Why, when, and how to select a gift for cats


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When you choose a gift for your cat, you choose a gift for yourself. Most of us buy goodies for cats during the holiday season. The reason is simple: the extended holiday season is the perfect time to purchase gifts without the constant subconscious pressure of busting the monthly budget. It also helps that the prices of cat products get reduced during this period. The popularity of owning a cat has only risen over the years and thus a larger number of designer products are available in the market. Cat shelves and furniture made especially for cats are now found everywhere. People often buy such products as they look "cute". The question is whether your cat looks at the gift you gave it the same way you did. Chances are that your cat may not be impressed with the cute bed which you paid good money so that your feline friend could enjoy a good night's sleep.

Kitty's choice

In short, the gift must satisfy the aesthetic sense of your kitty. You must consider a few factors prior to buying your feline a gift. The first factor is the selection and subsequent purchase of a "safe" gift. These must be durable, safe, and non-toxic. The chosen toys must be able to weather sharp teeth and not fall apart. The stuffing of the toy must not come out. The toys must be of the correct size and must not have sharp points and edges. A few toys look cool and smart, but they are harmful to cats. Use wand, string, and ribbon toys with caution even if they are excellent for physical and mental vigor. Place them out of reach if you are not there to supervise.

Unique cats

You should understand that every cat is unique and no one gift fits all. Some cats prefer to chase toys which make a rattling sound while others carry toys in their mouths. Felines are excited with both wool knots and ping-pong balls. The toys must not have strings, buttons, or bells connected to them. Even though a few cats do not care about catnip, many felines love to roll around in them. All catnip toys are not the same. A few companies sell low-grade catnips and a few premium grade ones. Cats generally love one specific catnip toy among many others. Felines also like track toys and ball toys. The best toys in this category are the ones which could be opened from the top. Permitting the felines to catch and also feel ball under little paws. Track toys with full or partly covered tracks frustrate felines as they can only push and touch those balls, but cannot catch the prey.

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