Why does your dog's tongue stick out?


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A dog's tongue is an incredible organ. They are used not only to drink and eat but also to cool down the body. The last is done through panting. A few dogs have the strange habit of extending their tongue out of their mouth. Although this may appear as an endearing trait, the action may also hide a number of health issues.

Bites and decay

The Hanging Tongue Syndrome is simply the dog's tongue hanging out of its mouth. It does not indicate any problem. This condition is frequently observed in brachycephalic and smaller breeds solely as a result of genetics. The tongue could be too large for the dog's oral cavity. The breeding of the dog could have led to the abnormal jaw bone which is incapable of properly supporting the tongue. In case the dog suffers from an under-bite or over-bite, the canine may develop the Hanging Tongue Syndrome with advancing age. Other than genetics, this syndrome could also be due to extreme dental disease. This takes the form of rotting lower teeth. The falling out of this diseased teeth means no support can be provided to the tongue. The tongue pops out and then hangs to the side or to the front.

Dried tongue

The principal issue from Hanging Tongue Syndrome is the dried out tongue. If this happens, the dog may suffer from cracking, swelling or bleeding from the tongue. If your dog has it, take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Give it adequate amounts of water. Make sure that the color of gums and tongue remains the same. Dogs affected with this syndrome are vulnerable to infections. There could also be frostbite. The prevalence of infection takes the form of gum and tongue discoloration. Consult the veterinarian as quickly as possible.Neurological problems could be present if the dog suddenly becomes afflicted with Hanging Tongue Syndrome. The same symptom may appear if your dog is provided with the new medication. Take the dog to your veterinarian to make sure that the right medication is being given to the animal.All of these does not mean that a tongue hanging out is a sign of concern. The whole thing could be benign to start with. Sometimes, a tongue which keeps hanging out for extended time periods-but, not all the time- could be a sign that a dog is enjoying its relaxation. This may happen if the dog has just eaten a pleasurable meal or played just as it wanted to play. Sitting with the tongue hanging out is the dog's equivalent of a human relaxing on a sofa. It is a just pure pleasure. If you are in doubt about this matter, do visit a veterinarian with your best friend.

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