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Carprofen is the generic of Rimadyl, Novox , Carpaquin, Quellin, and Vetprofen. Carprofen contains a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain and inflammation caused by arthritis in dogs. They are fast acting and allow your pet to regain day-to-day mobility. Carprofen is sold by per caplet/tablet/pill.

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The cost of these pills and the huge difference they have made for my arthritic dog is amazing!!! by on 09/03/2023

Fast delivery and free by on 08/26/2023
Carpofen and a fun company to do business with

The product, shipping time and customer service are always the best by on 08/19/2023

Esta pastilla le ayuda mucho a mi perrita con sus dolores (This pill helps my dog a lot with her pains) by on 07/14/2023
Keeps our old dog moving.

Our 13 year old Aussie Mix, who had knee surgery several years ago, depends on this to keep him mobile. It works just as well as the name brand. He loves the flavor and takes it like a treat. by on 07/03/2023
My dog loves them.

My picky dog is readily willing to eat them when she's rejected pills from other places. by on 06/30/2023
Generic Carprofen

Love the large breakable tabs. Makes dosing easy! by on 03/25/2023

This is a very good product to reduce inflammation in the limbs of a pet dealing with cancer by on 07/16/2022
Exceeded Expectations

Previously we were getting Novax Carprofen. At PCRX we got generic Carprofen. My 11 year old 85 lb Labradoodle is more active and playful on the generic Carprofen. He's actually chasing our 2 year old pup. by on 05/31/2022

Product works good by on 04/28/2022
Great price...but if you have to split the pill...try something else

My vet prescribed this for my dog. 1/2 pill per day. The pills I got from the vet were great! Easy to split as they were large pills. In trying to split these pills, there's no clean cut, not easy to split in half and many disintegrate when I cut them. So, my dog is not getting even doses at all. Hoping for an alternative. by on 03/04/2022

Excellent customer service and prices! by on 01/24/2022
Quick and exactly what was ordered

My dog is set up on Auto ship, and without fail, medication arrives on time. by on 01/07/2022
Bigger pills are a pain

Product seems to work fine. Really donโ€™t like the larger pill size. Liked the smaller size pills because they are easier to feed the dog. Hope they go back to the smaller size pill on my next order. by on 12/29/2021
Highly recommend

Helped alot by on 11/22/2021
My dog got sick from this Carprofen generic version

Our dog got diarrhea from this generic form of Carprofen 100mg. He usually takes 2x 50mg per day of the version the Vet prescribed. Weโ€™re not sure if the chewable ingredient added to the dose is causing this symptom but we are going back to the Vetโ€™s manufacturer and not using this generic version. This was the only thing added to Cappyโ€™s regiment after his TPLO surgery. by on 10/31/2021
Dog loved it

My dog will eat them like a treat. No need for pill hiders by on 10/23/2021

4 like Carprofen it has really helped by on 10/23/2021
Great price

Normally expensive brand name pain medication for my 3 legged black lab, cant describe the relief it brings me to get him his medication with worrying ifnincan afford it by on 08/16/2021
1st timer

I received my dogs pills in a few days! And for half the vets price! Definitely will be shopping here again by on 07/03/2021

Works as well as the more expensive options by on 05/12/2021
Works great

Once we got the dosage dialed in this was a dream for Buster, no more sore shoulders and his morning walks are much happier now by on 01/31/2021
Pet Rx

Much less expensive than either my vet or the big box store pharmacy! Easy auto shipping when it is time for a refill! Highly recommend! by on 09/10/2020
Great for the price.

I was paying way too much for name brand, and Allivet is a PAIN to work with. PetCareRx got everything figured out and sent my dog's rx right away. He doesn't like eating it... but when I add it to his food he eats it just fine. by on 05/22/2020
Made a difference

With my Malamute entering into his golden years, 11 years of companionship, this medication has at least made his living with his weakening mobility issues manageable @nd for the most part pain free; 2hich is all we could expect at this point in his life. by on 05/13/2020