Worried About Your Dogโ€™s Bone Health? Feed Him These 5 Power Foods!


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Foods should not only provide energy to the body, but must also support the muscular and skeletal structure. A proper diet consists of essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals that help in the overall functioning of the body and adds strength to the bones and muscles.It is very important that dogs eat food that provides all-round nutrition to the body. The nutrients must protect the dog from diseases and help in overall growth. Below is a list of five power foods that you should feed your dog today!

  1. Eggshell PowderAfter youโ€™re done making your omelet, donโ€™t throw away the egg shells. One of the primary constituents of bones is calcium and eggshells are loaded with calcium. Dry the eggshells in an oven. Finely crush the eggshells in a grinder or blender. Add about half a spoon of the finely grounded powder in your dogโ€™s food each day. You can store the powder in a plastic container for about 60 days.
  2. MeatMeat and fish are rich in phosphorous and should be an important part of every dogโ€™s diet. Phosphorous supports bone growth and reduces joint pain. It also supports the nervous system and improves stamina in the body.
  3. VeggiesYes, thatโ€™s right! Veggies like spinach and green beans have a healthy dose of magnesium in them which is important for healthy bones. Magnesium helps the body convert the calcium into usable form. It also supports the heart and the nervous system.
  4. Nuts and seedsNuts and seeds are also a good source of calcium and support the bone health. However, make sure that the level of nuts in the food is limited because the interaction between phosphorous and calcium should be controlled. An imbalance cause calcium deficiency.
  5. SunshineWell, itโ€™s definitely not part of the diet but sunshine helps the skin produce vitamin D which in turn helps in the absorption of calcium and bone growth.

You dogโ€™s health depends a lot on the bone growth and bone growth depends on the right number of nutrients in the food. A good diet contains the essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Foods like meat, fish, veggies, nut and eggshells are a good source of the three nutrients but should be given as a balanced diet. Take you dog outside because sunshine helps in the absorption of the nutrients and ensures that your dog stays healthy.

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