Why you need a Teeth Hygiene Routine for your Dog?

Why you need a Teeth Hygiene Routine for your Dog?

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Imagine if you had to go months without brushing your teeth or even for a couple of weeks. The implications will be severe as it has a significant impact on your life. Similarly, the teeth of your dog are no different. The majority of dog owners are unaware of the importance of regular teeth hygiene for their four-legged friends. The American Veterinary Dental College say that most dogs have some form of periodontal disease by the time they are three years old.As dogs have been domesticated, their lose their natural source of teeth cleaning and dental floss, which is the food they hunt. Even though dried and canned foods are high in nutrition, they don not provide the same level of dental hygiene as natural food.

Importance of teeth hygiene routine

Having regular teeth cleaning and checkup sessions can have a positive effect on your dogโ€™s life in the following ways.

  • Bacteria removalBy taking your dog regularly for dental cleanings and checkups, the vet will be able to remove bacteria and plaque that are present on the teeth. Due to bacteria and plaque buildup, it will eventually enter the blood stream of your canine friend. This will damage important organs such as the heart, kidney, and the liver. It will also damage the surrounding tissue as the bacteria releases toxins into the gum. If left untreated, the immune system will get activated and fight the bacteria. This will result in the tissues surrounding the gums to get damaged due to the white blood cells. Severe plaque buildup will severely affect the dog as the immune system gets damaged in the process.
  • Easily detect dental problemsEven though it may look like your dogโ€™s teeth are healthy, it might be the opposite. Suppose your canine is suffering from tooth pain, there is no way of knowing what is wrong with your dog. It is extremely good at hiding the pain from its owners. The vet will also look at the surrounding gums to assess the overall dental health of the dog. If there are other problems in the teeth of the dog, the vet will identify and deal with it before it becomes a major health concern.
  • Longer life spanDid you know that good teeth hygiene is important in factors affecting lifespan? In fact, the overall health youโ€™re your dog will increase by a good margin if you take care of its teeth. Over time, as the dog gets older, it will need extra dental hygiene requirements such as dealing with tooth wear and loss. If you are able to maintain your dogโ€™s teeth on a regular basis, it will be able to live for much longer than expected.

Remember, it is extremely important that you brush the teeth of your dog on a regular basis. If you have any questions about teeth hygiene, leave a comment below to get it clarified.

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