Reasons Behind Your Dogโ€™s Excessive Mounting and Masturbation

Reasons Behind Your Dogโ€™s Excessive Mounting and Masturbation

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Thrusting, mounting and masturbation are all part of the normal behavior exhibited by most of the dogs. They masturbate in a variety of ways. They thrust and mount against another animal, person or object, like a wadded up blanket, toy or a dog bed. Sometimes, they just rub themselves against objects or people without actually mounting them.Puppies tend to hump their littermates, playmates, toys and people. Some animal experts think that this is prep for future sexual encounters. As they reach their sexual maturity phase, they start mounting dogs in their sexual conquests. After they are spayed or neutered, many female and male dogs still continue with the behavior as they have conditioned themselves to believe that it feels good.Intact males often masturbate if they are stopped from approaching a female who is in heat. Often times, during the courtship, females who are in heat hump their suitors. They also mount other females if they are in heat.

Why do they do it?
  • Sexual behavior โ€“ Masturbation is a part of the normal sexual behavior for both intact and altered (neutered or spayed) dogs. Most pet owners do not realize that the behavior is not just limited to intact male dogs, nor are they aware that neutered dogs can display erection and ejaculate just like an intact male. If the mounting and masturbation are sexually motivated, it is accompanied by solicitous body language and other signs of courtship behavior (ears turned backward, tail up, pawing, licking, play bows and more).
  • Play behavior โ€“ Sexual behaviors like thrusting and mounting are a part of dogsโ€™ normal play behavior. They do not usually ejaculate or display erections when they are playing. Some undersocialized and poorly socialized dogs tend to mount other dogs excessively when they are solicited to play. They do not really know how to play along well and tend to get extremely aroused while playing.
  • Response to excitement or stress โ€“ In many cases, dogs respond to exciting or stressful situations by masturbating or mounting. For example, after they meet a new person or dog, an excited and aroused dog may mount his owner, another dog or any nearby object, like a toy or a dog bed.
  • Compulsive disorders โ€“ Masturbation can become a compulsive habit, especially if the dog does it to cope with stress. They can interfere with the normal functioning of the dog and cause a lot of unwanted trouble to the owner.
  • Social behavior โ€“ Dogs also mount other people and animals to display their social control or status. If your dog is mounting someone for this reason, he may or may not get an erection, but he will not ejaculate.
  • Medical reasons โ€“ A number of medical problems, like UTIs, urinary incontinence, skin allergies and priapism can influence the mounting behavior of a dog. They can become serious if they are not treated. They need medical attention and not behavioral therapy.
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