Capstar Flea Killer for Dogs

A fast acting flea pill for dogs, Capstar Flea Killer gets to work in a half hour and eliminates entire infestations within six hours. Lasting a full 24 hours, Capstar Flea Killer is safe for daily use.


Fleas happen. When they do, it is best to be prepared. Capstar Flea Killer is a flea pill for cats and dogs that is specifically designed to act quickly and hit hard, knocking out an entire flea infestation within 6 hours. Getting to work within a half hour, Capstar Flea Killer is a great way to take care of an infestation quickly and effectively. Sold over the counter and safe to use on dogs four weeks and older, Capstar Flea Killer is a must have for any pet med kit.

Care Instructions

Store at room temperature.

How It Works

Capstar Flea Killer is distributed through the blood of the dog, attacking the flea's nervous system, causing them to seize up and die at a rapid rate.




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Recommended Use

Dogs who suffer from flea infestation

Side Effects

Capstar Flea Killer is associated most commonly with itching soon after taken. However, the itching is caused by the fleas as they die, not Capstar, and is temporary. In rare cases, cats react with hyperactivity, panting, vocalization, and excessive grooming.

Capstar Flea Killer has no known adverse drug interactions and may be used with other products including antibiotics, corticosteroids, de-worming medications, heartworm preventives, shampoos, vaccines, and other flea products.

Product Reviews

4.5 / 5 RATING BREAKDOWN 89 total reviews
5 Star(s) 81%
4 Star(s) 7%
3 Star(s) 6%
2 Star(s) 4%
1 Star(s) 2%
Ease of Use 4.5 Star(s)
Effectiveness 4 Star(s)
Value 3.5 Star(s)