Meet the Standard Schnauzer, the Affectionate and Smart Breed What Makes This Beautiful Breed Special

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Medium Breed Cataract von Willebrand's disease (vWD) Standard Schnauzer

IS THE Standard Schnauzer RIGHT FOR YOU?

  • 1 The Standard Schnauzer breed is most famous for their intelligent and loyal personality.
  • 2 The Standard Schnauzer has the ability to read their master easily and is easy to train.
  • 3 They are good with children and make loyal family dogs with guardian instincts.
  • 4 Like many working dogs, Standard Schnauzers require ample exercise.


The eldest of the three Schnauzer breeds, the Standard Schnauzer was bred by crossing the German Poodle, Wolf Spitz, and Wirehaired Pinscher. A legendary vermin hunter, this breed's claim to fame came when they were used during the first World War to carry messages between troops. They were recognized by the AKC in 1904.

Quick Facts

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    12 - 13 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    18 - 20 inches (46 - 51 cm)

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    Male Weight

    35 - 50 pounds

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    Female Height

    17 - 19 inches (43 - 48 cm)

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    Female Weight

    30 - 45 pounds

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    Litter Size

    3 - 6 puppies


A smart, loving, athletic breed, the Standard Schnauzer is a real people dog, craving the attention of anyone around them. While they are smart and can be quick learners, they are strong willed and require a definitively stern hand when being trained. A natural guard dog, they are a protective breed -- a great trait when you want it, but also one that should be watched carefully, lest it grow unchecked. This is a breed that is best with older children, as they also do not take aggressive pettings or hair pullings lying down. However, they will tolerate the presence of other pets..


The Standard Schnauzer can be either black or have a salt and pepper type coloration.

Health Concerns

Normal life expectancy of the Standard Schnauzer is 15 years. The breed is prone to:


A sturdy, muscular breed, the Standard Schnauzer has a fairly squarely built frame, with a boxy head. Their muzzle, which comes to a sheer, flat end, is covered in long, wiry hair, giving the impression of a large mustache or beard. Their ears are set high atop their head and can either be v-shaped and hang down, or are cropped into tiny triangles that stand erect. Their tail is medium/short in length and stands straight like an antennae, but is traditionally docked to half or a third its length. Their coat is a medium length, wiry, and dense, with a soft undercoat.

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