Blind Couple Get Married After Their Guide Dogs Fall in Love

Blind Couple Get Married After Their Guide Dogs Fall in Love


Over a year ago, Labrador Retrievers Venice and Rodd met for the first time at a guide dog training class, and it was love at first bark. ?And not long after, their blind parents followed suit.

Claire-Johnson-and-Mark-Gaffey-3274480 Photo Via The Guide Dogs for the Blind AssociationLove at First BarkThroughout the two week course, the dogs couldn't stop playing and nuzzling with each other. ?Everyone used to joke about how Mark?s dog Rodd and my dog Venice were meant to be together.? said Claire.Unwilling to separate their deeply bonded dogs, Claire and Mark continued to see each other for play dates after the course had finished. The play dates eventually evolved to coffee and lunch dates, and not long after that, Mark ended up proposing to Claire on Valentine?s Day.This past month, Mark and Claire walked down the aisle?with their beloved dogs Venice and Rodd at their side. ?I have no doubt that our guide dogs brought us together and helped me find my true love. Much like our two guide dogs, we really are best friends and soul mates.? Claire statedDo you have a ?love at first bark? story? Share with us to be featured in the Wet Nose Press!
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