Cat Rescued After 3 Winter Days Stuck in Drainpipe


AP Photo/The Courier, Randy Roberts
AP Photo/The Courier, Randy Roberts

ย - A cat appropriately nicknamed 'Piper'ย has been rescued after spending three long winter days trapped in a northwest Ohio drainpipe during treacherous weather conditions.According to

,ย a Findlay resident heard the cat's cries last Wednesday, and stopped at nothing to get him freed, even alerting the media. Initial attempts to lure the cat out with

tuna, the classic call of " here, kitty, kitty," and even a cellphone app that meowed all failed. the male orange cat wasย finally retrieved on friday after a groundskeeperย cut through the metal pipe and fished him out with a net.>

Back from the Brink

The injured kitty was taken to the local Findlay animal hospital immediately. Dirty,

hypothermic, and with a broken leg, the cat was lucky to be alive, said veterinarian Dr David Calland." if they truly have nine lives, he probably has three left," he said. piper has yet to be claimed; however, several people have already>offered to adopt him including the woman who rescued him.

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