A Guide to Chiweenies, an Intercontinental Dog Learn Which of This Dog's Parents It Usually Takes After

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Small Breed Cherry Eye Chihuahua Dachshund

Is This Breed Right for You?

  • 1 Chiweenies do not require much exercise so they may be perfect for city living.
  • 2 They are low maintenance in terms of grooming, and only require a weekly brushing.
  • 3 While Chiweenies are loyal and friendly, they can get jealous easily and most do not care for other animals.


Chiweenies, also known as the "Mexican Hotdog" and the "German Taco," are a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. The energetic hybrids became increasingly popular in the 90's because of their small size, relatively low need for maintenance, and loyal personality. Aside from appearance, they do not share many qualities with their hunting hound Dachshund ancestors but do retain the loyal and energetic traits of the Chihuahua.

Quick Facts

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    15+ Years

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    Hair Length

    Short-Medium length

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    Male Height

    6-8 inches

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    Male Weight

    5-10 pounds

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    Female Height

    6-8 inches

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    Female Weight

    5-10 pounds

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    Litter Size

    2-6 pups


Chiweenies are very friendly, energetic dogs. They are incredibly loyal to their owners and can become jealous when other pets steal the spotlight. Chiweenies require a lot of attention and affection during their younger years but are incredibly content sitting on their ownerโ€™s lap as they grow out of the puppy stage. They are intelligent dogs but do require training. Some Chiweenies may bark excessively in the presence of a stranger while others are more mild-mannered. Overall they are social, affectionate and loyal companions who just want those same qualities in their owners..


Chiweenies come in a variety of colors โ€“ most commonly black, tan, blond, or brown.

Health Concerns

Chiweenies are prone to the following health issue(s):


Chiweenies have the long build and body of a Dachshund and may have either floppy ears like a Dachshund or perky ears like a Chihuahua. A fully grown Chiweenie can weigh between 5-10 lbs and stands about 8 inches tall. Chiweenies have a short to medium length glossy coat.

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