Why Should You Consider Adopting a Senior Cat

Why Should You Consider Adopting a Senior Cat

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Are you looking to adopt a cat? Before you head out to get a cute little kitten, pause and consider some of the reasons why a mature feline (above the age of 7 years) might be a good companion for you.

#1: They have steady, predictable personalities

Here is the thing: with a kitten, you never know what his/her personality would be like by the time she grows up to be an adult cat. But with a senior cat, the risk of unpredictability with regards to personality is nearly absent. What you take is what you get. So if youโ€™re adopting a senior cat that behaves sweetly, she is most likely a loving, sweet cat. She has already developed his/her personality over the years and is not going to surprise you with his/her erratic moods and behaviors.

#2: They donโ€™t chew on things as much as kittens

โ€œChewyโ€ cats can sometimes create a lot of nuisance by biting on all your precious things: books, shoes, carpet tassels, plants, electrical cords and much more! This happens especially when they are teething and are at a very young age. Cats are curious animals and love to go around exploring everything in and around the house. Senior cats however, have a lesser tendency to chew on things. They like to conserve their energies for various other important tasks. So you will have a more relaxed time with a senior cat as a pet as opposed to a hyper-active kitten.

#3: Senior cats are better at self-grooming

Kittens arenโ€™t very good at licking themselves, which is basically a self-grooming exercise. On the other hand, a senior cat may end up spending nearly half of its waking time licking fur. Unlike kittens, they avoid running around too much, doing tricks or playing and hence have sufficient time to clean themselves. Also, unlike senior cats, kittens usually lack adequate litter box etiquette.

#4: They usually have standard appetites

With senior cats, you do not have to think too much about changing food portions or weight/size monitoring. Irrespective of whether youโ€™ve adopted a 16-pound or 8-pound adult cat, you would the exact amount of food that needs to be bought for them.Lastly, senior cats are excellent napping buddies! They love to curl up and take nice long naps several times during the day. They are much calmer as compared to kittens and are unlikely to disturb your night sleep.

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