Why Your Cat Urinates on Your Bed?


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Some cat parents discover their beds soaked in cat pee and wish they had picked up a better animal as a pet. Cat urination on their owners' beds is quite frequent and as expected, could turn out to be a medical problem. The list of other causes includes the said cat suffering from stress and anxiety. These two could affect many hormonal and chemical imbalances within the body. In medical terms, this is known as idiopathic cystitis. It means an unknown cause of behind bladder inflammation. The likely cause of cystitis is a hormonal imbalance. It is better prevented by stress reduction in the environment.

Position is important

If your cat pees on the bed, take it to the veterinary to rule out any urinary tract or bladder infection. If the cat is found to be free from both but still pees, there are other factors at play here. One of them could be the faulty positioning of the litter box. Everyone likes a little privacy when doing the deed. Your cat too wants some privacy. If you place your litter box in a high traffic area or next to a noisy machine, then the cat will avoid the litterbox.  Another reason is that the litterbox is in a dark place with no light โ€” cats like warm places and like everything to be near. Placing the litterbox far away from its usual snooze place does not make the cut. Many owners also make the mistake of putting the litterbox in a location which means the cat must pass a zone it considers as dangerous, like the dog's sleeping area.

Many litterboxes all over

One good way to solve this problem is to have multiple litterboxes scattered around the house. A few cats like to defecate and urinate in two distinct litter boxes. Some cats loathe sharing litterboxes with other cats. The best arrangement is to have multiple litterboxes on every floor of the house. Of course, it would mean that you, the owner, will have to clean many litterboxes. This arrangement is better than cleaning the bed sheet though. Multiple litter boxes are a must for kittens. Because as kittens are yet to master their elimination and they require a litterbox nearby to do the deed. As an owner, you must never punish your kitty if it defecates or pees outside the litter box. This will result in the kitty hating the litterbox and avoiding it altogether. You should also not use the litterbox to trap the cat to administer medicine or do something against its will. Doing so means it will avoid the litterbox from that time onwards. Some cats may dislike the cat litterbox as it traps odors or constricts its movements.

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