Why Doggy Dental Care Could Save Your Dog's Life



It's common knowledge that dogs age differently than humans, but the old comparison ofย seven dog years to every one human year

isn't as accurate as people think.Business Insider explained that if we truly aged seven times slower than canines, many humans would be able to have children at age 7 and live to be more than 150 years old. But it's clear that's not the case. During their first two years of life, pooches age faster than humans

, which causes them to reach full sexual maturity at a much quicker rate.Because their aging process slows down toward the end of their lives, comparing your dog's age to your own becomes tricky, but it's not entirely impossible. Smaller breeds tend to live longer than larger ones, meaning that overall weight plays a larger factor into canines' ages. For example, a pooch that weighs 20 pounds or less at 1ย yearย old is actually 15 in dog years. Medium dogs - between 21 and 50 pounds - follow the same pattern, but larger breeds that weigh between 51 and 90 pounds are around 14 years old at one human year.The origins of theย seven-year myth are unknown, but it's clear that dogs require extra care to extend their lives to the fullest extent. And with dental problems being at the root (pun intended) of 3/4 health concerns vets see, most pet parents could stand to put a greater emphasis on the importance of proper doggy dental care.

Promoting doggy dental care

From natural dog food to dietary supplements, there are numerous ways to keep your furry friend strong and healthy late in his life. However, the American Kennel Club suggested that many

dog owners neglect dental care

, which can help your dog stay in top form.Healthy gums are firm and pink, black or spotted,ย the AKC explained. Young pups should have smooth white teeth that will darken with age. Depending on the breed, puppies will have 23 baby teeth, and adults wind up with around 42 permanent chompers. To check on dental health, it's best to put your hand over the muzzle and lift up the sides of hisย or herย mouth.Look for soft white matter or hard yellow or brown matter on the teeth, as this can indicate plaque or tartar buildup. If found, owners should brush the gunk away to ensure that their dog's mouth is healthy. Mouth infections can lead to serious health problems, including heart failure, so it's importantย not to let your canine's dental hygiene fall to the wayside.By signing up for


, owners can purchase dental cleaning kits and treats specifically designed to promote strong teeth at discounted prices. Each order also comes with free shipping, allowing you to ensure your dog's health without breaking the bank.

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