Why Dogs Sleep In The Sun

Why Dogs Sleep In The Sun

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Dogs love to sunbathe. To them, lying in the sun means more than getting warm. If you observe carefully, you will notice that your dog has a favorite spot to sleep. It may be in front of the window or a little far away. Your dog instinctively knows where she will get the best Vitamin D. If you have an indoor dog, it will snooze on the carpet at a point where the sun streams in through the window.

Vitamin D production

The warm sun helps your dog to regulate its temperature. Other than getting comfortable, it is also enjoying the production of Vitamin D in the body. The latter is important as it is regarded as a pro-hormone and not simply a kind of vitamin. Without vitamin D, the dog cannot absorb calcium. The animal can only make it in direct sunlight. The generated Vitamin D is kept in the hair and in fatty tissues. It assists to regulate the phosphorus and calcium balance of the body. This vitamin is a must for bone formation. It also helps in controlling the nerves and the muscles. A majority of the Vitamin D used in the body is obtained through the diet. A substantial portion is created with the help of direct sunlight as similar to humans.

The processing of Vitamin D is not the same for dogs and humans. This is as dogs have fur. The canines cannot efficiently absorb the Vitamin D3 back into the body. The vitamin remains below the fur. The dogs eat it orally when they lick and groom themselves. It is apparent that the absorption of Vitamin D in dogs via sunlight is inefficient. Majority of this vitamin comes through the diet. This is the reason your dog likes to groom itself.

No excess sunbathe

Do not allow your dog to sunbathe too much in the sun. An excess amount of sunlight leads to skin cancer and sunburn. Some dog breeds are more vulnerable to sunburn compared to others. At highest risk are the breeds with minimal or fewer hairs. Dogs having light colored or white hair are susceptible too. To stop this, make sure that your dog has access to cooling shade at any given point in time. The dog will naturally want shade when the sun becomes too intense. If you and your dog like to roam around, it makes sense to purchase a few dog-safe sunscreens. Some human sunscreen contains zinc oxide, a chemical lethal to animals.

A majority of logs love nothing more than to lie in the sun. Every dog has picked its own special spot in the sun. Most dogs love to enjoy a good nap and have their own preferences when it comes to selecting a sunny spot to relax.

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