Lady Eats Nothing But Dog Food for a Month



We've all heard the old saying โ€˜you are what you eat.โ€™ Well, if that is true, then Washington pet store owner Dorothy Hunter is a bag of dog food.

Dorothy has captured everyoneโ€™s attention by announcing that, for 30 days, she will consume nothing but the food and treats she keeps in her store. Well, that and her morning coffee -- she isn't insane.

Why Eat Dog Food?

The idea came to her one day when she was looking for a quick snack. โ€œI grabbed a bag of treats off the counter, and I was like, wow, you know, these read better than normal people treats. So I started eating the treats and I was like, you know, I could do this for 30 days.">

dog food
Sorry, Buster, but this bowl is for me...

It should be noted that her store only carries pet food specially selected for the high quality of its ingredients. Dorothy states her inventory contains "no fillers, or animal (byproducts) or preservatives. We also do our best to make sure we do not carry any edible foods from China or products whose ingredients came from China."

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But that doesn't change the fact that it is still dog food.

โ€œI decided to eat this food for a month just to prove how good it tastes, as well as showcase its nutrition," said Hunter.

Now, This May Surprise You

And, as strange as it seems, it has been working. Since June 19th (when the diet began) Dorothy has lost 2.5 pounds, and claims that her feet hurt her less after working a 10 hour shift.

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It isn't just Dorothy either. Much of the Hunter clan has taken to the doggy diet. "My kids love the dog treats as well, and I don't mind them eating those because they are nutritious."

dog food
We love our new dog food diet!

Though it may seem strange to eat nothing but dog food (however gourmet) for a month, to get a point across about the importance of educating ourselves on the food we consume, Dorothy Hunter has done a bang-up job.

"Learn about what you're eating and what you're feeding your pets. I think if we can get the awareness out of reading the ingredients, and really understanding what is in the pet food, that that will eventually carry over. If you're feeding your pet healthy, maybe you'll start reading the ingredients of your own foods, and maybe you can start eating healthy too."

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