Woman Breaks Up Dog Fight With Just One Finger

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This week, an Australian woman saved her dog from a

vicious attack with nothing but her index finger. How?Well, how you use the finger can make all the difference…That’s right! In a last-ditch effort to break up the dog fight between an aggressive Staffordshire Terrier

and her

Jack Russell

, a quick-thinking Ann Bendouli attempted to startle and distract the big dog by sticking her finger -- you guessed it --

right in the dog’s bum

.“She had her upside down and she was shaking. So, I lifted its tail and I put my finger up [there],” said Bendouli to local reporters at

Seven News

.And just like that, the once combative canine immediately changed her tune -- literally. She let out a strange yelp, let go of the small dog, and presumably went on to contemplate exactly how violated she felt by this unorthodox means of

behavior modification.
A simple bop on the nose would have sufficed...

While Ann's precious pooch still ended up needing over ten stitches as a result of the dog fight, if it wasn't for her fast-acting and fearless fingers, there is a good chance that the attacking dog would have shaken her little pup

to death

.“She is my soul mate and I love her so much. I was so glad that she was actually saved because I would be lost.”As for who is to blame, that is still up in the air. Barbora Williams, the owner of the probed pooch, says that the Jack Russell was nipping at her dog’s feet and instigating the dog fight.But regardless of who is at fault, the hero of the day is Ann Bendouli and her daring digit. With a little ingenuity, and about as much physical exertion as it takes to call an elevator, Ann discovered a unique way to shock and subdue an

aggressive dog.Editors note: The results of this strategy have not been replicated, and we do not intend to be the ones to test the model.Attempt at your own risk (and make sure to carry plenty of hand sanitizer).





Source: Daily Mail -- Woman inserts her finger into a dog's BOTTOM after it attacked her beloved pooch... now her rescue tale has gone viral and she's fast becoming known as '#superstarfinger'

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