5 Innovative Food Recipes For Your Dog

5 Innovative Food Recipes For Your Dog

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When it comes to feeding your dog, you will mostly rely on standard dog foods, which are nutritious and do not cause any problems. But have you realized that your dog might be getting bored of eating the same dog food every day? Maybe it's time for a change in the menu. But that does not mean laying a nice juicy steak in front of him. As much as your dog will love it, you will be worried about his health. However, certain foods you can feed your dog, and any type of combination, work. Here are five innovative recipes which you can feed your dog the next time you look for a change:

1.      Chicken stock: Most vets and nutrition experts warn pet owners from feeding chicken bones to their dogs. However, chicken stock is an excellent food for your dog and can be prepared in different ways. For example, you can add different fruits and vegetables and some cinnamon to add a little flavor. Don't use spices or salt.

2.      Beef and veggie mix: Slow cook beef broth with small chunks of beef in it. Add a few vegetables and cook well. The dish tastes really good and can be served after cooling it down a bit. Your dog will love this one as it is filled with proteins and taste. You can also find pre-cooked meals online having beef and veggie mix in ideal portions. One good example is the Eukanuba Beef and Vegetable Stew for dogs.

3.      Meatballs: Everyone loves meatballs! Then why should your dog be robbed of the pleasure? You can prepare it with beef or chicken and add some egg and oats to make it more delicious. You can try different combinations, and literally, everything works as long as the food items are allowed for dogs. One such good meal to try is the Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food meatballs.

4.      Cakes: Cakes are delicious and enjoyed by one and all. However, cakes made for dogs are a little bit different. Instead of the chocolate and creamy layers, chicken, brown rice, and vegetables are used. There can be other variations as well. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is the type of food items used while baking the cake. However, you can also find various cake dog treats and cookies online, so you don't have to bother baking them yourself.

5.      Happy bowl: A happy bowl is nothing but a bunch of fruits and vegetables put together in a dog bowl. The mixture is ideal for pet owners who want to treat their dogs to a vegan recipe. It's an effortless dish; you can make hundreds of combinations from various vegetables and fruits.

Food recipes are easy to make and can be made in different innovative ways. From meatballs to cakes to simple vegetables, these recipes are extremely simple and do not require much cooking skill. In addition, the recipes are healthy and can easily replace the standard foods given to dogs.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the inclusion of the bones in the pets' meals. You should put special emphasis on looking after the same. The next section will give you a brief guide on it.

How to Incorporate Bones in Your Dog's Raw Food Diet?

Since bones serve many purposes for your dog's health, it is important to make them a part of their meal. Processed dog foods often have bone material, but owners should also include bones in raw dog food. To help owners understand what a raw food diet is and how rawhide bones can be incorporated into them, we'll take a closer look at the diets below.

What is a Raw Food Diet?

A raw pet food diet is one where you feed your dog with homemade meals rather than purchasing processed dog food. This diet involves a large serving of raw meats and bones from chickens, ducks, rabbits, fish, and more. Individual organ meats are also a staple part of the diet. Although grains are unnecessary, brown rice and oats make for a nice meal for your puppy.

Raw food diets have advantages – they keep your dog energetic while avoiding food allergies. The immune system is also boosted as the maximum nutritional benefit is derived from it. Chewing raw bones helps keep your puppy's teeth clean. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't clean your pet's teeth using a dog brush. Additionally, raw food diet can ease chronic diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, skin conditions, and more. If you switch from a processed diet to a raw one or vice versa, always consult a vet before making a move.

The Nutritional Value of Bones

Raw bones contain marrow and cartilage; neither of these is bones, but they have high nutritional values. The main ingredient in bones is calcium and phosphorus. You must balance both in a dog's body to keep it healthy. Processed dog food sometimes contains too much of either ingredient and could lead to an imbalance. When administering raw food, however, you can control the ratio and amount for each of these.

Incorporating Bones into the Diet

For raw food diets, meats must make up around 50% of the diet. While adding bones, you should maintain a 1:1 ratio between meats and bone. Smaller bones are typically better as they provide nutritional benefits to meats and bones. The rest of your puppy's diet must include raw fruits and vegetables. You can add bone meals to the dish if you prefer to feed your pets boneless meals. 

A bone meal is cooked bone that has been ground down into a powder. It has the same nutritional benefits as whole bones and can be easily added to dishes. Keep in mind that the first few times a raw meal is administered, watch your dog watchfully as they can choke on small bones. Never give your dogs cooked bones as time-pass chews. They can splinter easily and cause digestive problems for your dog.

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