Why is it not possible for everyone to have a rescue dog?


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Thinking of adopting a rescue dog? Be sure you have what it takes to provide for a rescue dog, before taking this step. Providing shelter and care for a rescue dog can be incredibly rewarding when done right. However, if you are unable to expend the time and effort in re-homing this dog, don't take up the responsibility. You will be raising the poor animal's hopes and expectations for nothing, if you are forced to abandon it later, for whatever reason. Shelter dogs are often already victims of trauma, and they could do without you adding more to their lives.

Rescue dogs need more love and attention

When you bring your new dog home from the shelter, understand that your dog will inevitably be scared and anxious. It has just arrived in an unfamiliar environment and doesn't know how it should react. It's normal for it to miss the other dogs it kept company with, at the shelter and all the noise from back there. Allow it time to get comfortable with its relocation, and it should be fine. A breed dog may not take so much time to warm up to its new surroundings. So, if you want a dog who gets socialized fast, a rescue dog may not be the best option for you.

Adopting a rescue dog and then helping it settle down can be time-intensive too. You have no inkling of your new pet's personality. When you adopt from a breeder, you are provided with a list of possible behavioral traits. No such help is given by a rescue shelter which handles tens and dozens of stray dogs. If you don't have adequate time to devote to your dog, don't opt for a rescue, by any means.

Additionally, a rescue dog will need to be trained well for it to be well-behaved. Rescue dogs may have a tendency to act out. Don't give in to their demands. Establish boundaries well and let them know the kind of behavior that's acceptable. You will see, they will gradually fall in line and start behaving accordingly. Dogs, like all animals, need to be asserted authority to, if you want them to obey your commands. A well-trained dog is an absolute delight, and there's no reason you should hesitate from obedience training your new pet. You will also have to invest a good amount of patience in waiting until your new canine friend is ready to meet your other human friends. A rescue dog may be wary of people as they are almost always victims of trauma. Don't lose hope. Allow your dog to get comfortable with their new space and soon, you and all your friends โ€“ both human and canine, should be able to celebrate together!

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