Why Does Your Cat Sleep So Much?


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Cats sleep for an average of 15 hours every day with some of them sleeping for as long as 20 hours, which begs the question โ€“ why does your feline companion sleep so much?


You need to keep in mind that cats are at their active best after dusk and before dawn, which means that they tend to sleep through most of the day and become really active after twilight. This can be a shock to you if you are going to bring home a kitty for the first time. Your cat will begin investigating his new surroundings when you are asleep and get into trouble in no time. And as soon as he is finished with his breakfast, he will wind down for a long slumber.

Energy conservation

Cats are obligate carnivores and their physiology resembles that of predators, meaning that they are hardwired to chase and hunt for their prey, and they do this mostly at night. Even their larger cousins, like lions and tigers, sleep during the day and hunt at night. It is true that they have been domesticated over the years, but most of them still retain their wild streak. Even when they are playing, they will display their primal instincts by sneaking about in the shadows and pouncing on their prey without any warning.Hunting for prey takes a lot of energy. Whether they are hunting for outdoor prey or trying to tackle a catnip toy, the sleep he gets during the day provides reserve energy for pouncing, running, stalking and climbing.

Eyes open

Like most people, cats either tend to sleep light or deeply. When your cat goes to sleep, he will usually position his body in such a way so that he can spring into action any time he wants to. Unlike humans, cats experience rapid eye movement during deep sleep. It usually lasts for about five minutes, after which he will get back to dozing. This pattern keeps repeating till he wakes up. Older cats and kittens tend to sleep more than adult cats.

Rainy day

It shouldnโ€™t be surprising to learn that cats are affected by rainy weather, just like we are. Their behavioral patterns can be varied, depending on their age, breed, overall health and temperament. But irrespective of the normal disposition of your kitten, it has been observed that cats sleep more in cold and rainy weather.Most cats are crepuscular creatures, and most of them are active during twilight. They lay low in night time and day time, when there are other predators hanging about. Some of the cats are active at night, especially kittens. However, cats are also highly adaptable and sociable, which means that he can adjust his sleeping patterns so that he gets to spend more time with his owner.

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