It was found after blood & urine tests were elevated. It is being used to 'maintain' the levels per specialists affiiliated with UC Davis. So far it seems to be working as desired. by on 12/09/2014
This product is a awesome!

Needed medicine for my dog, who has congestive heart failure.Amazing how much more money my vet charges me for the same exact medicine. by on 11/24/2014
This was prescribed by my vet.

I was very happy with the price compared to the vets, since my dog will be on this medication for life. by on 11/06/2014
Product working well for my dog.

My dogs BP has stabilizes since going on this medicine. The value from PetCareRx is incredible! by on 07/17/2014
This helped my dog's kidney problems

this medicine was prescribed by my vet for my sheltie's kidney disease. I didn't realize that it was for heart problems as well. It certainly helped my dog to get to a good level. by on 07/01/2014
It works.

My very senior dog has responded well to this drug in combination with vetmedin. Lab results received this Wednesday indicate no problems. by on 06/28/2013

I purchased this product for my lovable beagle cooter he has an enlarged heart.We got the product in 5 days and saved alot of money concidering what we paid for at the vet. We loved this service so far. by on 07/20/2012
Ensure u max pills !

Our puppy was placed on this drug - due to a murmer rated a 5 out of 6. We got the puppy and shortly after - found out that she had thus genectic issue and after a ultrasound it was determined she had a PDA - which MAY be fixed with surgery. At the grace of god - our vet has performed this type of surgery and is willing to give it his best shot - so that she can live a full life. Without it - her outlook is not good - and we are blessed that the clinic is willing to charge just cost and not professional fees ( which makes it within reach for us ) so therefore we are going to have him try/ it's the best hope for the dog. ANYWAYS - she is perscribed 10 mg twice daily ( the dog weighs 60 lbs)one VERY VERY important thing when buying ANY RX for human or CANINE is to check what dosages the pills come in - vs the cost! Take for instance - a bottle of 100 - 10mg pills is the SAME as a BOTTLE of 100 - 20 mg pills !! GO FIGURE ! So therefore it is STUPID NOT to break the pills in half and get DOUBLE the QTY !!! I just thought I should put this out there - since as a speak to many folks - they hardly ever look into this! Lastly - for exspensive drugs - u should even consider checking with ur GP on obtaining a rx to fill for urself - and use ur medical insurance or even order from Canada !! perfectly legal -! U can obtain a 90 day supply of anything for personal use - and based on how the USA gets shafted in the pharma world - u can obtain these drugs for a fraction of the cost. It's sad - that we americians don't set price limited on big pharma like the rest of the world does ! Many day that R&D will suffer - however it will not. What would happen is that the WORLD would pay the same cost across the board- and we americians would STOP substadizing the rest of the country that refuse to get shafted ! by on 05/18/2011
Thank you PetCareRx for reliable, good quality drugs at prices

we can afford. Our pug Jack is 13 years old and has congestive heart failure. Our vet put him on Enalapril 3 years ago and it has added so much to his quality of life. He also needed Furosimide as well as Thyroid meds. The costs of these drugs at the vet was staggering. But by ordering them from PetCareRx we were able to save hundreds of dollars. We buy theFrontline and Heartguard products here as well. Very efficient, reliable,compassionate source for our pets. Jack is the last of our 5 pugs, one great dane, and numerous rescues over the years. With Rx's on file from your vet,ordering from these people is a Godsend. by on 07/27/2008
A True Lifesaver

Our dog was diagnosed as having a stage 6 heart murmur with a ruptured valve chord. We were devastated. Since we started her on Enalipril she is a new dog. She has her old pep back and plays with her son and daughter as if she were a puppy again. She is almost 14 years old but you would never know it since we started her on this med. Since she will always have to be on this med we decided to see if we could find a better price on line. Not only does PetCareRx have a better price but it is much more convenient as well. The quick service is also greatly appreciated. Try them, you will like them. Taffy, a Chinese Crested Powderpuff owner, handler & breeder by on 06/06/2008
Excellent Quality

Excellent quality, fresh, easy to split in half or crush. Very pleased. by on 02/01/2007

My 13 year-old Maltese was diagnosed with a leaky heart valve. The medication was going to cost $60 a month which I couldn't afford. Because of PetCareRx I can now get the meds for around $12 a month and I don't have to put my baby down. Thank you!*This is a prescription item by on 07/15/2005
13 year old 20lb Minature Poodle Congestive heart failure

WOW WOW WOW, My dog was coughing alot; Vet put her on this and40mg of Lasix.Works geat she is running and jumping again.*This is a prescription item by on 05/24/2005
Hooray for PetCareRx!

My 12 yr old 5 lb toy poodle was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse 3 years ago, and has been taking enalapril ever since. She's very energetic; she runs and hops around the house like a jack rabbit!I appreciate getting all of her medications by mail from PetCareRx. It's a 2 hour round trip to the cardiologist, and there is also a minimum charge for each medication, so you often have to order or pay for more than what you need. PetCareRx lets you order exactly what you need.*This is a prescription item by on 05/07/2005
Great product at an excellent price

My dog developed congestive heart failure almost 2 years ago. For the first year I went to our local drug store and it cost me around $30 a month. Now for $40 at PetCareRx I can get 3 months worth. Ever since taking EnaLAPRIL my dog's congestive heart failure has been under control. I have not noticed any side effects on my dog. Well worth the price.*This is a prescription item by on 04/12/2005
Enacard Generic

Since our dog has been taking these pills, he has a lot more pep, energy and is back to his old self. He doesn't like to take the pill though. *This is a prescription medication by on 02/03/2005