Why does your dog hump?

Why does your dog hump?

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Owners get embarrassed when their dog's hump. Humping, also known as mounting, is known as a dog's sexual position. Veterinarians say that such action is done for other reasons too. For unspayed and unneutered dogs, humping is a sexual activity. In older dogs, such an action is a sign of dominance, an appropriate reaction to some event which has excited the canine. This may even be new visitors to your house. Humping dogs are those who are not trained properly.

Humping as play

Humping can also be a play gesture. Two dogs may mount each other in succession. This behavior is common both in puppies and also in older dogs. If it is done by dogs of the opposite sex, even if both of them were spayed or neutered, it is a play as no instruction has been given to them that such behavior is not acceptable. For both the participating dogs, this behavior is acceptable and enjoyable too. This is why the dogs continue doing it.Many dogs hump other dogs at the park, although they will not hump other dogs at home. These dogs can be pretty aggressive and may embarrass the owner. If, as a dog owner, you are concerned about the behavior of your pet, then it is important that you train them while they are still puppies. This is the mistake many dog owners make. They do not stop puppies humping as the two looks cute while doing the activity. This is a wrong strategy. The owner must stop humping when the event takes place. One way to do this is to distract the puppies when you see them at the inception stage of humping. It is important to provide some alternate behavior. Give the puppy an interesting toy and also play with them as appropriately as possible.


Neutering the male dog will decrease the humping problem. This may not be the case with older dogs. Since humping has become a sort of habit with the older animals, owners have to take other measures. Obedience training makes for an excellent idea. This will make dogs much calmer during situations when a person other than their owner comes in. The animals will also be comparatively calmer when their owners take them to the dog park. This is as humping is proportional to excitement levels. Higher excitement means more humping and training can depress the excitement level.There could be cases when the dog will not stop humping. This behavior can go to such extremes that the puppy doing that will not be adopted even as its compatriots continue to go to their new homes. Shouting instructions will stop the humping for a few minutes before resuming. If this happens, the owner has to grin and bear it.

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