The Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds you Need to Know About

The Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds you Need to Know About

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Cats are interesting creatures. They are mysterious and inquisitive. They might seem off-standish and skittish at first, but once they get used to you, theyโ€™re really some of the best pets you can have. They are beautiful animals that have a royal air about them. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s especially sad that people with allergies to cats canโ€™t have them. Donโ€™t let your allergies get in the way of getting a pet. There are hypoallergenic pets out there.

Do hypoallergenic cats exist?

In a word, yes. These mystical creatures do exist. There are certain cats that are considered to be hypoallergenic or minimal allergy. These cats have fewer allergens when compared to other cat breeds.

What are the best cat breeds for people who have allergies?

  1. BalineseThese cats are also known as the long-haired Siamese cats. Although these cats may not necessarily seem like the best candidates for hypoallergenic breeds, they produce less allergens that causes reactions are also some of the most regal looking cats out there.
  2. Oriental ShorthairAlthough the oriental shorthair is also hypoallergenic, itโ€™s still a good idea to groom them quite frequently. The dander that causes allergies can be kept to a minimum if you brush and wipe her down on a regular basis.
  3. JavaneseThese cats are similar in character to the Balinese cats. They have a medium length coat that refrains from matting. Because they have no undercoat, they also have less fur, which in turn, causes fewer allergic reactions.
  4. Cornish RexAlthough they might be hypoallergenic, theyโ€™re also a handful to take care of. These cats require frequent baths to combat the constant oil buildup on their skin.
  5. Devon RexThe Devon Rex has lesser and shorter fur than the Cornish Rex. Youโ€™ll need to clean your Devon Rexโ€™s paw and ear pads frequently to fight the oil build up experienced in those areas. But this breed doesnโ€™t require as frequent baths as the Cornish Rex or the Sphynx.
  6. SiberianThese royal looking beauties are one of the more famous breeds for being hypoallergenic. The Siberian also has a long coat like the Balinese. But theyโ€™re still hypoallergenic due to lesser enzymes in their saliva. 75% of people who are naturally allergic to cats donโ€™t seem to suffer from any reactions with a Siberian.
  7. SphynxThe Sphynx is the most hypoallergenic cat you can find. Theyโ€™re hairless so they also come with less upkeep. However, that doesnโ€™t necessarily mean that theyโ€™re low-maintenance. Like all cats, they also need to be carefully looked after. In order to fight the oil build-up on her skin, your Sphynx will need more frequent bathes and cleanings.

A few more details about the hypoallergic cat breeds are listed below. hover over to know more.

Hypoallergenic Feline Breeds

Do you want to adopt your own furry feline friend but are allergic to pets? Some of the breeds are considered hypoallergenic, which means that they do not produce allergens. In all fairness, all pets produce dander, but the real culprit is Fel d 1, which is a protein that is present in the saliva of cats. Technically speaking, there is no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic breed. However, if your allergy is not really severe, these breeds come quite close. Letโ€™s take a look:

  1. Devon Rex โ€“ This independent cat breed is ideal for working families. It showers attention and love on people when they are around and stays out of harmโ€™s way when they are not. Since the breed sheds very little, you can rest assured that allergies are a long shot with this breed.
  2. Cornish Rex โ€“ This strikingly unusual cat breed, recognizable by its oval head, large ears and long legs, is known for being attention seeking and affectionate. This highly active cat breed bonds very well with its owners.
  3. Javanese โ€“ This breed has a high level of intelligence and is one of the few breeds that seem to understand when they are spoken to. It is known for looking people straight in the eye when responding. They are also extremely loyal and can be trained easily.
  4. Sphynx โ€“ Although they appear hairless, they are covered with gossamery down that can be barely felt. In texture, their skin resembles warm suede and they are wrinkled between the ears, around the shoulders and muzzle. A highly well behaved and high energy cat, the breed is a true extrovert that loves the attention of humans.
  5. Balinese โ€“ The Balinese is known for its silky coat and minimal shedding. They are really fond of interacting with humans and are known for being the most intelligent of all breeds. They are good humored, good natured and high spirited.
  6. Oriental Shorthair โ€“ This long and slender breed is known for its large ears and almond shaped eyes. It belongs to the Siamese family, but is not as talkative as the Siamese. However, they love being the center of attention. Give them some love and they will return it manifold.
  7. Russian Blue โ€“ This breed, named after its coat, is known for its curious and slightly upturned smile, which is often compared to the Mona Lisa. It can spend hours amusing itself and doesnโ€™t mind being left alone the whole day. Reserved, elegant and playful, they love chasing sunbeams and toys.
  8. Bengal โ€“ Although they are not lap cats, they enjoy the company of humans and stay close to their family members. They especially love the company of children and their energetic nature makes them the perfect play buddies.
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