Crananidin Urinary Tract Support
Crananidin Urinary Tract Support
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Crananidin Urinary Tract Support

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Crananidin Urinary Tract Support is a scientifically formulated cranberry extract product. It's given to help support urinary tract health in dogs. Crananidin's cranberry extract contains compounds called "proanthocyanidins" or "PACs". These PACs work to help stop certain bacteria from "sticking" or attaching to the inner lining of the bladder wall allowing the bacteria to be flushed out in the urine. Crananidin has been researched, and its PACs have been shown to limit the attachment of the bacteria. The same cannot be said for other cranberry supplements marketed for urinary tract health in dogs. These other supplements were found to contain some PACs, however, their PACs were not able to stop the bacteria from sticking.

How Often to Use Dr. Gold's Ear Therapy?

Dogs by nature are adventurous and are always inquisitive about anything new. High energy or highly active dogs tend to explore more. Such expeditions often expose the pets to various ingredients in nature that have the ability to cause an infection, be it on their skin or ears. Ears are more susceptible as the skin is relatively more sensitive compared to the outer body skin beneath the petโ€™s fur. Dr. Gold's Ear Therapy by Synergy Labs with anti-inflammatory properties is counted among the best ear infection medicines available on the pharmaceutical market that is greatly preferred by pet experts and veterinarians. It is a drug that works on your petโ€™s ear infection in a short period. Dr. Gold's Ear Therapy has an alcohol-free formula that is generally administered twice a day to your pet. If you observe no improvement in your petโ€™s conditions or any abnormal issues or ailments in your pet after the application of the drug, you can immediately consult your petโ€™s veterinarian for further diagnosis. You can also administer a weekly dosage of Dr. Gold's Ear Therapy to enable your pet to have healthy and odor-free ears.

What Causes Dogs to Get Ear Infections?

Ear infections are counted as one of the most repetitive ailments that can be commonly found among your pets. These yeast and bacterial infections that are generally found in the petโ€™s ear can be caused due to vast magnitudes of factors. These factors or harmful agents can either be internal or external. The primary cause of ear ailments in your pet is mostly due to fungal and yeast infections. Foreign bodies such as ear mites, yeasts, and fungus can lead to infections in your petโ€™s ear. These infections can be found in all ages among your pets, they can be young, adolescent, adult, or old. Sometimes ailments such as hormonal disbalances, tumors, internal bleeding, and physical traumas can also cause suffering to your pet

How Do I Help My Dogs Itchy Ears?

If you are a pet parent, you will observe various diseases and ailments that are tormenting your pet over the period of his or her growth. These diseases can either be small or large, severe or mild completely depending on the situation. If you consult your petโ€™s veterinarian on time and administer the proper medicine prescribed by your petโ€™s veterinarian, most of these diseases can be cured in a certain period of time. There are also some inner or outer factors that can increase or decrease your petโ€™s recovery time. Some of these factors or conditions that can influence your pets recovery time are the type of food they are intaking while they are suffering from these diseases, the environment they are living in, timely administration of medicine, amount and type of physical activities done by the pet, and metabolism or inner working of the nervous system of your pet. Ear infections and itch in your petโ€™s ear are some of such diseases that can cause some form of suffering to your pet. If you notice your pet is having an itchy eat it is suggested you start with an ear cleaner. This ear cleaner must be recommended by your petโ€™s veterinarian to be safe. You must squeeze the exact amount of ear cleaner that is already recommended or prescribed by your petโ€™s veterinarian and gradually clear your petโ€™s ear canal.

Can I Treat My Dogโ€™s Ear Infection Myself?

If you notice any form of ear infection in your pet, it is highly recommended that you contact your petโ€™s veterinarian immediately. It is also suggested to avoid any application of medicine without proper consultation from a reputable veterinary expert. Home remedies from the internet and self-suggestion should be avoided at all times. This may cause numerous adverse effects to your pet rather than genuinely helping them.

What Happens if a Dog's Ear Infection Is Left Untreated?

The proper treatment of any and all ailments found in your petโ€™s body is highly recommended. If by any chance you have neglected or missed the clinical symptoms you must immediately contact your petโ€™s veterinarian for expert advice. Such an ailment where your pet is suffering from ear infections, you can observe mild symptoms like scratching at the affected ear, head shaking, bad odor, rubbing the affected ear, and discharge. There are other symptoms which are internal to the ears and can include swelling of the ear canal, redness inside the ear, pain, crusts inside the ear, itchiness, and scabs along the ear margin. Under these circumstances, you should consult your petโ€™s veterinarian for the administration of proper medication for your pet.

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