Carprofen is the generic of Rimadyl, Novox , Carpaquin, Quellin, and Vetprofen. Carprofen contains a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain and inflammation caused by arthritis in dogs. They are fast acting and allow your pet to regain day-to-day mobility. Carprofen is sold by per caplet/tablet/pill.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.

Great price

Normally expensive brand name pain medication for my 3 legged black lab, cant describe the relief it brings me to get him his medication with worrying ifnincan afford it by on 08/16/2021
1st timer

I received my dogs pills in a few days! And for half the vets price! Definitely will be shopping here again by on 07/03/2021

Works as well as the more expensive options by on 05/12/2021
Works great

Once we got the dosage dialed in this was a dream for Buster, no more sore shoulders and his morning walks are much happier now by on 01/31/2021
Pet Rx

Much less expensive than either my vet or the big box store pharmacy! Easy auto shipping when it is time for a refill! Highly recommend! by on 09/10/2020
Great for the price.

I was paying way too much for name brand, and Allivet is a PAIN to work with. PetCareRx got everything figured out and sent my dog's rx right away. He doesn't like eating it... but when I add it to his food he eats it just fine. by on 05/22/2020
Made a difference

With my Malamute entering into his golden years, 11 years of companionship, this medication has at least made his living with his weakening mobility issues manageable @nd for the most part pain free; 2hich is all we could expect at this point in his life. by on 05/13/2020