Will Florida's Extreme Plan to Stop Puppy Mills Work?

Will Florida's Extreme Plan to Stop Puppy Mills Work?


In an attempt to cut down on the number of puppy mills in the area, cities across southern Florida are placing a ban on the sale of dogs and cats, all but forcing local residents to adopt from a shelter. Cities from Hallandale Beach to Lauderdale Lakes, as well as a number of towns in Miami-Dade County, have put this ban into effect.

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Why enact a ban like this?

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are unethical breeders who churn out puppies as fast as possible in order to sell as many dogs as they can. These places are almost always filthy, and pets live in horrible conditions. The puppies that come out of puppy mills are often sickly and malnourished, due in large part to their squalid conditions.

The ban in Florida, while not a ban on all pet sales, is aiming to shut down tons of pet-selling activity. The ban allows only breeding hobbyists -- defined as people who breed only one litter a year -- to sell pets. The only other place for people to procure a pet isย at an animal rescue.

Not for everybody

The ban has received its share of opposition. Breeders advocates like the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council state that most pet shop pets are supplied by legitimate breeders who, while operating on a larger scale than hobby breeders, are far removed from puppy-mill-type practices. The PIJAC wants the ban to narrow its scope to just puppy mills, allowing for the sale of USDA licensed breeders, which are currently banned in these areas.

What do you think?

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