Why Holding A Pet Day At Work Is A Good Idea?


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Almost all the days in a year are earmarked for some occasion or the other. One day-June 23- is โ€œBring Your Dog to Work Dayโ€. If you love dogs, then enjoying this day is a no-brainer. You could bring your best friend to work and play with it all day. Matters are different, however, if you are the employer. It makes sense to rearrange your office to make it pet-friendly. Yes, there are commercial benefits as well.

Reduce staff stress

This is self-evident. The presence of dogs in the workplace reduces staff stress by a substantial amount. Dogs can boost employee morale, leading to better productivity. Work quality is also observed to go up. Four-legged friends reduce employee blood pressure and act as vital social catalysts. Pets encourage exercising during breaktimes. They assist people when the latter dips into sadness. Any pet provides people a kind of contentment which means better product and services. Every employer wants their employees to work well and the presence of animals guarantee that.A pet day at work does wonders for charity. Your chosen charity could get funds due to bring your pet day being organized in the office. Choose a charity which works for animal welfare. Do donate to those which deals in saving lives or end animal abuse. Most charities provide branding for your company when you donate money. Their websites and even their merchandise will carry your company logo. Individuals may also contribute to funds being raised. A minimum threshold amount will put the company logo associated with all the companies you want to a logo to be on. People who donate larger amounts may get a bigger share of the campaign. As an employer, you will benefit from the positive image generated by such activity. Your company will be known as a caring and responsible business organization.

Better social media

Selfies are a thing of the past. Taking one's picture with a dog is the now "in" thing with the fashionista. Many celebrities now actively promote their pets. Generate a hashtag and promote it everywhere. People must talk about your company in a positive way. To ensure you get a business, get a hashtag and make it a trend.When you allow your company employees to bring their dogs, your company automatically joins the membership of progressive and forward-thinking organizations which exude confidence in not only their product but also in their employees. Do make sure, however, that there is a proper procedure in place before the employee can bring its pet to work. The concerned employee should complete a form at least a day before bringing the dog. Consent must also be taken from all colleagues.

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