Dog On The Mend After Owners Try To Treat Fleas With Gasoline

Dog On The Mend After Owners Try To Treat Fleas With Gasoline

This story is a prime example of just how much bad pet advice is floating around on the internet. So next time you look up a home remedy for a pet ailment, before you try it, let this story beย a reminder toย always consult a licensed veterinarian before usingย any new kind of treatment.Earlier this month a dog named Tina was brought into

Vet Ranch

for the treatment of some severe burns all down her back. The burns were sustained after Tinaโ€™s owners, in an attempt to

rid her of fleas


poured gasoline on her to kill off the infestation

. Needless to say, this was a terrible idea.

Watch Tina's Transformation

For whatever reason, Tinaโ€™s owners were under the impression that gas and/or motor oil could be used to get rid of fleas. And while the fleas did go away, so did a lot of Tinaโ€™s fur, skin, and flesh. Thankfully, she was taken to the Vet Ranch in time and they were able to

clean and treat the wound

with topical salves to catalyze the healing process.Whatโ€™s more, Tina is now living with a

foster family

that is giving her plenty of TLC. Now that the treatment has proven to be successful, her burn is almost entirely healed. She will likely always have a scar down her back, but the burn has closed over and she is no longer at risk for infection.

Common Bad Pet Advice

As scary as it is to think about, this motor oil/gasoline treatment is not uncommon. People come up with tons of crazy homebrewed remedies that, more often than not, end up putting your pet in more danger than they would be without any treatment. To combat this flurry of terrible pet advice, VetStreet has put together a terrific video series that has actual vets read off some of this terrible pet advice. And their reactions are priceless. See for yourself.

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